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Introduction by George Madiou

We have about 200 contributors to They are experts in their field. Some are leaders, authors, speakers and some are trainers. Many are mentors and a few are coaches. This month’s issue is about Coaching and Mentoring. Never in the history of The Network Marketing Magazine have we had such a participation from our contributors who have weighed in on a monthly theme.

You will find in this month’s issue some valuable information that will help you grow as a person and in your business. There are many articles that have moved me this month, but there are especially four that are noteworthy to me. Two are from mentors of mine (Brian Tracy and Eddy Chai – in my article) and two from my own personal friends and business coaches Steve Daily and Kurt Wright. Don’t let the number of articles this month scare you, read one a day and enjoy this issue. Let us know what you think.

Be sure to interact with our contributors by leaving your thoughts and comments at the bottom of each article and by giving each article your rating. Your feedback helps guide our contributors and allows us to deliver the quality training resources you need and want.


What Are You Worth? (Video Interview) by Brian Tracy

Everything that you do to increase your ability to add value and to serve other people increases the amount of money you earn and the quality of life you enjoy. In the world of work, some people earn a little and some people earn a lot. What is the difference? This...Read More »

What Coaching IS and AIN'T - The Unvarnished Truth by Steve Dailey

Coaching is a good thing – but only when it is a real coach that is doing the coaching and when the commitment to achieve authentically resides in the mind of a coachee I stepped onto the swimming pool deck for my first coaching assignment in 1973. After graduating from college...Read More »

If I could show you a way by John Milton Fogg

How the new field of coaching is transforming network marketing. a conversation with John Milton Fogg by John David Mann I open the local community newspaper, and there in the directory for local services, along with massage and dog grooming, there’s life coaching. I don’t think I would have seen that...Read More »

Coaching Your Team to Success by Randy Gage

The best scenario for duplication is when you learn what works from your own sponsorship line, then apply it effectively.  I imagine a lot of the other contributors this month will discuss coaching and mentoring methods for working with your team. So I would like to leave that topic to...Read More »

Mentor Magic: Creating a Successful Relationship by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Network Marketing and mentoring – the perfect combination!  The ancient Greek poet Homer first coined the word “mentor” in his epic poem, “The Odessy”. A great warrior, Odysseous, knowing he was to be away from his home for many hears on a journey, chose a man named Mentor to be...Read More »

The Value of Coaching to Support Your Network Marketing Business Growth… and Your Life by Dr. Joe Rubino

Coaching can add fun and excitement to every aspect of your life as you take on the challenge of reinventing yourself and your business, always in search of excellence. In our daily lives as well as in our businesses, we typically operate from the perspective of doing the best we know...Read More »

Mentoring and How to Use It for Your Benefit by Jack Zufelt

Chapter 6 from the #1 best-selling book The DNA of Success “Hitch your wagon to a star.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)John Bytheway says, “Smart people learn from experience. Super smart people learn from other people’s experience.” Having a mentor is an integral part of getting where you want to go...Read More »

How to Select a Coach and Mentor by RS Mallory

Make sure that your INTENTION is to find the very best fit in a Coach or Mentor! Success in Network Marketing means that we, as leaders, Understand the value of personal growth, developing and continuing to develop skills that we then pass on to others. Many people bring specific skill sets with them;...Read More »

Would You Want to Follow You? by Carol Briney

Once you become like the person you want to attract to your business great things will happen. The topic this month is coaching and mentoring. I have given this topic much thought wondering what side of this vast topic I would write about. So often we hear about coaching your team,...Read More »

Nobody likes your advice by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Mentoring and coaching is not about having the right answers. It is about helping the student move forward within their comfort zone. Coaching and mentoring. We all feel good when we give someone advice. It makes us feel important. However, most people don’t want our advice. Why? We don’t want to...Read More »

Back to Basics by Rod Nichols

People, this is a football. It’s important for us to go back to basics in our own businesses and then coach our people in the basics. As I was analyzing this month’s topic, Coaching and Mentoring, I was reminded of a story I heard about the great Green Bay Packers coach,...Read More »

Is Prospecting, Respecting? You Decide! by Michael Oliver

Ask yourself whether you like to be called a prospect and if you don’t, respect others and stop using that term. If you want to differentiate yourself, both in your professional and personal life, look for ways to think, be, say and do things differently. This is one way to attract people...Read More »

Coaching for Success and Retention by Roberto Torres

Coaching is just one of the many skills you will need to develop to create a thriving, healthy organization. Once applied the benefits to you and your group are priceless. If you plan on building a growing healthy network marketing organization, then coaching is going to be an important part of...Read More »

A Good Mentor-Coach Asks Right Questions by Kurt Wright

Explore the four influence factors found in the background of every high achiever What Is a Mentor-Coach? Many years ago we began using the term “mentor-coach” to describe the behaviors that must be present for someone to be consistently on a roll. The reason we combined the words in this way...Read More »

Choose Your Coaching Wisely by Mark Semple

The right coach can be a huge asset in your success journey and assist you in maintaining the momentum toward the life that you desire.  Network Marketing is a unique profession. You connect with a business opportunity, enroll and immediately have access to an incredible new world. You are introduced...Read More »

When You See the Best, You'll Ignite It! by Brian Biro

Your job as a coach is to fill those you serve—your downline, business associates, students, children, and yourself—with this belief system centered on unconditional faith. To give unbridled passion, spirit, and effort to a worthwhile goal we must step beyond the comfort zone into the challenge zone. It is in this...Read More »

Is Coaching for You? by Neil Phillips

Coaching is an action oriented process of implementing ideas toward a specific goal. It uses your strengths to drive you forward. The roots of coaching are probably most directly followed back to the 1980’s when business consulting arrived on the scene in the form of management and financial consulting. In most...Read More »

Who coaches the coach? by Mark Davis

It’s so incredibly important to be independent and self-motivated. I can’t emphasize it enough. Every great performer has someone that they look up to. A mentor, a source of inspiration, or just someone who has trodden the path before them. The only real exception to this is the leader who has...Read More »

How Far Can We Go? by Chad Bumgarner

The Unlimited potential inside of us  John Wooden, Tom Osborne, Pete Carroll, Vince Lombardi, Michael Jordan, Roger Trumper, Brad Barton, Robert Fason, David Hervey, George Madiou! What do all these people have in common? Some of them you may recognize and some you may not. Some are or have been...Read More »


"Misleading Mind-Sets and Powerful Heart-Sets" by Jack Zufelt

Peak performers prove that human beings are meaning-seeking organisms. Mind-sets can be accurate from a rational point of view but still be wrong. For example, a management professor at Yale University once responded to a student’s proposal of a reliable overnight service that it was a “concept that is interesting and...Read More »

The Leader's Leader— by Jack Lannom

What Does Playing to Win Look Like? Like Patrick Henry, a Leader’s Leader reminds people of what they stand on, and what they stand for  A culture that makes it safe for people to fail will recognize and celebrate: Adventure vs. ambivalence Aggressiveness vs. adequacy Change vs. conformity Challenge vs. caution...Read More »

Service and Chopsticks by Linda Yates

One great way of teaching is leading by example. One way to get your students to learn is to get them to teach you. Last month we explored elements of a positive service experience for both the giver and the receiver. Today I was pondering how you would teach good service...Read More »


My Compass - My Coach by Mary K Weinhagen

Trying to navigate your way to success in a Network Marketing Business without a coach is no different than being lost in a forest without a compass. Years ago when attending my first orienteering course I was surprised when the first question we were asked was, “What is north?” Such a...Read More »

Tai Chai! Lessons for Success in MLM by George Madiou

A glimpse into my mentor Eddy Chai I have never met him face to face, but we have talked. I have admired him as a mentor of mine and a true leader in this great industry of ours. Eddy Chai, from any measure, is one of the most successful networkers in...Read More »