If you didn’t feel as though your opportunity was a great opportunity then chances are you wouldn’t be in that opportunity. With this being said, how do you share this great opportunity with others that you know? This could be an advantage to you or this could be a big stumbling block. Those who have a strategy of letting people consistently know about their great opportunity will end up with the biggest success on their hands. Those who keep their great opportunity a big secret will find themselves with a non-profit hobby, making no money. They will more than likely not understand why people, they know, don’t see what they see.

Become comfortable with one or more ways of letting people know about your great opportunity and be consistent on the number of people (even if it’s only 1 each day that you share this with.) In one year 365 new people will have been exposed to your great business and your succwill be far beyond what you have ever expected.

Let us know how you end up spreading the word about your great opportunity
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Aim high!
George Madiou
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My Great Opportunity by George Madiou

Those who have a strategy of consistently letting people know about their great opportunity will end up with the biggest success on their hands If you didn’t feel as though your opportunity was a great opportunity then chances are you wouldn’t be in that opportunity. With this being said, how do...Read More »