Cover_2006_August Introduction by George Madiou

This month’s theme is; The relationship between Belief and Success. Jim Rohn, Paul & Layne Cutright, Richard Brooke, Jack Zufelt, Kim Klaver and I, all weigh in this month on this subject. Read what these contributors have to say and see how it relates to your reality. If you would like, let us know a story about your relationship between your Belief and your Success. You can send your story to me at and who knows, you might see it in a future issue of TNMM. Also check out Kurt Wright’s article Asking The Right Questions I think you’ll really enjoy Kurt’s approach to this very important topic. This month we have something for everyone. Take a few minutes to read through the table of contents on the landing page after you log in and enjoy!


Belief VS Technique by Jack Zufelt

What is the ‘it’ that you need in order to succeed in network marketing? And if belief is so important- how do you get it? When belief and technique are pitted against each other – belief always wins. Techniques can be valuable, sometimes even crucial, but, far too frequently, they fall prey...Read More »

The Power of Belief - Your Key to Freedom & Peace - Part Two by Paul and Layne Cutright

Your beliefs are fundament to your sense of self and the world. Here in Part Two, Layne and Paul talk about the process of belief change. In The Power of Belief – Part One we learned about the five different kinds of beliefs (Basic, Personal, Authority, Derived and Inconsequential) and which...Read More »

The Power of Belief - Your Key to Freedom & Peace - Part One by Paul and Layne Cutright

Your beliefs are fundament to your sense of self and the world. Part one of this article identifies the kinds of beliefs and which ones are subject to change. “Men!” Terri exclaimed, her eyes red and swollen from crying. “I’m so tired of having my heart broken. Why can’t I just...Read More »

You are a genius - Unlocking the power of the mind by Jim Rohn

Excerpted from the Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan- Pillar Eleven: Accelerated Learning This month we focus on the learning that comes through the power of the mind. Take care to feed and stimulate your brain, and you will expand your mind. A healthy brain is central to a healthy mind. Because...Read More »

You will "Believe It" when you "See It" over and over! by Richard Brooke

Richard reminds us that belief in our dreams will bring about the successful realization of them. One of the greatest mysteries around success, happiness and peace of mind is revealed to each of us when we understand the following: Desire, in and of itself, means little and moves nothing. Humans have been wanting...Read More »


Asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS by Kurt Wright

Our WHAT’S RIGHT questions are deferred to our less assertive but far more powerful intuition – where they are processed in a manner that generates energy. Asking properly framed questions is truly the key skill which leads to effortless high performance- and ultimately nearly every other desired outcome on the list...Read More »

A little equation that creates BIG results by Chris Widener

You can have an awesome future, filled with great achievements and results, if you begin today to take action and make it a reality! The purpose of man is in action not thought – Thomas Carlyle Often people will ask me how I get so much done in my life. They...Read More »

Mindset over Materials - and Most Everything Else by James Ray

The Secret Weapon of Sustainable Network Marketing Success Long-term network marketing success has less to do with skills or knowledge than you might think. Nor are stunning brochures or excellent products guaranteed to make one iota of impact over time. Unless certain critical elements already exist in the distributor, providing training...Read More »

WOO Lesson 3: The Magical Power of Surprise!! by Brian Biro

Another Window of Opportunity lesson- Create surprise… it can transform a life! The S in ESPN-Surprise-is the least understood and yet most powerful tool in your WOO kit! Using surprise to create moments has more transformational power than perhaps anything else you can do for another. The best example I can...Read More »

Do you see the positive side of things? by Josh Hinds

Until you’re proven wrong, you might as well assume you’ll receive the best possible outcome. In life there are generally two ways of seeing things, we can choose to view them through negative or positive filters (Perhaps you’ve heard it referred to as seeing through rose colored glasses when things are...Read More »

Listening (and acting) for money by Carol McCall

Looking at how you ‘listen’ for money gives insight into what you believe. If you believe it, then you are not out of integrity and you CAN raise your standards, aspirations and level of success! One of the things that stops people from having money is how they listen to themselves...Read More »

Confidence - 'You only sell you' by Denis Waitley

Seven basic points to remember about yourself This article’s focus is on self-confidence and self-esteem. In my opinion, there is nothing more important than your belief in your own potential for success and happiness, regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, looks, education or background. The truth is, every day “You only sell...Read More »

The Leader's Leader by Jack Lannom

Corporate Values The culture of YOUR organization can be set by your willingness to lead from your basis of wisdom and knowledge. If you have been following my articles on a monthly basis, you have completed your own personal values list or statement. The next crucial step in forming an organizational logos...Read More »

Here's why "Attitude is Everything! by Jeff Keller

Let’s see how your attitude activates the other keys to success.  A smile is a curved line that sets things straight. – Anonymous Worry is like a rocking chair – it gives you something to do but won’t get you anywhere. – Anonymous Opportunity seems to have an uncanny habit...Read More »

Oprah's Secret to Success by Jill Koenig

Follow your bliss, pursue your dreams and BELIEVE your way to success! I am a Chicago native. For those who don’t know it, when Oprah Winfrey first came to Chicago in the 1980’s, she was a tv news reporter here. That was my first exposure to her. I was 13 years...Read More »

Invocation Remarks by Michael Josephson

To the July 21, 2006 Graduating Class of the Los Angeles Police Department Police Academy Congratulations! You and your family have every reason to be proud of your decision to join a profession dedicated to serving others. I’m sure you know that your life as a Los Angeles Police Officer will...Read More »


NetMillionaireBuzz Radio by TNMM Editor

A radio talk show that has become a vehicle for listeners to easily access innovative techniques, strategies, tactics and valuable information. It’s Show Time and You Have a Front Row Seat Brian Tracy is spilling his guts, revealing secrets he has never before shared. And so is T. Harv Eker, Cynthia...Read More »


Momentum Project: Change your seat by David Pollay

“Most people sit and expect life to come to them. Change your seat and you will come to life.” I think everyone in life should be known for at least one quote. I think I finally have mine. I’d like to share it with you, but first let me tell you...Read More »

Women in network marketing by Kim Klaver

Belief: Do you need it to make it? So what is the role of belief to help you make a success of yourself? Belief’s a funny thing. Some folks say it predicts your success or lack of it. “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually...Read More »

It's all good by Maran Banta

What do you believe, and why do you believe it? There are times when looking at ‘why’ can open your eye to a whole new way of living. When I was 24 I went to work at a high end Custom Photo Lab. One of the first things I learned was...Read More »

Expect Miracles by Mary K Weinhagen

The physical universe doesn’t lie Let your ‘current reality’ reveal your beliefs so you can re-evaluate their ‘fit’ with your current desires. Of course there is a relationship between belief and success… and we could all benefit from telling the truth about it. Your beliefs are always successfully reflected by your...Read More »

The business of the business by George Madiou

Is there a relationship between Belief and Success? Belief is what motivates you to get out of bed or drives you to take on the world; the lack of belief will also keep you in bed and will have you give up. It’s your choice. Is there a relationship between Belief...Read More »