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The Art of Presentation ...


Is there really an Art of Presentation? by RS Mallory

Is there really an “art” or secret for doing an effective Presentation? Always remember to KIS- Keep it Simple AND remember that you only have your prospects attention for a very short time. Your presentation should present the facts without fairy tale spin, and should be constructed so that it gives solutions to...Read More »

Self Promotion by Mark Davis

It’s all about you How would you describe yourself? If put on the spot and I said you had to stand up and tell 100 people why you were such a great person… what it was that separated you from the rest of the world… Could you do it? About 10-20% of the...Read More »

Essential Skills for a Commanding Presence by David Feinstein

“I came, I saw, I conquered”– Julius Caesar. Most successful business people present themselves on a different wavelength that separates themselves from the pack. Presenting oneself in a large group can go either way, either disastrous or great. Some of us may recall times when we have done a presentation that...Read More »

It’s Not About the Sandwich by Traci Brown

I’ve always heard that Elvis Presley loved a sandwich he’d gotten in Colorado. Peanut butter, jelly and bacon on French bread. And I’d always wanted to try it and thought you could only get it in Aspen…pretty far from my house. But recently I found out that it’s actually near...Read More »

The Art of the Presentation by Paul Peccianti

A good presenter, whether it is one on one or to a group knows the listener is always thinking “What is it going to do for me.” The focus needs to be on the other people and not on the presenter.   One on One When talking to another person the format is to...Read More »

The Art of Presentation by David Solomon

As far back as I can remember, I heard that speaking to a group was the most common fear of adults. Later, as a student of The Dale Carnegie School, I witnessed this phenomenon, over and over, as student after student was asked to present to the class. Regardless of...Read More »

Wrong answer to the wrong question by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

When presenting your program to prospects, what is their biggest question or concern about your products or opportunity? Do they want to know: 1. “How good is the quality of the products or service?” 2. “What are the test results of your product or service?” 3. “How much does your product or service cost?” 4....Read More »


Treat People Like Cows by Zig Ziglar

My dad died during the Great Depression when I was five. Six of us children were too young to work outside the home, but all of us did our part around the house. Our economic survival was built around five milk cows and a large garden. We sold the surplus...Read More »

Choice: Privilege, Opportunity and Responsibility by Chris Widener

One of my absolute favorite quotes is from Dwight D. Eisenhower. He said that, “The history of free men is never written by chance, but by choice – their choice.” What a powerful truth. We can, and do, write our own history. That is, when our life is nearing the end,...Read More »

The Zen of Prospecting by Dr. Joe Rubino

When it comes to prospecting for network marketing leaders, there are two Zen rules I suggest you must always keep in front of yourself. In fact, these rules are outlined on a sign I keep right by my phone for every prospecting call. For me, they sum up successful prospecting...Read More »

Trouble-Free Online MLM Business and Marketing by David Feinstein

In this era of inflation everybody has got to do some part time job or some business. It can rightly be said that online business and marketing is the easiest way to earn a good income. Most of the people are using online marketing to build their business. Online business...Read More »

Who is Really in Charge? by Jim Rohn

Finally, the elections are over. Some of you are certainly very happy and some are probably unhappy with the outcome and that is to be expected. Every four years we Americans participate in this grand experiment called America and we elect a President to lead us. That of course spurs...Read More »


The 4 Things You Need To Know About The Art of Presentation by George Madiou

The Art of Presentation is all about communicating effectively. This is as important as the information that you are presenting. Know your audience and structure your presentation so you are walking the recipient down a path that will communicate what you intend to present effectively. Then practice and don’t wing...Read More »