Cover_2008_December Introduction by George Madiou

Welcome to the December 2008 4th annual Women’s issue. Why have we had an issue dedicated to women every year since the magazine’s beginning? That’s easy, besides the fact that women make up 50% of the population; they make up over 85% of the networkers. This is no small fact to ponder. There is no gender gap that excludes the importance of women in network marketing. You will experience the wisdom of some of the greatest minds on this subject in this issue. I don’t often do this but, look back in the past 3 women’s issues (December 2005, 2006 and 2007) you will benefit from all 4 years of our coverage of Women in Network Marketing. I want to thank all of the women that have made network marketing the greatest industry in the history of the world!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

George Madiou
Founder and Publisher


Let go of the things that keep you from your ultimate good by Lisa Jimenez

It may not be easy for you to cut out your bad habits, negative thinking, critical tongue, or any of the other dead leaves that are blocking the sun from your success. But when you have the courage to cut away parts of your life that drain precious time and...Read More »

The Secret of Leadership by Gary Eby

The secret for getting people to want to follow you is… they must see something different in your life. I believe “change is a door that can only be opened from the inside.” You cannot make people change. But, you can encourage them to want to change themselves! And, that can...Read More »

A Woman – Who Is She? by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Just know that you are extraordinary!  A Woman – Who Is She? An extraordinary person with a story to tell, On a journey and a mission only she can fulfill. She’s empowered, enlightened, enterprising. A woman will not be denied. She deserves her success. And accepts her accomplishments with pride....Read More »

5 Marketing Lessons from the 'King of Make-up' – Max Factor by Adam Urbanski

Did you know that Max Factor was a marketing genius? His strategies can be simply replicated in your business to attract all the new and repeat clients you want.  Did you know that Max Factor was a marketing genius? Yep, the Polish-born emigrant-turned-cosmetic-industry-giant virtually pioneered the make-up business as we...Read More »

Women don't have to PRACTICE, they DO! by RS Mallory

Okay gents, move over 🙂 Did you know…  Okay gents, move over 🙂 Did you know that it was women in the Biblical Days that 1- taught values, ethics, morals and culture 2- kept the family together 3- developed AND Grew the relationships Fast forward to 2008 and it is...Read More »

Matching, Pacing and Rhythm by Wendy Weiss

Every single message that you leave must have a hook. And if you plan on leaving more than one message, you will want to have different hooks. This way you will always be saying something new. Last week I went to pay some bills online. I looked at my account and...Read More »

Don't Sell the Opportunity, Sell YOU! by Terri Levine

You have some actions to do as your play-work. Pretty soon you will be the credible expert and people will buy from you and want to play with you in your networking marketing business!  I am thrilled to see so many women as leaders in network marketing and so many...Read More »

Tis The Season... for IMbalance! by Elizabeth Harrington

The challenge is to hold yourself accountable for applying a practical step by step system for women to learn and earn what they deserve!  Yes the news is full of doom and gloom, your 401K’s just became 201k’s , mortgage foreclosures are rampant, the job losses are horrifying, the scent...Read More »

Women in Network Marketing by Rod Nichols

There is plenty of room up at the top for all of us, both men and women. Let’s learn from each other, become better people, and build the greatest industry in the history of the world!  Are there differences in the way men and women approach network marketing? Yes. Is...Read More »


Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings Many people fail for a reason they only work for a season most that succeed heed what they read Arthur Tugman ~ Success is … something you can’t top Arthur Tugman ~ The Take, On Psychology of Success When you give it your best You can turn the...Read More »

How to Build a Network without Harassing Your Friends or Family by Rod Nichols

Talk with your warm market the RIGHT way!  For years network marketers have been taught to make a list of the people they know and then call to invite them to an opportunity meeting. Few of these new networkers were ever taught what to say, so they blew most of...Read More »

Major Tax Myths by Sandy Botkin

These 5 Tips will keep money in YOUR pocket, not theIRS!  I just had a tax seminar where we had 30 participants out of 30,000 mailings. Considering that I usually save people $5,000-$20,000 in new deductions, this low turnout was all the more perplexing. I decided to call up some...Read More »

Appreciating Service by Linda Yates

If we focus on what is right with others we will see more that is good within ourselves.  While sitting in a restaurant the other day, I noticed the table next to me and how the serving staff was very attentive to this table and to all the surrounding tables....Read More »

Finding Motivation: What to do when you don't feel like doing anything by Chris Widener

These success strategies are not merely “pie in the sky techniques”, but proven ways to get yourself to go even when you don’t feel like doing anything. “The measure of your success usually comes down to who wins the battle that rages between the two of you. The ‘you’ who wants...Read More »

Set Up a Learning Resource at Home and at Your Place of Business by Denis Waitley

With Both Personal and Professional Development Materials Every office conference, lunch, exercise, and recreation room should be filled with personal enrichment materials including videos, audios, books, magazines, newsletters, and software. Convert a special area of your home into a learning center, especially if you have children. The trend globally is to combine...Read More »

Dividing the Financial Pie by Jim Rohn

Giving, investing and saving, like any form of discipline, has a subtle effect. At the end of the day, a week, a month, the results are hardly noticeable. But let years lapse and the differences become pronounced.   I believe real-life economics must be one of the most glaring omissions...Read More »

How Generation Y is Changing the World! by Dakota Rea

Tips from an “Echo Boomer” about marketing to an “Echo Boomer”  What we sell, How We sell it, and Who we sell To The baby boomer’s had kids, and did so in families that averaged more than one child. This means that Gen Y is a much larger generation, much...Read More »

Are You Thinking Small or Big Business in this Economy? by Jackie Ulmer

Put your big business sunglasses on and use this time to be a business success story  Business slowdowns are occurring in much of the business world, so if you’ve been thinking that it is limited to just you or your business, ask around. It doesn’t matter what your home business...Read More »


Christmas Magic by Debra and Bradley Warren

A holiday love story  The holiday season brings with it a time to gather together and share stories. Many people reflect upon family, others about gifts, and some about gratefulness. Mine is a collection of all three. When I was a young boy of 8 years old, I witnessed a...Read More »


All a twitter... and it's not just the women! by Mary K Weinhagen

Social media and mobile marketing is changing the way we do business and marketing online. Making it easy and fast to establish your credentials as an expert and a friend.  In July 2006, it was a guy, Jack Dorsey, who asked the question “what if you could share your status...Read More »