Cover_2009_December 85%, 85%! That is a percentage you don’t want to take lightly. That is the percentage of women that participate in the network marketing industry. Men, take notice. You should be introducing your business to all of the women you know, especially the influential ones. Women, why waste your time with men (wait till they beg to get in your business!) This month’s issue is full of articles that will open your eyes to the most influential group in our industry. Read and develop a plan to focus in on the growth of your business with women!

We have teamed up with one of the most effective people in social media, Shannon Shubert. Shannon will be writing a regular column to teach the skill sets necessary to learn to employ the strategies to get results in today’s most dynamic way to growing your business.

Enjoy this months issue and remember the year isn’t over with!

Aim High!
George Madiou


Have A Contract with Yourself to Be 1000% Responsible for You and Your Own Success by Michael Oliver

The secret is to find what FEELS right for you and then ACT on it  Here is a question of the type I get on a regular basis from people who struggle with many external influences in their lives. My (spouse) thinks I should just get a real job and forget...Read More »

Setting the Stage for Social Media by Shannon Shubert

Setting the stage for social media by far is the revolutionary change across the Country.  Setting the stage for social media by far is the revolutionary change across the Country. More and more Businesses are joining Social networking like and Media sites than ever. Why? Time, money, management, consumer...Read More »

Our Modern Day Heroes – The Women We Love – Protecting Our Profession with Ethics by David Feinstein

It’s critical we be completely ethical, go the extra step and mentor to the best to our ability, and call out those who don’t.  It’s getting more and more difficult these days for moms to run their household without feeling like the month is closing in on them. Wondering where...Read More »

How's Your Endurance? by Robyn Peake

Running a race is the analogy I use for building our network marketing business.  Inspiration can come from many sources. Recently in my life, my eleven year-old daughter Darienne has been an inspiration to me. She entered middle school, and tried out for cross country. The very next day was...Read More »

The Power of Choice by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Who is responsible for your life? Who has the right to determine your destiny? Who has the right to control your choices? No one, but you!  How often are we aware that we control the choices we make? It doesn’t matter what the situation, every decision is a choice. Linda...Read More »

Giving Back to Our Profession by Iisa hill

With more women entering the workplace on a full time basis than ever before, finding the purpose behind the desire is a necessity.  It is no secret that throughout time women have been the greatest influencers on change in the marketplace. Since the women’s movement in the 1960’s women have...Read More »

Women in Network Marketing by RS Mallory

The future of all Successful Network Marketers is to know that their success relies on their ability to believe and be able to care about others  Several years ago I was invited to do training in Atlanta Georgia. The theme was “Why I chose to become a Network Marketer”. I...Read More »

How A Career in Network Marketing Empowers Women to Empower Others! by Sue Seward

I’m extremely proud to be living in a country where women have the freedom to choose a profession and build it around the family.  Surveys conducted by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) revealed that approximately 85.2% of direct sellers are women. For all you men out there, who are reading...Read More »

Hispanics: a prime market for Direct Sales by DRA

One key is for your message to remain culturally relevant, regardless of what language is used to deliver it.  Close to a trillion dollars in spending power. 4 times faster growth than any other ethnic group. And according to experts, they’ll comprise 25 percent of the nation’s population within 30...Read More »

Does Network Marketing Work for Women? by Jillian Middleton

The network marketing business model offers a definition of success that includes a lifestyle that respects the value of each day’s activities.  Sue’s day starts at 5:00 am. Although the hour is excruciatingly early, it is also precious. Until tonight, this next hour is the only time Sue has that...Read More »

What Women Want - 2009 by Nicki Keohohou

Women are natural networkers, nurturers, and jugglers. They are driven by an “inclusive vision” that represents a better life  Surely you’ve noticed… Go to any company recruiting or training event or attend any national convention and without a doubt, you will see that women are the driving force behind the...Read More »

Don't Miss The Point! by Elizabeth Harrington

The way you relate to others and they to you, can not only color but in large part define your experience of life and work.  We all state that family and friends give us the most joy and satisfaction in our lives . The problem for most of us is...Read More »

Direct Selling – Reaching the Diversity of Women, the Powerful 85% Niche by Miriam Muley

Young and mature women represent incredible growth opportunities for organizations. These women control 85% or more of all purchase decisions in America.  Latina, Black and Asian women of color are an economically vibrant audience. Young and mature women represent incredible growth opportunities for organizations. These women control 85% or more...Read More »

“The Negative Spouse Syndrome” by Dale Calvert

One of the biggest issues WOMEN IN NETWORK MARKETING FACE  There is nothing more powerful in the network marketing industry than a couple working together towards common dreams and goals. More often than not, this is not the case. The women starts the business, persists through the learning curve and...Read More »

The WOMEN RULE in Network Marketing by Michael York

Fact is, the WOMEN RULE is all about OPPORTUNITY and the rewards it affords.  In the summer of 2000 I spoke at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for a national organization in a session that caused quite a stir…it was called WOMEN RULE! You should have seen the looks...Read More »

Profit on Purpose... and be Successful by Becky Spieth

Did you realize that you can have it all… profit on purpose, keep and develop relationships with value, and be successful at what you do best?  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to profit at your network marketing business doing what you like doing? When you plan each day, shouldn’t your focus...Read More »


Y.O.U. Set a High Standard for Being Human by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Chapter 12: Design Your Life in Ways That Bring You Joy [Editor’s note: Continuing a series taken directly from Bonnie Ross-Parker’s book, Y.O.U. Set a High Standard for Being Human. We will publish a chapter each month though 2009] Design Your Life in Ways That Bring You Joy | 12 “I...Read More »

Becoming a Proactive Leader by Denis Waitley

Progress comes only when chances are taken  The knowledge era’s new leaders, many of whom are immigrants and women, are managing change by conceiving innovative organizations and novel ways to attract and motivate employees. They are learning to be proactive instead of reactive, and to appreciate the full importance of relationships...Read More »

How to answer the question “What's This All About?” that works EVERY time! by Beatty Carmichael

The key is giving them an answer while controlling the conversation.  How many times have you called prospects and started talking with them only to have them ask, “What’s this all about?” I used to hate that question because I never knew how to answer it without getting into a...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings  ~ NULL Fear of failure is far worse than failure itself Arthur Tugman ~ Fear of failure is so normal this explains why so many live in awe of success Arthur Tugman ~ We can’t reach success without advertising exactly what it is we’re seeking Arthur Tugman ~ The...Read More »

What We Have Our Hands On by Chad Bumgarner

There’s a Goldmine in Your Backyard  Do you have a dream for your life that absolutely fires you up? If you don’t… I highly suggest you get one! Hopefully, after reading this article you’ll have a better idea of what kind of thing you have your hands on & will...Read More »

Young People by Awnya Boam

By recognizing the NOW generation as an up and coming super force in this industry, you will be guaranteeing that your business will be one that will last.  What is young, ambitious, and exuberant? They are ready for a challenge and eager to make a difference? The answer is the...Read More »

The importance of being productive in a highly competitive world by Kevin Abdulrahman

Five things you can do right away that will help you double your productivity instantly  You’ve woken up in the morning and made breakfast for yourself and your family; you’ve taken the kids to school before heading to work. During your lunchtime, you manage to grab a bite whilst paying...Read More »

A new paradigm for network marketing companies by Charles C. Seven

Companies in this current economic climate want to reduce costs and streamline operations. This proprietary process provides that!  Companies in this current economic climate want to reduce costs and streamline operations. TransWorld Benefits International Inc. dba7G Companies, a publicly traded Southern California company, has an integrated system that will revolutionize...Read More »


Deal Yourself a Winning Hand by TNMM Editor

This deck has 52 cards that every network marketer should have up their sleeve, to keep themselves on track and to educate their new distributors   NULL It’s not often that we come across a network training tool that (according to its author) is so simple to use that in eight minutes...Read More »


Marketing to women – it's more than relationships by Mary K Weinhagen

5 facets of women for you to consider when planning your marketing strategy  While I agree that women seem to put more emphasis on relationships – personal and business – than men do, I also know it’s critical to understand that their purchase decisions, their decision to start a business,...Read More »

3 Reasons to Build Your Business with Women by George Madiou

Go with the success formula of keeping your eye out for women that are right for your business  With 85% of all networkers being women, why would you look elsewhere? With such an overwhelming percentage of networkers being women, women are the backbone of the network marketing industry. 85% of...Read More »