Cover_2006_April This month’s theme is; Spring into action— As you will see, Network Marketing is all about action. It’s Network Marketing, not Netwish Marketing. It’s all about getting into action. Get moving, just start, and watch your progress. You’ll find all of the how to’s once you start. No one ever built a successful business on the couch pondering their business. Once you spring into action, you’ll be amazed what you will learn to keep your momentum going. Check out our contributor’s input this month and apply their advice. You will be inspired and motivated, but make sure you get up and spring into action!


The real cause of making money in network marketing by Jack Zufelt

What is the ‘it’ that you need in order to succeed in network marketing? Knowing your core desires is a start- Jack will fill you in on the rest. There are many who believe that success in Network Marketing is based on setting goals, doing daily affirmations and visualizations, a great...Read More »

Don't wish MLM was easier, wish you were better! by Dale Calvert

How can you become better, considering people are your inventory? You must learn to work with the way it is, and not attempting to fight that which cannot be changed. The reality is YOU CAN BECOME BETTER, more skilled, more value focused, a better communicator, more disciplined, more scheduled, and so...Read More »

Posturing for Profits in Network Marketing by David Nelson

Developing and maintaining the proper posture and action in network marketing drives you to create the success you desire and deserve. For network marketing profits, posture is just as important as knowledge. A proper posture or stature in network marketing is absolutely essential in obtaining lasting profits for you and your...Read More »

Beyond Chicken and Egg by John Kalench

Do you lead with the product or the opportunity? Maybe there really IS something that comes first! Which comes first – the chicken or the egg? You know the dilemma: When you want to invite someone to take a look at your Network Marketing business, what do you show them first...Read More »

Don't Know What You Don't Know by Jerry Clark

Always remember that you can have access to all of the fresh oxygen in the world, but if you don’t breathe— you won’t get far; thus, you got to take the action. One of the saddest aspects of what I do as an Empowerment Coach and Trainer in the Network Marketing...Read More »

Just Don't Do It by Chris Widener

Sometimes success is found through the things that you don’t do. Here are some ideas for what we shouldn’t do. Sometimes success is found through the things that you don’t do. Here are some ideas for what we shouldn’t do. Don’t say “I can’t.” There are two words that we don’t allow in...Read More »

So is it Luck? by Paula Pritchard

So, is it luck? Not in one million years. What it is though… is all within reach because it is all within you. Could anyone in network marketing actually be successful based on luck? It is hard for me to believe that anyone would think success in this business is luck....Read More »

The Meek May Inherit the Earth... But They Will Also Overpay Their Taxes by Sandy Botkin

Here’s one more way to organize your records while making your life less taxing! One of the best audit protection techniques that all network marketers should do is to have separate credit cards used solely for business expenses. The importance of this can not be overstated. Separate cards will result in...Read More »

The First Logos Leadership Success Strategy by Jack Lannom

Leaders do not react to the circumstances that confront them on a daily basis; they pro-act from the solid foundation of a personal philosophy that keeps the leader from pitching and tossing during the storms that will inevitably assail their personal and professional lives. In last month’s article, I presented two...Read More »

I know what color you are by Duffy Rogan

You’ve heard about the ‘personalities’ of colors… here’s how to sum up the best approach for each personality type. Today I’m going to focus on using the power of color personalities for building your Network Marketing business. However you can use this powerful skill to explode ANY business you’re with. Sales,...Read More »

The Most Critical Skill Every Network Marketing Professional must Possess by Steve Siebold

Before you can build a network marketing empire, you’re going to have to learn to become a master of your emotions. In other words, you have to be mentally tough! Many people would say that recruiting is the most important skill in network marketing. Others would say contacting and inviting. Even...Read More »


Jimmy "the butcher" Smith by TNMM Editor

From butcher to network marketing billionaire? Maybe it’s not too far a stretch for Jimmy Smith, Isagenix’ number one money earner. I’d be willing to bet on the former butcher who said, “I can do this!” At age 78 you’re a font of wisdom, Jimmy. Maybe we could start by having...Read More »

Ryan Chamberlin by TNMM Editor

Rising to become one of the top income-producers for Team National before the age of 30, Ryan confidently combines the wisdom of the experienced with the energy and determination of youth to take action opening the door to ‘possibility thinking’ for all network marketers, including young adults! Ryan, how did you...Read More »

Technology & Things

Taking action just got easier... by Bob McKay

How I’m building my business in partnership with A candle is not diminished by giving another candle light. – Earl Nightingale Network Marketing is the most incredible vehicle that an Individual can have in there lives. Is it easy? No but it is worth it! How do I know that?...Read More »

Web design - Yes but so much more… by Brian Seidel

This article outlines some basic principles that will help guide you through decisions you will need to make in getting a website developed. But the same principles will also guide you in building a stronger business and managing projects! The purpose of this article is to provide a plain English explanation...Read More »

Spring Your Business into Action by Scott Adams

How a Lead Provider helps YOU evaluate the lead type that could serve your business best. One thing that springtime and your home based business have in common is they both are about new beginnings. Whether you just started your business or you have been building it for years, new beginnings...Read More »


What if we let customers be customers. by Kim Klaver

If we could let customers be customers, then… NO company has products that are best for everyone, so why not share the customers? Amongst ourselves? “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.” -Walter Lippmann That said, here’s my question: Why don’t we promote cross-company customers? Why couldn’t a rep from say,...Read More »

The business of the business...Spring into action… is technology passing you by? by George Madiou

Those who do not embrace technology will be doomed to the new lower class, poor of the world. The baby boomers are the last generation exempt. I am solidly in that “Baby Boomer” bubble. I was born in 1952 and grew up with black and white TV, with only 3 channels...Read More »

It's All Good by Maran Banta

Listening for direction How much detail is ‘enough’ for you to take action today? So you’re going on a road trip. You call AAA and order a Trip-Tik. Pretty soon it’s delivered to your mailbox. A huge package of maps and information about the whole area you’ll be traveling through. Love...Read More »

Expect Miracles by Mary K Weinhagen

That most ‘magic’ circle— your circle of influence Is it time for YOU to take action and draw a bigger circle of friends around yourself? Remember those circles on the whiteboard that kept you awake for a week the first time you saw them? I sure do… There… unveiled before my...Read More »