On Your Own? That’s Motivation! by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Bonnie Ross-ParkerIf you’ve stepped out on your own, congratulations. If you’re considering owning a business as an option, plan!  You’ve left the corporate arena. You finally made the decision working for someone else no longer fits your style, your plan or your future. You’ve been punching the clock, working extended hours, compromising your family and friends and let your gym membership expire because there simply wasn’t time to work out! And you know what? You’ve traded job security for long hours, an uncertain future, a multitude of responsibilities and have allowed minimal time for family and friends. So, what were you thinking? Having been exactly where you are, I know what went through your mind the day you did a 360! Why should I work for someone else and give them my best years? Why should I have to be accountable for my time and talent when I can hold myself accountable and put the money into my pocket instead of building someone else’s future? If I’m going to work that hard, I’m going to do it my way and under my terms! NULL

So, now you are on your own and motivated to make your decision a huge success. Sure, others will think you’re crazy. How could you give up the security? What will happen if your business fails? Do you realize you may never get another job? There will be no end to the doubters, naysayers and those individuals who can’t ever imagine throwing in the towel to work for yourself because they are simply not risk takers! You are and proud of yourself.

Focusing on the advantages, you are carving your future.

You make your own decisions. You engage the right people to help you. You feel the pride of ownership. You stretch with new ideas as you implement those strategies that can produce the results you want. You get to focus on personal and professional development instead of quotas. You become a player instead of a participant. You get to determine your schedule and even if that means long hours, you get to decide. Owning one’s own business also provides flexibility. You may go to the gym when you want to, attend a child’s soccer game at 3 pm on a weekday, travel w/a spouse or companion with good advanced planning. And if it you have to put those options aside for the time being, you know the day will come when you can and you don’t have to submit a request 6 months in advance or ask permission.

Network Marketing continues to be a perfect solution to owning a business if you follow an established system, build with consistency and focus and surround yourself with the right players.

With the Internet playing a significant role in today’s economy, there are endless opportunities to connect, learn, expand and engage. Sure, there will always be risk, however, the tools available today – books, tele-classes, seminars, CDs and DVDs, social media – provide a wealth of information not available even a few years ago. Then you have online e-zines overflowing with fresh insights to add to an array of resources that together, provide the business owner unlimited possibilities!

If you’ve stepped out on your own, congratulations. If you’re considering owning a business as an option, plan!

Be sure you have the support you need, the financial resources you require and select the right product(s) or service that best fits your lifestyle, personality and preferences. Planning is critical and while it may take a few months to break free or you have to work the job (plan A) while you develop your business (Plan B), know that in time, you’ll get to the place you desire. The decision is yours. There are endless opportunities and possibilities. Look to your future with passion and conviction and once you step out – never look back. Regret has no future and you do. Go for what you want and let others witness the positive changes in you! Be motivated!


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