Our Modern Day Heroes – The Women We Love – Protecting Our Profession with Ethics by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxIt’s critical we be completely ethical, go the extra step and mentor to the best to our ability, and call out those who don’t.  It’s getting more and more difficult these days for moms to run their household without feeling like the month is closing in on them. Wondering where the money is going to come from for the bills that are already stacked up on the table… not to mention the bills that are on their way… can be immensely stressful. With women taking on more and more responsibility these days than ever before, including careers and motherhood, many women don’t know where to turn anymore when it seems that they’re already doing all that they can do.

It can be overwhelming, but when it comes to providing for her family, just like a mother bear, a woman can become fierce. And instead of ever giving up, you’ll find that most women will begin to look for a new way to solve the problem.

 NULL Many begin to look for a second income, or even a new and better full-time income. They begin to search for a business that they can start in their spare time (or at least the time that they create for spare time)… while on their own terms. The problem of overwhelming choice quickly becomes apparent with their search, as well as the fear of getting scammed into something that will not only NOT work, but waste both their precious time and money.

This is the time when they need a great leader, trainer, and mentor to come into their lives and show them the solution to their problems.

Someone that they can count on to show them the absolute fastest track to profiting and getting themselves and their families out of the tough spot that they’re in. Unfortunately this is also the time when those not-so-ethical “recruiters” smell fresh meat, and come out of the woodwork to play on the desperation factor. This does amazing damage to the network marketing industry, and the home-business industry as a whole.

This is the reason that we – as professional network marketers – need to really start going out of our way to strive for excellence in ethical behavior our own selves, and go above and beyond for those that truly need our guidance.

We need to remember that those hard-working moms with the worry of getting food on the table, keeping their children with a roof over their heads, and the electricity bill on, need and deserve to be treated for what they are… modern day heroes. Now that doesn’t mean that you have to carry anyone through the race, or over the finish line. This doesn’t mean that you have to deal with time wasters who aren’t willing to do the work for themselves. But it means that you SHOULD go out of your way to genuinely CARE about those who are in a desperate situation, and respect wholeheartedly that they’re willing to really put in the elbow grease to do everything that they can for their family’s well-being. This also means that we have to start being tougher on our selves and our peers… and when we see unscrupulous behavior from other’s in our industry that we call them out on it. It means that we become tougher watchdogs for the very industry that allows us to live and enjoy the lifestyles that we have been able to create. The industry of network marketing is an industry for personal growth along with an industry that opens doors for great financial opportunity. There are people out there actively tainting that fact, and undoing what we’ve all worked so hard to do. And some of those that they prey on are our most beloved women… our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, and our wives! And they’re doing it when they’re at their most vulnerable. We can’t let this happen, and we have to fight for our industry.

We do that by being completely ethical, going that extra step and mentoring as best to our ability, and calling out those people who don’t.



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David Feinstein
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