Cover_2009_August What kind of a theme is this? This is a theme that the top distributors are in tune with. Why? Well, this is almost an advanced concept of successful distributors. Giving translates into how you use your time, talents, abilities as well as your money. See how our team of experts address this subject.

How can you use these ideas in the last days of summer to bring you into a very successful last part of 2009. Let us know!

Aim high!

George Madiou


Being Fruitful by Jim Rohn

Make sure when you are given the opportunity, that you turn your response into results, thus the chance to be more fruitful and more giving.  Over the years I’ve learned to challenge my audiences to turn their response to the ideas and information they receive into results. According to the...Read More »

Learning the "Art of Philanthropy"… by Julie Coombs

It’s so NOT about the money! Phi-lan-thro-py [fi-lan-thruh-pee] “altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes.” – “Too much of a good thing can be...Read More »

How to Sell More in Less Time by Creating Value and Meaning for Your Solutions by Michael Oliver

When you engage people, as opposed to telling people, it makes YOU an interesting and valued person. That’s how you get in the flow of the Law of Giving  Let me start by stating from the outset that your solutions (income/business opportunity, and or products/services), basically have no value. They...Read More »

Who Said The Glass is Half Empty? by David Feinstein

Let’s get back to YOUR VIEW. Just how do you see yourself, your life, and your business? Do you GIVE yourself the awareness of abundance?  So, here I am thinking about what it is that people mean when they talk about the “glass being half empty versus half full”. I guess...Read More »

NONPROFITS – Giving and Earning Together by Jeffrey Babener

Use of tax-exempt organizations for network marketing activities can clearly be a bonanza for all of the parties involved. The most important advice that can be given is included below.  Picture this – one sales call from you triggers sales presentations to 10,000 customers. Can it happen? Yes. How? Network...Read More »

True Joy by Linda Yates

In business, the opportunity to show charity can have long lasting effects and implications. Where do you find the most joy? What is joy to you? I am not referring to happiness. Happiness is a piece of joy. True joy typically involves another person besides us. Because of our inherent need to...Read More »

It's Not About YOU! by Rod Nichols

The key is to get the focus off yourself (and the money you will make) and focus it on other people.  There is a huge myth in network marketing that it’s all about individuals. The focus is always on how to get better at prospecting, presenting, closing, and so on...Read More »

What's the Fuss about Giving? by RS Mallory

Be open to learning and experiencing personal growth along the way as you attract and give of yourself to others. defines “”Giving”” as that which we present voluntarily and without expecting compensation. It is a verb… so it is something that we are to be DOING. In reality, The...Read More »

The Art of Giving by Chris Widener

The key is to decide that you will become a giver, and not merely a taker. You will choose to leave something behind in this world and not merely try to get something out of it.  In the pursuit of the life we dream of, this journey we are on...Read More »


MLM HOTEL by George W. French

What do you do when you retire as one of the founders of American Honda Motor Company? Why, you enter the ‘early days’ of Multi Level Marketing of course! Statler Hilton Hotel Los AngelesI’ll never forget the first invitation I ever had to attend a money making presentation at the Los...Read More »

Six Behaviors that Increase Self-Esteem by Denis Waitley

Even undeniably painful experiences can be the solid foundation on which to build future success.  Following are six behaviors that increase self-esteem, enhance your self-confidence, and spur your motivation. You may recognize some of them as things you naturally do in your interactions with other people. But if you don’t,...Read More »

Eating Mad by Ken Crawford

Catch an attitude of transformation for bettering your own personal wellness and positively impacting your network marketing business for years to come.  A few weeks ago one of my sons unexpectedly called my wife asking for a ride home from practice. His mother, who was up against a deadline, found...Read More »

“This Changes Everything!” by Gary Eby

What goes into your mind will ultimately get into your heart. It will become a part of you. When pressure comes you will default to what is inside of you!  The truth is… we live in a world filled with change. Just imagine… In just over one hundred years, we’ve...Read More »

Y.O.U. Set a High Standard for Being Human by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Chapter 8: Celebrate the Success of Others  [Editor’s note: Continuing a series taken directly from Bonnie Ross-Parker’s book, Y.O.U. Set a High Standard for Being Human. We will publish a chapter each month though 2009] Celebrate The Success of Others | 8 “I feel the excitement when applauding wonderful news.”Successful people...Read More »

Top 7 Mastery Principles to Building a $1,000,000+ Enterprise by Denise Corcoran

Just 15-30 minutes of time daily to mastering these principles and shifting your thinking can reap much greater rewards in your business than 1000 hours of additional efforts.  Are you aware of the single ** most powerful ** asset in your business? Is it money? Is it employees? Is it...Read More »

Building Alliances by Steve Dailey

Who knows who you want to do business with? Find ‘em, meet ‘em and see where there might be some common ground.  Most small businesses build their client base one customer at a time. That is, they engage a sales or marketing campaign to hopefully attract a number of people...Read More »

The One-Minute MLMer by John David Mann

Develop the skill of identifying ‘the heart of the matter’  “Just a minute!” How often have you heard that? “I’ll be off the phone in a minute…This’ll take just a minute to explain… We’ll be finished here in just a minute…” How nice it is when it’s actually true! A...Read More »

Dealing with the Anxieties and Stresses of Managing Your Own Business by Stan Popovich

Continue to learn effective techniques in managing your business and improve your bottom line.  Owning a small or large business can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Many business owners have to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety nowadays. It can be tough to own your own...Read More »

Health Savings Accounts by Rebecca J. Messreni

Healthcare’s Best Kept Secret! We don’t need REFORM! We need to be INFORMED!  HSAs were passed into law in 2003 and became effective January 1, 2004. They were created with the intent to give you more control over your own healthcare decisions and lower your overall cost – without compromising...Read More »

What Entity is Best for Your Network Marketing Business? by Scott Letourneau

A shaking foundations can lead to unwanted problems. It’s best to start with a solid foundation with this special bonus offer! When it comes to getting your business off to a fast start the foundation is always an important subject. A shaking foundation to your business can lead to unwanted problems...Read More »


Appreciation Marketing by Maran Banta

This easy-to-read book is filled with stories, ideas, and suggestions that will allow you to formulate what we call an “Appreciation Marketing Strategy” in your business and/or personal life.  Appreciation Marketing It’s a small book that will have a big impact. It has already made a major difference in...Read More »


How to Make Your Business Irresistibly Attractive by Karen Justice

An interview with Karen where she talks about how irresistible attraction is a natural way to create excitement and enthusiasm about what YOU are promoting.  In your book you talk about the notion of irresistible attraction and how it can create greater success for people in their businesses. What is...Read More »

Network Marketing... Taking A Step Forward by TNMM Editor

Discover how a students comment about giving the Professor an “F” resulted in the student receiving an “A” and the NWM industry receiving a boost in credibility  Professor King, how did you first became interested in Network Marketing? In 1990-91 the Midwest had a severe recession as did the entire...Read More »


Giving by George Madiou

When you give what you have to give, you will change lives and at the same time, enhance your own life more than you could imagine. What is one of the best ways of helping yourself? Help others! The top leaders know it. The fastest business builders know it. The wealthiest individuals...Read More »

To Give and Receive by Mary K Weinhagen

It’s a balance thing, and they must also be equal in importance if they are to balance one another.  We can’t really talk about giving without including receiving – they really are two sides of one coin. The two are truly inseparable and we are well advised to remember that....Read More »