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DavidLFeinsteinxTake the time and explore your options Creating new streams of income may sound like a daunting task. For some folks this task is challenging but as with experience, it will get easier to do. You can make different levels of income that is not just based on your company’s sales, member sales or other inline commissions. Take a step back and develop a game plan. Some of these additional streams will take some time to implement but I want to cover a few basics with you. The power of creating sustainable income can be achieved, that is the first rule to remember, the second is to be persistent in your frame of mind and the last rule is to get these streams of income up and running as soon as possible. You run a business and with business comes services or products, right! NULL

Take your website and increase your eStore to include digital content, physical content such as DVD’s, CD’s and other merchandise that is not related to your direct business.

As an expert in your industry, you can sell videos, eBooks, DVD’s, coffee cups and tons more to the general consumer. There is no limit to what you could sell but don’t forget you can also be an affiliate to other companies and have this income stream into your bank account. Your website host may have a program that you could enlist into and make some additional shopping funds. These sources of income open up several new streams that can last beyond a lifetime. The extra cash could go for back bills, vacation or other needs and your primary income can be used for bills, food, etc. As a business owner, you can develop eBooks on specialized topics and sell them for a tidy profit but you will have to market them accordingly. Your DVD’s and CD’s could help you fund a college education or pay for car expenses. Try to make these items relevant and fresh with information and worth the price tag. Selling your videos or hosting them on YouTube can help you garner more cash as well. Is there a limit to the amount of streams that I can have at one time? No, the only restrictive element is the time that you have to market them. The other factor is the creative factor to make the items that you wish to sell, plus you have to find the right affiliate program to join. You can stock up on T shirts, mugs or other items and sell out your inventory before purchasing more or use them as recruiting tools. Either way these items are still valuable to your primary business.

No matter what you chose to do in order to create the extra cash, don’t forget about your business and the money that you need to make from it for the bills that you have.

These streams can take up to a week or longer before they start producing cash but it will vary on the networking power of the individual. Take the time and explore your options.


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