Cover_2012_August Keep it a secret and fail or learn how to effectivly present your business and watch your business flurish! This month the experts will discuss what it takes to tell others about what you do. This is another skill set that will make or break you.

Become skillful at presenting your business and watch your business grow.


Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking by Randy Gage

Tell Stories to Connect With Your Audience According to surveys, for many people, fear of public speaking almost equals their fear of death. You would think hard-charging CEOs would be different, but unfortunately that’s not the case. So how does a nervous executive or entrepreneur get better at speaking? Recently I...Read More »

What your prospects really think of you! by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Our first order of business in any presentation Texas and Oklahoma are bitter college football rivals. There’s no middle ground. One day a Texas football fan was driving through Oklahoma on his way to another state. (Texas football fans never drive to Oklahoma, they only drive through Oklahoma to get somewhere...Read More »

Presenting – Show The Plan by RS Mallory

Allow yourself the latitude, embrace confidence and courage, and BE YOU! Toastmasters International is THE largest service organization in the World. Why? Simply because the number one FEAR in the world is………….. talking with, at, or in front of others. Members of TI are Corporate Ceo’s, Plumbers, Secretaries, Senators, Teachers, Authors,...Read More »

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends: Presenting The Opportunity! by Michael York

(Here’s Your Presenting Secret Weapon) Building a team is the POWER and ACCELERATOR of most any Networking Opportunity. Creating leverage that allows ordinary individuals to get paid like a big corporation, over the efforts of many individuals doing a little, instead of just one person doing all the work (i.e. YOU)....Read More »

Prepare your game plan before the big day by David Feinstein

Some MLM business owners use technology as a tool to help clarify their methods of operation. MLM business owners need to be prepared to have their game plan ready before every event, they are hosting. The world of MLM business depends on the readiness of every member but the owners are...Read More »

Preparation for Your Presentations by Jim Rohn

Don’t be lazy in preparing; don’t be lazy in laying the groundwork that will make all of the difference in how your life turns out. Persistence in your presentations, this is one secret to success. After my first presentation, I got up and did it again. Even though I was scared...Read More »

Top ten rules for effective presentations by Chris Widener

And the best practical tips for overcoming stage fright! I am of the belief that the majority of people can improve their presentations dramatically by focusing on eliminating bad habits and presentation skills more than seeking to add anything on. How often have you come out of a seminar and overheard...Read More »


Success Tips for Working an MLM Home Business by Sue Seward

Be professional, put a plan in place, take action everyday to achieve goals, make connections with positive like-minded people and never give up. See the word ‘work’ in the article’s title? We all know that any business takes hard work to develop over time and a home based business in Network Marketing is no different wouldn’t you...Read More »

How to Find The Olympian Within by Denis Waitley

Why did it take me so many years to discover that it’s not about the approval of others? You’re standing on the highest pedestal, the one in the center. You hear the roar of approval from the crowd. As the first note of the national anthem is played in the Olympic...Read More »

Zig on... Braces by Zig Ziglar

Straighten your teeth and you will have a winning smile. Straighten and strengthen your character and life will smile on you. Like most parents, my wife and I believe that straight teeth are a real asset to a person, so we invested in braces for three of our children who needed...Read More »

Leadership is Influence by Bob Goshen

Leadership is not rocket science, but it is people science. Several years ago I had the pleasure of having John Maxwell speak for a leadership dinner. He is an outstanding speaker and has written many books on leadership. At the dinner, he gave a simple definition of leadership: “Influencing others.” I thought –...Read More »

Good Health – Great Life by Jim Bellacera

Being successful is not just about what is seen. Being successful is not just about what is seen. There is plenty of evidence to support that living a healthy lifestyle can help improve clarity of thought, provide greater energy and a better quality of life. Consuming healthy foods and nutritional supplementation,...Read More »

Is Your Life Like “The Hunger Games”? by Carol McCall

“The Hunger Games” begin when we begin the downward spiral of “failing” (according to us), with nobody else to point the finger to, except ourselves. You know, many of us have been there! We decide to “play big”, take actions “outside-the-box”, take on projects that “stretch” us. Perhaps someone who has...Read More »


Book Review - Build Your Team, Build Your Dream: Your Blueprint for Success in Network Marketing by George Madiou

Rarely can a manual be described as enlightening or entertaining. This book is both Build Your Team, Build Your Dream: Your Blueprint for Success in Network Marketing $15.99 199 pages WCC Press Note: This book will be officially launched on Aug. 27, 2012. During the pre-launch period, the book is being...Read More »


The Defining Moment by John Milton Fogg

Network Marketing – An unlimited income stream where the money you make is directly proportional to the amount you grow Ken Dunn was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His dad was a career officer in the Canadian Navy who had enlisted when he was 17, served time in Korea...Read More »


What is Showing the Plan? by George Madiou

Virtually every business has some appeal to the general population. What is it that your business has as far as an appeal to the general population? Presenting your business opportunity and showing the plan. What is the most effective way of doing just that? There are many old school ways of...Read More »

Presenting... Easy Does It by Mary K Weinhagen

I’m here to remind you that you can be easy about all of this. When it comes to presenting your business opportunity the operative idea is to take it easy and make it easy. Easy is fun. Easy is duplicatable. Easy is effective. You’ll read articles in this month’s issue that...Read More »