Cover_2007_April This month’s issue is about Servant Leadership. Network marketing is one of the few industries that embrace servant leadership as a core philosophy of the industry. You will find as you serve others, success just happens for both the people you serve and also you. We have more contributors this month sharing their thoughts on this theme than any past feature we have had. This may be a hint to how important servant leadership is.

Last month we stated that we are working on bringing you more multimedia experiences this year. This month we are offering an interactive training with the industry’s most famous tax expert, Sandy Botkin. We will be teaming up with LiveOnlineMeeting (the network marketing industry’s web conferencing system) to bring this teaching to you. Watch for the time and date on our web site and for those of you that have signed up to be on our update list, you will also be notified that way. This event will be limited to 100 seats so sign up quickly.

Enjoy April’s issue and find the hidden treasures that await you.

Aim High!

George Madiou,

President and Founder


Value Focused Leadership by Dale Calvert

When you are Value Focused, 100% of your emotions and thoughts are on how your opportunity can make a positive difference in the life of your prospect. When I started my MLM Career there was no question that bothered me more than when my negative friends and family members would ask...Read More »

Five Principles for Servant Leadership by Steve Dailey

Five principles – five accountabilities. Servant leadership is an important responsibility. We’ve all heard someone with a prophetic lift in their voice on stage or from our car stereo speakers proclaiming, “To be a great leader, you have to be a great server!” After all, it’s biblical. But how you interpret “service” can...Read More »

We see them everywhere. We love some and hate others by Ted Henry

The rewards for Servant Leadership will be abundance in every aspect of your life. We see them everywhere. We love some and hate others. Most of them are abundantly wealthy. Some do for others and some do only for themselves. Many people seem to almost worship them. Who are they? How...Read More »

What is a Servant Leader? by Rod Nichols

If you are a humble, honest, selfless, and generous servant leader, more people will be attracted to your team and those who join will stick, out of loyalty, if nothing else. Servant leadership has become a hot business topic. The funny part is that it sounds like an oxymoron. You know,...Read More »

The Spiritual Leadership Secret by Doug Firebaugh

Leadership is the KEY to your success in Network marketing, as it builds your other Leadership skills and other types of skills as you go. Let me ask you a question… What do you do to get yourself going in the morning for your MLM and Network Marketing business?? Coffee? Exercise?...Read More »

The Leader's Leader by Jack Lannom

“Example” in Action Jim Burke was right; the logos is, after all, extremely pragmatic. During a trip to London in 1990, I visited St. Paul’s Cathedral. This magnificent structure has 637 steps that lead up to the dome atop the Cathedral. When you reach the dome, you can walk outside to...Read More »

The Leading Edge of Leadership by Michael York

Believe it or not, you’re known for something right now by those around you… is it your leadership? Phil Knight of NIKE once remarked, “THERE IS ONLY ONE LEADER!” That sounds powerful… ONLY ONE! Black or white, win or lose, no room for finishing second. I get the opportunity to do...Read More »

Who are Servant Leaders? by Bob Schwartz

See your life as a way of helping others. Your service will lead to greatness. “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant ” Mark 10:43 Servant leaders are people who chose to serve others first, then lead as a way of expanding opportunities to individuals and companies. Servant leaders...Read More »

The Way of the Inspired "New Story" Leader by Elizabeth Harrington

Treat your team as customers and inspire them to do what they love! Welcome to the era of new rules… Never before has the past had such little if any influence on the unfolding future. We live in such a time. A time of churning uncertainty that ignores the rules of the...Read More »

Leadership means living your life out of a declaration of Who You Choose to Be by Dr. Joe Rubino

Your life is the result of the ongoing process of creating who you are every single day. Your life is the result of the ongoing process of creating who you are every single day. All too often, people live their lives out of the mistaken notion of discovery. This is the...Read More »

Leadership - The Next Great Profession by Richard Brooke

Leadership in our business is everything. First it was a farmer. Then it was accountants and engineers. Then it was doctors and teachers. And for a while it was the MBA. Now it is lawyers. (There are more lawyers in law school in the United States than there are lawyers in...Read More »


Retailing is 'Right Now Money' by Sandy Elsberg

And it’s a key ingredient in the success model you give your people Network Marketing Sales works by creating a large NETWORK which develops a large MARKET for your product and finally, produces SALES. The retail sale to the “end user” is the pivot of the whole process, and it’s the critical...Read More »

All life wishes to reward its benefactors by Jim Rohn

(Excerpted from the New Weekend Seminar audio/CD series) Parents, leaders, employers, teachers and volunteers have you discovered one of the great positive mysteries of life? Here it is – All life seems to wish to reward its benefactor. If you become the benefactor, you will receive these incredible rewards. If you are the...Read More »

Seven things you must give to others if you want to achieve success! by Chris Widener

For success consider serving other people A major part of the process of achieving success and living the kind of life that you dream of is to give. Many people think that to get what you want you have to take it. There is a universal truth though that the true...Read More »

How to stay motivated by Denis Waitley

Give yourself regular feedback to monitor your progress and reinforce yourself positively! Be willing to say to yourself, “I’m on the right road. I’m doing OK. I’m succeeding.” We too frequently become adept at pointing out our flaws and identifying failures. Become equally adept at citing your achievements. Identify things you are doing...Read More »

If getting customers feels painful, there is still hope! (Part 2) by Laura Johnson

These strategies once put into place will give you growth year after year. Last month in part one of this article, I talked about five ways that you can use to start getting customers that are easier to implement and take some of the pain out of getting them. Those five...Read More »

How Goals Ignite the Law of Attraction by Jill Koenig

What vision or dream do you have that you can inject with positive, loving thoughts and actions? I recently received a question submitted by a GoalGuru reader. The question Q: What is the difference between the Law of Attraction and Goal Setting? There is not so much a difference as the...Read More »


The Ideal Business by TNMM Editor

This book will do your sifting. Prospects will either be very interested or not at all – it’s rejection free marketing. Paperback, by Rod Nichols Industry best-selling author, Rod Nichols has written a powerful book that should be a must read for every person, particularly everyone involved in network marketing. Nichols...Read More »


Expect Miracles by Mary K Weinhagen

To Serve is to Lead and to Lead is to Serve In 1985, NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, established a national, voluntary accreditation system to set professional standards for early childhood education programs, and to help families identify high-quality programs. As an Early Childhood Educator, I...Read More »

The business of the business: Servant Leadership by George Madiou

It has been a 2000 year journey, not just the last 50 years in Network Marketing Where did the concept of Servant Leadership come from? It is no wonder that during the course of a month, the ideas that come in, regarding that month’s theme, start flowing. The famous saying, when...Read More »