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George-MadiouTwo types of businesses in the home based direct selling industry. The Party Plan and Network Marketing are two types of businesses in the home based direct selling industry. In today’s economy the best way not to become an economic statistic is to own your own home based business. Getting the gold watch after a life time with a company is as rare as that gold watch. The loyalty today in working for a company is a thing of the past.

Those people who take control of their own economic future are going to be the one’s that survive the best.

Starting a home based business is one of the best ways not only to survive but also prosper. Venturing into the direct selling industry allows you a path to succeed in ways that you would never have imagined. The success lies in one secret: NULL

It doesn’t matter if you take the network marketing route or the party plan route, education is the answer.

Both the DSWA and The Network Marketing Magazine are dedicated to your success in the business you get involved in. Your success will be dependent upon following your interests and desires.

You can financially succeed in both businesses if and only if you are involved in a business you are passionate about. Choosing a business that fits your personality is the key. Choosing a business that fits the way the business is done is also the key. This is the reason why education is important.

When you learn the methods of doing business through network marketing or through party plan, you will start leaning toward one method or the other that fits your personality. At that point you can then start searching companies that market products or services that you are passionate about. This sorting process is important because, when this results in a GREAT fit, the money will always follow. Spend the time to go through this exploration process and start on the road to taking control of your economic future. One last thing, you don’t need to go through this important process as a newcomer to the business. If you’re not satisfied with where you are at in your present business, go through these steps and get back on the success track! Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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