TNMM Cover April 2016
The theme for April 2016 is Marketing – Online vs Offline. We all understand the importance of marketing.  I think, depending on our age we lean one way or another when it comes to the preference that we have on the subject of online vs offline.  Some of us understand the value...


Marketing – Online vs Offline Compassionate Marketing by RS Mallory

What an interesting April Topic; Online vs Offline Marketing! If you are a Baby Boomer, like me (or older), you will remember that in our lifetimes through the early 90’s there was no such thing as “online” marketing. Which begs the question, what did all those multi-million dollar companies actually...Read More »

Taking Offline Marketing to an Online World by David Feinstein

 Offline marketing is almost a busted venture, the high costs of print media and other outlets make it almost unbearable for most small businesses. It’s time to use those marketing skills in a more efficient manner. Go online and start your own MLM business. The skills that you have learned...Read More »

It’s NOT About Leads! By Steve Dailey

I bet you want more leads. Most every network marketer I know thinks they need more leads.  They’ve run through their friends and family, they’ve tried grabbing cards out of fish bowls, they’ve signed up for magical list sourcing programs and spent lots of time thinking about, looking for and...Read More »

Brave New World: Combining Offline and Online Marketing By Mary Dee

What, where who how why Don’t let anyone tell you that belly to belly marketing has died. In fact, much of our population who are out looking for home based business solutions are still baby boomers and used to doing face to face business. A warm handshake and a smile still...Read More »

Marketing – Online vs Offline by Louise Adrian

 With all the social media available for us today it can be overwhelming on what to post, where to start and will it really be worth your while.  You have all heard time and time again that direct sales is a relationship business.  The better you are at building relationships...Read More »

Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing The ART Of WOO! by Elizabeth Harrington

Online marketing vs offline marketing. As an owner of a new start-up digital marketing boutique agency, connecting with customers in the digital landscape is true exciting. The goal is the same though-accelerating your business growth by standing out, captivating your audience, and learning the ART of WOO!     Click on the video...Read More »

Using Social Media to Expand Your Local Direct Sales Business by Jackie Ulmer

  We all know that Social Media is a great way to expand your contact list and build your business in areas you might not otherwise be able to tap into. You can build regionally, nationally and globally very quickly when you expand your reach through Social Media. But, let’s not...Read More »


Network Marketing Training the Bruce Lee Way – How to Market Your Business to Prospects the Way Bruce Lee Would by David Feinstein

Believe it or not, today’s network marketing training is going to come from Bruce Lee. What the Heck Does Bruce Lee Have to Do With Network Marketing Training? Here’s something that Bruce Lee said when talking about martial arts… …“Empty your mind; be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into...Read More »


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: PRESS RELEASE FROM DIRECT SELLING WORLD ALLIANCE CONTACT: DSWA 888-417-0743 808-230-2427     DIRECT SELLING WORLD ALLIANCE (DSWA) ADDS INDUSTRY VETERAN, ANGELO ROSSI, TO ITS PANEL OF EXPERT BUSINESS CONSULTANTS AND EXECUTIVE COACHES    Kailua, Hawaii, 3/9/2016– Leading business agency, Direct Selling World Alliance (, is excited to announce the addition of industry executive, Angelo Rossi, to its...Read More »

Keep Your Light Bright by Denis Waitley

 My dad had a keen imagination, and we would often play a little goodnight game that became our special ritual. He would come into my room to talk to me and listen to the triumphs and tragedies of my day. As he was leaving, Dad had a way of leaning...Read More »

Life Rewards Action by Chris Widener

 Thinking is good, yes it is. I strongly encourage thinking. In fact, thinking plays a terrific role in success. It helps you strategize. It helps you get motivated. It tunes you into success. I am all for thinking and I do it regularly!   That being said, just thinking, no matter how...Read More »

Learn to Overcome the Top 25 Excuses Used To Wait on Your Dreams By Donna Bellacera

We all possess certain talents and gifts that are unique to us. You already have everything that you need to start living an extraordinary life. It’s up to you to turn on the switch and let your light shine.  ~ Randa Manning-Johnson    If we try, we can always find a reason not to...Read More »

How to stand out in a crowd by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

 Marketers call it: “Positioning.” This means giving yourself or your product a chance to be noticed. We can position our products in many different ways. Our product can be just for insiders, or premium-priced, or exclusive, or scarce, or value-based. For example, what if we advertised these different messages to our...Read More »


Online vs Offline Marketing Is One Better Than The Other? By George Madiou

Marketing – Online vs Offline, one is not better than the other.   We all understand the importance of marketing.  I think, depending on our age we lean one way or another when it comes to the preference, that we have on the subject, of online vs offline.   Some of us understand the...Read More »