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Josh LitekyWhat does it mean to you on a personal level and how does it fit into the future growth of network marketing and business building?  So, Hello and welcome to your future. The world we live in these days is very different than it was even just a few years ago. We all thought we had job security, that our 401k plans would be around and that we could look forward to a comfortable retirement. Can you say… NOT!

The key to success in the future is becoming an entrepreneur and being in business for yourself. This is just the reality of the situation.

Over the next several years there is going to be a massive shift in the wealth, and it will be the entrepreneurs who are most prepared and that go along with the trends that will benefit the most, and those that don’t learn to become entrepreneurs, well… it ain’t pretty, to put it mildly. NULL

If you are already in business for yourself, then you know what I am talking about. If you are among the 97% of people who are struggling in the network marketing industry right now, then there is hope… but nothing is going to fall into your lap. You must be prepared and do what is necessary to be successful, and acquire the skill sets that are necessary for success in our growing industry.

According to the Direct Sellers Association, the MLM growth statistics are staggering. So anyone who thinks Network Marketing or MLM is dead, think again:

1. There are well over 56 MILLION people in the world (and growing) doing some type of business in the network marketing industry right now. 2. Global industry sales totaled over $100 Billion last year alone. 3. Over 100 countries around the world have MLM companies doing business in them, so if there was some kind of problem with the industry, don’t you think at least one of these countries would have tried to close the companies down? 4. And get this… the Network Marketing Industry has GROWN by 90% in the last 10 years alone. Can you name 5 other industries that have done that GLOBALLY? I don’t think so. What it comes down to is that people all around the world want control of their time and financial freedom, so many of them turn to our industry because of the often low start up costs and ease of entry.

So, What’s the point? The MLM and Network Marketing industry isn’t going anywhere, its only going to get bigger and bigger.

What we all want to see is more and more of us network marketing distributors (business owners) become successful! But this is not just a matter of buying a bunch of products and then wait for the money to drop into our laps… we have to work! And as those at the top will tell you, you will most likely have to work much harder than you ever did at your job to make it. Depending on your current situation, this means working before you go to work, on your lunch break, at night before you sleep, sometimes not getting enough sleep… And if any aspect of the business is new to you, you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and learn what you need to learn to be successful with whatever company and opportunity you chose for yourself. This can be a struggle for a lot of people because to learn an entire new set of skills can be daunting, to say the least. And if you have never been an entrepreneur, this will require a significant change in your mindset as well. We all have the entrepreneurial spirit within us, but it takes being able to go through our fears, be willing to fail and take risks, and live in the “unknown” many times. You will most likely “fail” many times before you succeed. But if you look at each failure as a “step of success” on your journey and don’t quit no matter what, you will eventually get to your goal.

Consistent and persistent action in addition to specific dreaming and personal development is the key. Have realistic expectations and a longer range vision.

Most of the top income earners I speak to say give it your best for 3-5 years, then if you stick with it your chances of financial freedom the rest of your life are much higher! So now that we talked a little bit about the industry growth trends, and a no-hype snapshot of what it takes to be successful in the network marketing industry, let’s talk about the advantages of owning your own network marketing or direct selling business.

From a business perspective, you will be the boss, the CEO, your success is in your own hands.

This is very advantageous because you get to make all the decisions of how you want to run your business and not have to answer to anyone. You will be in control of your income and outflow. You will be in control of your time. You will make all the decisions related to your business. There are many tax advantageous of being in business for yourself as well. But, as mentioned, if this is all new to you, some of these things can be disadvantages because depending on your background and experience you may not have the training to be successful in this industry. This training takes time and patience to acquire. And the level of training required to be successful is increasing and changing all of the time. Yet things like a good old fashioned belly-to-belly connecting with people will always be the basis of our industry… NETWORKING! Just be aware that it is also good to work on your Internet marketing skills as well! There are no short cuts and get rich quick deals if you want lasting success.

On a personal level, the rewards are tremendous! Learning and going through all the things you have to go through to be successful in this industry is essentially what it is all about.

It is much more about who you become and the process of becoming that person, and the success is the byproduct of who become. Is it rewarding? Heck yes! Is it frustrating, or sometimes downright infuriating? Heck yes! It might be the most difficult journey you have ever embarked upon up until this point in your life. But this all depends on what you have been through so far in your own life. Take a moment, right now, and think back to the MOST difficult challenge you have overcome in your life, and having been through it now and looking back on it, are you a now better person because of it? Did you grow? Was it easy? Was it worth it? (of course this depends on the experience, but I am sure you know what I am getting at). Now take a look at where you are in your network marketing business, right now. Maybe you already are successful, then congratulations! But if you are like most people in our industry, you are still struggling and haven’t hit your goals yet. I wish I could tell you there was a magic pill, but there isn’t. Many of us want instant gratification, and if it’s not there, we quit. The key to success in this industry, or any area of life for that matter, is very simple. Notice I said simple. NOT EASY, but simple. A dear friend of mine came up with this formula for success. The formula is called M.A.R.

Motivation + Action = Results – that’s it!

If you look at every other success tip out there, they all fit into this simple formula. I know, Duh! But it’s the persistence of doing that leads to achieving. And we all know we are not going to do something unless we are REALLY REALLY motivated to do it, just seems to be our nature. No one can motivate you like you or your own situation can. No one else can make you take the consistent action it takes to be successful, only you can. People can inspire you and lead the way certainly, but at the end of the day its YOU who is climbing your mountain. Be accountable and accept full responsibility for your own successes and embrace your failures even more! And you have to be willing to outwork the 97% of the other people who aren’t if you want to be in the 3% who are successful. This means learning and doing all that you have to, every day, for YEARS maybe, depending on where you are in your own j
ourney. It could happen much faster, but my point is just to have a long range plan and vision for yourself. Just ask any self-made millionaire in this industry… they’ll tell you. When you reach your goals and know you have become that person who can write your own paycheck, if that’s not satisfaction and rewarding, I don’t know what is! I would say good luck, but I will leave you with a quote from Donald Trump that pretty much sums it up: “The harder I work, the luckier I get!”


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