Cover_2011_August Each and everyone of us is always promoting ourselves. It starts when we are a little baby, crying in our crib! As business people we are always promoting ourselves, or at least we should be. Find out the Who, What, Where, When and Why of how this promotion should take place.

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Aim high!

George Madiou


Marketing and Promotion in MLM – The #1 Most Important Element to Any and Every Promotion You Create! by David Feinstein

How do you ensure that you’re getting new fresh leads? There’s only one way and that’s through marketing and promotion. Are you scratching your head, trying to figure out why your network marketing business isn’t growing? When it comes to any business, there’s one thing that MUST take precedence of all...Read More »

Your Story is Unlike Anyone Else's ~ Use It to Your Advantage by Jackie Lee

There are great ways to go about getting free leads and building your network marketing business… it starts with YOU. When I started in my first network marketing company I remember very excitedly telling my husband, “I get my very own website!!” I was new online, and new to network marketing....Read More »

How Generation Y is Changing the World! by Dakota Rea

Tips from an “Echo Boomer” about marketing to an “Echo Boomer” What we sell, How We sell it, and Who we sell To The baby boomer’s had kids, and did so in families that averaged more than one child. This means that Gen Y is a much larger generation, much larger...Read More »

The Vulcan Mind Meld by Rod Nichols

Ah, the melding of two cultures. The old school mixed with the new school Growing up, one of my favorite shows was the original Star Trek and my favorite character was Spock. He was logical and unemotional… like me (at the time). I loved it when he would place his hands...Read More »

Universal Gravity by Linda Yates

How do we expect our businesses to take-off if we don’t put it out in the universe that our business even exists; and ask for what we need for it to be successful? How do you expect to grow, profit or succeed if you don’t ask for what you want? Many...Read More »

Promotion or Persuasion... Which Works For You? by Larry Hochman

People will generally know, like and trust you when you’re being yourself, and radiating joy and enthusiasm. When you’re interacting with people, and you have something to sell, or some action you would like others to take, is your first instinct to promote or persuade? Give me a couple of minutes,...Read More »

Zig On... Investing yourself by Zig Ziglar

It’s amazing how much we can do for others when we invest a little of ourselves in them. One of the most fascinating stories I’ve ever heard comes out of Holland. The citizens in the little village of Ida in Holland were astonished when Hans Bergen died because he left an...Read More »

Promotion Goal: Be the Best WHO by Julie Ziglar Norman

Be sure to make being the best WHO you can be your primary goal. Promotion is generally thought of as related to promoting or marketing our businesses. I believe the five W’s of promotion all come home to roost on our very shoulders. If we aren’t “Who” we say we are,...Read More »

The 5 W's of Self Promotion: Who, What, Where, When and Why by Terri Levine

To be in business you must make a profit. You must earn money. And you need other people for that. And how do you attract these people? Promotion! Promotion is another word for marketing and the only reason for marketing or promotion is to draw attention to something or someone. It...Read More »

Starting and Promoting Your Network Marketing Business by Denis Waitley

How do you plan to grow your business? Who do you plan to share the good news with? You’ve joined a network marketing company so you now are in business for yourself. Joining is actually the first step. Next ask yourself why you are doing this. What was the reason you...Read More »

The Powerful, Proper P's for $uccess in Network Marketing by Jack Zufelt

If you will master the powerful, proper P’s of network marketing you can create any amount of income you desire If you will master the Powerful, Proper Ps of network marketing you can create any amount of income you desire. These Proper Ps are critical and must be used synergistically because...Read More »


Measuring Success by Chris Widener

Many people allow their definition of “Success” to be driven by someone or something else. As I have worked with people over the years I have seen an amazing thing. People often get frustrated because they aren’t achieving “success.” There are lots of possible reasons for this but one reason I...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

An adage a day keeps the failure away! Failure is the cause of more success than you can guess. Arthur Tugman ~ The path one is already on will get them to success faster than blazing a new one. Arthur Tugman ~ The path to success begins with a decision that...Read More »

Problems are a Normal Part of Change by Denis Waitley

You fertilize your mistakes. You don’t wallow in them When asked, “How do you develop mental toughness in life?”, my response might sound negative at first when I answer, “Always be prepared for a surprise. The surprise might be a negative surprise. Something is going to happen in your day, whether...Read More »

The Great Challenge of Life by Jim Rohn

Start becoming more ourselves – the difference is everything else will begin to change around us. Here’s the great challenge of life – You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are. I have found that income seldom will exceed your own personal development. Once...Read More »

Inside Out Your Story by Steve Dailey

And here’s the punch line: as the leading man or leading lady in our story, we can determine if there will be a sequel or not I recently went on a business trip and spent my allotted time in airports. I find I really don’t get much done sitting around an...Read More »


Ramp up promotions by Mary K Weinhagen

Four steps to encourage others to promote YOU! It’s August and we’re talking about PROMOTION! So I got to thinking, what needs to be done in order to get people buzzing about what we have to offer? In other words, maybe the best promotion is done by others spreading the word!...Read More »

“If this isn't heaven I know that God at least vacations here” by George Madiou

Read or Listen to this conversation between George and Dr. Steve Taubman and discover his keys to success.  Dr. Steve Taubman: Welcome everyone, this is Dr. Steve Taubman from Unhypnosis. I am the author of the best-selling book on hypnosis, How to Wake Up, Start Over and Create the Life...Read More »