Cover_2008_April This month’s issue is about the TRAINING. Training is so important in all aspects of your life but it is also extremely important to the success of your business. You will be well pleased with the articles that address this subject this month. With this being Tax month here in the USA this month don’t forget to read one of our most popular classic articles from the archives from our tax expert Sandy Botkin.

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Aim High!

George Madiou


Max's Recruiting Tip #2 - Actual Conversation Inside by Max Steingart

Walk through an online conversation with a potential prospect… great stuff! A cornerstone of my Endless Free Leads system for online prospecting is the principle of: Getting prospects to bring the conversation around to talking about your opportunity. Sounds like a dream come true, no? And darn-near impossible… but it’s not. It’s actually...Read More »

If you don't train your organization "systematically" you are wasting your time. by Dale Calvert

Network Marketing is a “Leadership Development Business” it is not a get them in and cross your fingers business. Imagine buying a Starbucks franchise. They hand you the keys and say go get’em, and if you need any help, just let me know. How would you feel? That is how the...Read More »

Monkey See, Monkey Do by Chad Bumgarner

Follow the System “Can I really do what they’re doing?” That’s one of the first questions that kept running through my mind, when I was at my first big event for the Network Marketing business that I’m in. Sometimes even today, I wonder on occasion, if I can be one of...Read More »

A Case Study in Success by Jack Zufelt

A powerful Core Desire dictates your future, regardless of your past. My background would suggest that what I have accomplished in life is impossible. I was raised on the Navajo Indian reservation. I was the only Caucasian boy in my high school senior class, and most of my peers didn’t like...Read More »

Get attached to the process not the results by Paula Pritchard

The only difference between you and those at the top is that they have heard more no’s. Building a network marketing business is pretty cut and dry. You show, they decide, some get involved (with the product, the business or both), they show and it starts all over again. If we...Read More »

Train like a Master Network Marketing Instructor: Structures for Successful Relationships by Dr. Joe Rubino

[Excerpted from “The 7 Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty”] You’re in massive action. You’ve become adept at the art of enrollment. New team members are showing up regularly wishing to take you up on your offer to support their success. So, let’s look at what training structures...Read More »

Train-ing by Rod Nichols

Get that train moving and start train-ing your downline for massive success As a kid, I was fascinated with trains. I had a real steam engine train set at home, loved going to museums where there were trains, and of course, watching the real ones click and clank along the track....Read More »

K.O.R.E. Elements of Success by Chris Widener

Knowledge, Opportunity, Risk and Excellence Over the years I have had the privilege of working with many successful people. Some were workers who worked for others but accomplished much, and some were leaders of both small and large businesses. I began to think about the characteristics that they all seemed to...Read More »

Beware the Eternal Student Syndrome by Mark Semple

It has been said that you must be a student to be successful. Just don’t be a full-time student. Being successful requires that you expand your knowledge & your awareness and take the right actions consistently. When one starts this journey, we quickly realize how much amazing training information is out...Read More »

Training: Meet them where they are by Kat McCarthy

The three areas of importance when assessing the most effective training for your distributors. Everyone comes into the biz at different levels of understanding and experience so it is important to meet people where they are but how do you determine where a person is? And perhaps more importantly, how do...Read More »

Give Big or Go Home! by Elizabeth Harrington

I love freedom. This is why I started my own business. The web frees us even more. Network marketing levels the playing field. Yes you’re right, I admit it. I’ve taken this title from media mogul Oprah Winfrey and her new Prime Time show-The Big Give. Another way to make my...Read More »


#4 BE NICE to everyone by Paul Morris

Courtesy to EVERYONE goes a long way Be Attitude #4. Be Nice The old fashioned word for that is “courteous”. ABC = Always Be Courteous, to EVERYONE. You have all heard the expression “the customer is always right” so obviously you should be courteous to your customers but I’m not talking...Read More »

If You Don't Have a Home-Based Business, Start one Today! by Sandy Botkin

The tax-advantages alone can put thousands of cash dollars in your pocket making it one of the best financial moves you’ll ever make. This may be a decade of tremendous corporate profits and economic growth, but for the vast majority of North Americans, the 90’s have been a dismal, uphill climb....Read More »

The Leader's Leader - Learning Not to Fear Failure by Jack Lannom

Organizations must learn to see failure as an investment in an education, rather than an expense. One of the common problems I have encountered when consulting with new clients is that of an organization that has grown past the point where one individual can oversee its daily operations. Yet there remains...Read More »

Profits are Better Than Wages by Jim Rohn

My mentor, when I was 25 years old, dropped a phrase on me that changed my life forever when he said, “Profits are better than wages. Wages will make you a living; profits can make you a fortune.” You know it is a bit difficult to get rich on wages, but anybody...Read More »

So do you have a plan B, C or even D? by Bill Holderby

When things are not working well, i.e. economy, gas prices, wages, jobs etc… that is when we, as network marketers, are in the best position. We alone can offer people a way out of their financial pressures. Tough times remind us to have a plan B, or C, or even D....Read More »

What does it really take to become successful in any business and what if a Spouse doesn't give their support? by Sue Seward

What’s your plan? Network Marketing is a business just like any other business. And it’s a serious business when you treat it as such. Of course many people still do not understand this and it’s treated more like a hobby. Just think if you started your own traditional business. You’d work...Read More »

The Safari Called Life by Denis Waitley

The quality of your journey will depend on your preparation, choices and responses.  Many of my current keynote presentations to major corporations have focused on my recent experiences in Africa and how they can be applied to our individual and collective performance in pursuit of excellence and quality of life....Read More »

Technology & Things

Easter Bunnies - GOOD, Dust Bunnies - BAD! by Jim Dickinson

Spring Cleaning Your Most Valuable Business Tool It’s that time of year again. Winter is finally over, and it’s time to open the Windows and let the fresh spring air come in. We clean the nooks and crannies, get rid of the dust, and probably even start treating for bugs and...Read More »


Expect Miracles by Mary K Weinhagen

Ready, Set… TRAIN The best training is the one you take action on and the learning gained based on the results of that action. train: n: a series of parts or elements that together constitute a system for producing a result and esp. for carrying on a process automatically I was intrigued...Read More »

Is Training Really Necessary? by George Madiou

Your life is not a dress rehearsal. This is the real thing; you might as well be the very best at it as you can! Why treat your life as a passing try? God has given us one life and one non-renewable resource, that’s time. We owe it to ourselves (and...Read More »