Cover_2010_April Communicating effectively is important in all aspects of life however there is no other business like network marketing that effective communication is so important. Our’s is an industry that depends upon developing relationships and the way those relationships are developed is through effective communication. Reflect upon these articles that our contributors have submitted this month and see how your communication can reach a new and better level.

Aim high!

George Madiou


Communicating that YOU CARE! by Sue Seward

How do we communicate and instantly build rappore with people we meet? By focusing on THEM!  While reading some scriptures today I happened to come across this one from James and noticed that it fit nicely into the topic for this months article on “The Importance of Communicating Effectively.” “Therefore,...Read More »

Scolding: One of Communication's Tools of Last Resort by Jim Rohn

Excerpted From the Jim Rohn 2004 Weekend Leadership Event  You have to be very careful of scolding. Scolding, as a last resort, may be necessary but you must be very careful. Scolding someone is like giving them a cut, giving them a small cut with your words on the hand. Maybe...Read More »

The Importance of Communicating Effectively by Josh Liteky

A simple and genuine smile will communicate more than any words ever can.  In our industry, effective communication is essential, and affects everything we do. Efficient communication with our own team, with our company, with our up-lines, and most importantly with our prospects is something we need to continue to...Read More »

How to communicate with your downline by Paul Morris

Lead the way by not only setting the example, but by also teaching your distributors to communicate with their group.  Communication with your group is vital. You should call every one of your personally enrolled distributors’ everyday. You should email your group leaders every other day. You can send them...Read More »

The #1 Secret to Massive Effectiveness when Communicating Within Your Business by David Feinstein

It’s a skill that you need to develop as soon as possible if you want to be one of the ultra successful in this business.  There truly is nothing more important in network marketing than communication. Communication is the whole basis of this industry, hence the term “network”. Unfortunately people...Read More »

Body Language Intelligence – How Fluent are You? by dr. g. jack.brown

No matter what your profession, the majority (85%) of your success or failure is directly related to your skill or neglect of interpersonal skills – and Non-Verbal Communication is the hands-down “silent majority” of this valuable skill-set.  Regardless of how gifted you are as a salesperson, physician, attorney, teacher, leader,...Read More »

The Keys to Effective Communication by Russell Foster

Success in every area of life is underpinned by the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.  Success in every area of life is underpinned by the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Most of us have heard this many times. But what exactly does this mean. Communication is actually an...Read More »

Learn the Power of Communicating Effectively by Jim Britt

You must understand what your message is, who you are sending it to, and how it will be perceived.  I heard it said that, “Communication is easy.” I disagree. Talking is easy. Communication on the other hand, which is an exchange or communion with another, requires greater skill. A conversation exchanged with...Read More »

Do I have your full Attention? by Kevin Abdulrahman

When you listen, people will like you, and the more you listen, the more they’ll like you. If they like you, they’ll trust you, and when they trust you, they’ll listen to you.  The most flattering thing you can do for anyone is to give them your full attention. When...Read More »

It's a matter of perspective by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Succeed in MLM by seeing things through other people’s eyes.  Texas and Oklahoma are bitter college football rivals. There’s no middle ground. One day a Texas football fan was driving through Oklahoma on his way to another state. (Texas football fans never drive to Oklahoma, they only drive through Oklahoma...Read More »

Using Word Pictures by Michael Clouse

Paint a picture of the future they desire – paint a picture with your palate of language that would make Picasso proud.  If you want others to quickly and easily understand your Network Marketing message – and I would imagine you do – consider using word pictures to make your...Read More »

Steps to Persuasively Influencing Others in Network Marketing by Dr. Joe Rubino

You possess the personal power to be able to both persuade and lead others. Master this art and your business will explode as you lead others in the direction that will bring about their success.  Your success in network marketing will result from your ability to impact others, guiding them...Read More »

Communication with Your Elementary Age Child by Denis Waitley

You send several hundred verbal and non-verbal messages to your children each day. Make those messages valuable.  In communicating with children of all ages, eye contact and physical contact are important. These should be part of our everyday dealings. A child whose parents use eye and physical contact will likely be...Read More »


Anatomy of relationships by Linda Yates

With lessons in hand let’s ask ourselves how we can enrich all of our relationships and experience lasting happiness and joy.  Why is it that there are some individuals on this planet that you instantly connect with and others who take a little bit of time? This question has been...Read More »

Why brand YOUR passion? by Sue Seward

You never know what could transpire from one great connection!  After networking and making connections, building relationships online for over twelve years it’s come to my attention that email is sort of dead don’t you think? How much real connection email do you receive now days? How many people are...Read More »

What is the Difference between “MLM” and “Network Marketing”? by Clifton Jolley

If you want to think of yourself as a “Network Marketing” company… that’s OK, so long as you don’t forget the folks who got us this far along: the middle-Americans who depend on whatever-we-call-it to provide the discretionary income they don’t get from their “day jobs”  “The direct selling industry,...Read More »

The Three Legs of Persuasion by Chris Widener

The basic points for this article are found from Aristotle’s “The Rhetoric.” They are what Chris calls the “Three Legs of Persuasion.” Together they enable us to fully persuade people.  If you have heard me talk about leadership at all, you will know that I have a very simple definition...Read More »

Planning a Great Meeting by Jeffrey Babener

Some solid tips for planning a network marketing opportunity meeting  Planning a network marketing opportunity meeting? asked veteran meeting planner, Greg White of San Diego based Hamilton LaRonde Associates for some solid tips. Get the word out Plan the meeting at least a month in advance, if at all...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings The secret of success is not always in the pursuit of more but in the enjoyment with what you can do with less. Arthur Tugman ~ Perfection comes to network marketers when they become immune to rejection. Arthur Tugman ~ Effort will lead you to success no concern...Read More »


The Cornerstone of Effective Communication... Listening by George Madiou

With daily practice with your family, friends and business acquaintances, this can be your cornerstone to effective communication.  Unless you live on a deserted island all by yourself, effective communication is one of those essential skill sets for a fulfilling life. Some people think communicating is just talking at someone....Read More »