Cover_2007_December This month’s issue is our annual Woman’s Issue. Every year this is one of (if not THE) most popular issue. We have received an incredible variety and number of articles for this issue (it could even be a record!)

One contributor called this “The Definitive Issue of Women in Network Marketing”. You decide if he is correct.

With 85% of networkers being women, we’re excited to feature different aspects of women in the business. Take your time and review each article. Make it a point to read one each day and let us know what you think.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

George Madiou,
President and Founder


Controlling the Chaos by Carrie Wilkerson

Managing mayhem little by little… how can you stretch YOU any further? I’m in the midst of some serious chaos here! We are in the middle of a major remodeling project, have several business projects in the works, have 3 kids going different directions and juggling all of this with only...Read More »

Duplication Strategies that Work by Terri Levine

Women… no one wants to duplicate stress, so keep it simple!  Women are used to doing things alone and taking on the “superwoman” belief. They try to do it all alone and often get tired and stressed and feel overwhelmed. Many women who I coach in the field of network...Read More »

Wemen by John David Mann

The X and Y of Networking “How do women do network marketing differently than men?” My first impulse is to answer, “Not nearly as differently as some seem to think.” One of the fundamental values, benefits and joys of this jewel of free enterprise is that by its intrinsic nature, it is...Read More »

You can't cross the sea by standing and staring at the water by Johnna Parr

Four simple things to do to take your business to the top! You can’t cross the sea by standing and staring at the water… I read a story about someone who never bought property when they played Monopoly. He kept going around the board, collecting the paycheck for passing go, going...Read More »

Women in Network Marketing by Rod Nichols

Although the leadership in network marketing is still dominated by men, women are making their move. Are there differences in the way men and women approach network marketing? Yes. Is one way better than the other? Probably not. However each could learn from the other. All you guys out there, listen...Read More »

Greatest Business Growth – Duplicating Yourself by Laura Johnson

The greatest compliment is when someone imitates you or wants to be like you… especially when it increases the bottom line!  The greatest compliment is when someone imitates you or wants to be like you. The greatest growth in business is when you are doing things right and then you duplicate...Read More »

Women: stay in your comfort zone. Your natural ways are working in today's skeptical marketplace by Kim Klaver

Might allowing women to take the marketing lead move the industry forward expeditiously? Business gurus like Levine et al., Doug Rushkoff, and Seth Godin have observed that a gentler, kinder way of doing business is working better in today’s marketplace. Advances in communication technology are allowing the people to voice their...Read More »

It's all about you by Mark Semple

The benefits of a well-cared for you to your business – and all other aspects of your life – are pretty obvious. Having accompanied my wife in her business for 6 years, I know firsthand some of the challenges and opportunities that can accompany success. Especially in the last quarter, this...Read More »

Profits over Wages by Kristy Davis

Kristy had the success of corporate America when she was struck with the desire to start living her OWN dream! Now she KNOWS she’ll take profits over wages any day…along with freedom! It’s been 3 years since I saw the inside of the boardroom at the spine division of Johnson and...Read More »


Success tips for working at home with the network marketing business model by Sue Seward

Be professional, put your plan in place, take action everyday to achieve your goals, never give up and you will eventually become successful in your home business. Notice the word ‘work’ in this article’s title. That’s right any business takes hard work to develop over time and a home based business...Read More »

How to Become a Millionaire by Jill Koenig

Jill says, “If you want to achieve something you have never had before, you must become someone you’ve never been before.” I think she’s onto something! One of the greatest quantum leaps you will achieve in the advancement of your most cherished Goal occurs when your Goal transforms from being something...Read More »

Winning: Defining It, Achieving It by Chris Widener

What does it mean to win at life? If you ask most people whether they would like to be considered a winner or a loser in life, they would most assuredly reply that they would like to be a winner. But this begs the question, “What does it mean to win...Read More »

Three rules for turning stress into success by Denis Waitley

Accept, Change, Avoid  Accept the Unchangeable Everything that has happened in your life to this minute is unchangeable. It’s history. The greatest waste of energy is in looking back at missed opportunities, lamenting past events, grudge collecting, getting even, harboring ill will, and any vengeful thinking. Success is the only acceptable...Read More »

Secrets of the Greatest Network Marketer by Rod Nichols

During this CHRISTmas season when we celebrate His birth, we need to remember that we are celebrating the birth of the greatest network marketer ever. The greatest network marketer was born into extreme poverty. His parents were very young and had little in the way of material wealth. However, they were...Read More »

The Leader's Leader - Why is Authority Important by Jack Lannom

And when does authority pass from the Leader’s Leader to those who demonstrate the initiative and the ability to take up the baton? The leader empowers everyone in the organization to live in harmony with the beliefs, values, and purpose of the organization, thereby releasing the previously untapped potential in...Read More »

Know your target market by Jackie Lee

When you ARE your target market it makes it much easier to sell yourself!  It occurred to me that my perspective may be very valuable to a whole market of people. You guessed it moms. I started writing more articles about my life as a WAHM, (Work at Home Mom),...Read More »

Scared Straight into Network Marketing by Debra and Bradley Warren

Choose to scare yourself straight, blaze your own trail, and write your own story through the power of network marketing. Just imagine for a minute that you could borrow Michael J Fox’s DeLorean and travel into the future to talk with yourself at the end of your career. What advice would...Read More »

The 7 DEADLY Mistakes Made by most network and direct marketers by Chris Williams Wendy Stevens

Why follow the crowd when you can follow the leaders?  Dear budding network or direct marketer, Chris Williams here, with a few choice words about building a successful network or direct marketing business. Back when I was a Girl Scout, I sold the most cookies BY FAR three years running....Read More »

No Matter How Busy You Are... by Jim Rohn

So let’s all take a moment to gather up the past year of victories and defeats  No matter how busy you are, try to find some time over the next two weeks to reflect, think, give and plan. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is the ideal time for...Read More »

Who cares what YOU'RE looking for? by Michael Oliver

As Michael says, “it’s a shame that so many people make avoidable mistakes and miss out on the opportunities from calling leads the correct way!” I was giving one of my regular training and coaching calls over the phone this week when one of the participants decided to put down the...Read More »

What should your first New Year's resolution be? by Ken Crawford

Proclaiming resolutions at the start of a new year is a sign that you are an achiever! At each years end we tend to reflect back on the goals we had set for ourselves, silently critique our failures perhaps a bit harsher than we acknowledge our successes. As we draw near...Read More »

How Come That Idiot's Rich and I'm Not? by Robert Shemin

Why not take a sneak peek at The Rich Idiot test to see if YOU know the secret to ultimate life success. Starting in January 2008 the answer to that burning question will be published in Network Marketing Magazine. That’s right. You will have a chance to read the exclusive excerpts...Read More »

The Mission of Passion by Josh Liteky

The journey to success starts with your passion… what’s yours? What are you passionate about? Do you live your life for a specific purpose? Have you discovered your own gifts or “thing?” We all have talents in something. There is something inside each one of us that is unique to us, some...Read More »


Powerful Partnerships by Mary K Weinhagen

Addressing a very often overlooked, yet critical role the significant other and/or family play in the success of a direct seller. A 2 CD Program  Powerful Partnerships is a great solution for Direct Sellers and Network Marketers who are either experiencing resistance about their business from their family or simply...Read More »


Ideas on a Blackberry by TNMM Editor

Mark Stevens, author of God is a Salesman, asks: If everyone is a salesperson how can you raise the bar on your performance, and, in turn, the rewards you reap? Mark Stevens, is very glad to speak with you today, thank you for your time. There are several things we...Read More »

Technology & Things

All you have to do is throw traffic at a website and you will get a ton of sign ups by Benjamin Fitts

This article presents the THIRD of the 5 Lies the Experts tell you- This month I want to talk about the third lie in my 5 lies the experts tell you. This may not be a lie as much as a myth that many new internet marketers fall for. The myth...Read More »


Expect Miracles - Woman and the "Attention Age" by Mary K Weinhagen

So ladies… when you want your kids or spouses attention what works for you? A burst of insight occurred to me recently while reading Rich Schefren’s Attention Age Doctrine Volume Two where he expands on the challenges for marketers dealing with a world suffering from a chronic case of attention-deficit disorder....Read More »

Three reasons why men in Network Marketing should seek out women as their teammates by George Madiou

Men who aggressively seek out women as partners in their business are more likely to succeed than those who try to grow their business with just their buddies. One of the fundamental keys to the growth and success of your business is to develop a team of women networkers. They don’t...Read More »