This issue is dedicated to the largest most powerful majority in the network marketing industry. Every year we take the time to shine a light on this very important and influential group. They are an extremely diverse group but at the same time they take on a different approach than men in the industry. Enjoy how our experts address women in network marketing and more specifically, how they approach a crucial subject, communication.

In this month of Giving, make sure you stop by and find out about an incredible program called Starfish Treasure that I write about and you can get involved in by helping people around the world. Merry Christmas and here’s to a great and exciting 2013!

Aim high!

George Madiou

It’s with a sad and heavy heart on hearing the news of the passing of a great friend and contributor of The Network Marketing Magazine. Zig touched millions of people over his years on this earth. People all over felt close to him because he made you feel he was your good friend. The last time I was with him was in Dallas last year with his wife and daughter, My good friend Julie Ziglar Norman.

On a personal note, I first meet Zig in the mid 90’s. He always had a bible verse to share with me. Last year when I lost my younger brother, he was quick to send me a copy of his book Confessions Of A Grieving Christian with the bible verse John 3:16. I want to thank you Zig, for being instrumental in me growing as a person and I’m proud to have your words of wisdom in this magazine.

Thank you my friend and I’ll see YOU at the top!

GOD bless you,

George Madiou



Skills Make Labor More Valuable by Jim Rohn

Another key word to the labor equation – skillful As you know by now, if you have been a long time student of my philosophies, I’m a very big proponent of activity, labor and discipline. In fact I devoted one of the five major pieces to the life puzzle (in my...Read More »

Communication – How Women Share Opportunity by Barbara Pellegrino

10 Ways for women to share the opportunity I think this topic could read “How Women SHOULD Share Opportunity”…if they want to be successful.” Why? Because we are all too aware of the times when a consultants enthusiasm gets a little too much for the unsuspecting or uninitiated customer or prospect…...Read More »

Building Relationships by Jim Bellacera

The skill of communication Building strong relationships is one of the greatest skills you can use both personally and professionally. The better you are at building bridges to people and relating to them, the more others will listen to you. The way you communicate your thoughts to others using your words...Read More »

Women and Network Marketing – A Great Match by Jillian Middleton

Network marketing empowers women to bring their gifts to the world table in any way they choose.  An argument can certainly be made that women and network marketing are a great match. Before someone runs off angry at that – wait – I’m not saying that women should not do...Read More »

10 Tips for Successful Sponsoring by Louise Adrian

How having fun and asking the right question combine to build a successful business 1. Fun! Fun! Fun! Are you having fun at what you are doing? Everyone wants to work with someone if they are fun! Make sure your face tells people you like what you do – SMILE! People...Read More »

Holiday Prospecting = Spring On The Beach by Sue Seward

Just because people are very busy during the holiday season does not mean they may not have business on their mind. It can be tough these days juggling everything going on in our busy lives. Especially working women and/or moms who run a business from home. Women in particular have quite...Read More »

How Women Share Opportunities by Tracey Hamilton

I look at opportunities when someone I trust creates the link between an opportunity and what it may offer me. Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and was distracted by the “ding” of a new email popping into my inbox. Looking for an excuse from the somewhat routine task I...Read More »

Uncover the Incredible You by Linda Yates

You are each incredible individuals. You are destined for greatness. You each have a mission that only you can perform. Do you realize how incredible you are? Perhaps you have forgotten. Just for a few minutes we are going to focus on you. All 75 trillion cells that make up the...Read More »

Embrace and Acknowledge what makes Women Unique by Kimberly Reyes

How women interact and communicate with each other that is different than men When creating a woman’s organization, Mastery for Women, we looked at how women interact and communicate with each other that is different than men. The dynamics are complex and just like with anything else personalities and human nature...Read More »

How to Think Like a Man and Listen Like a Woman! by Carol McCall

Things to know about the gender difference in communication I recently saw the movie, “Think Like A Man And Act Like A Lady!” Very humorous, funny and for me a reminder of how differently men and women listen. “Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus” Author – Dr.John Gray...Read More »

Creating Opportunities Through Communication by David Feinstein

By effective communication and with a solid foundation of support, we create opportunities for our downline, new members and prospects MLM networking can create excellent opportunities for established professionals and for new members. Effective communication in MLM networking has proven to be a great incentive for new prospects to join and...Read More »

The Joy Of Connecting by Bonnie Ross-Parker

The forward written in Lisa Marie’s book, Connection: The New Currency “Whatever is in you can be put to better use if you learn to connect with people.”  John C. Maxwell (1947 – ) Bestselling Author/SpeakerWhen Lisa Marie asked me to write the forward to her book, I enthusiastically said “Yes!”...Read More »

A Perfect Fit by Jackie Ulmer

We aren’t forced to choose between our job and our family and we can truly make a difference in the lives of others and enrich our families at the same time. Today I’m happy to be sharing some ideas with you on how women share the opportunity for the 7th Edition...Read More »


Zig on... Family Moments by Zig Ziglar

Precious moments mean a lot to all of us. I hope you are having those precious moments; if not, I urge you to start creating them. Many years ago at a family reunion in Yazoo City I had a precious moment.   We generally fly from Dallas to Jackson, Mississippi, for...Read More »

A Plastic Chair Worth $1 Million by Sean Murphy

How can you find that chair, what would you have to do make that happen? Now before you start searching on Google or somewhere to see what made that chair so incredible, let me be the first to let you know that you probably have been in a Million Dollar chair...Read More »

Make certain you have a presence on the World Wide Web now! by Denis Waitley

Here are some guidelines, regardless of whether or not you already have your own domain site on the web The reason it’s important for you to have your own web presence now is that thousands of new web sites are being developed and registered every day nationally and internationally. Unless you...Read More »

Knowing vs. Doing by Steve Dailey

Coaching – for anybody – is needed to translate/transfer what we know into what we do My son wanted to go play airsoft today with one of his buddies. You need to know that my boy is REALLY into this. He’s got all sorts of equipment, the latest guns and ammo,...Read More »

Meetings by Bob Goshen

Take the time to have the majority of your talk committed to heart and head. First let me say, I enjoy a productive meeting. There is nothing better than like-minded people coming together to address challenges. In a good meeting, the energy flows as the synergy increases. One person expresses a...Read More »

Top 10 Ways to Secure Money for Your Business by Scott Letourneau

What to do when you need more money to grow your direct sales business or network marketing organization Do you need more money to grow your direct sales business or network marketing organization? The first step is to operate as a separate legal entity vs operating as a sole proprietorship (which...Read More »


Courage Comes From Caring by John Milton Fogg

“If a single mom, socially and emotionally handicapped, with no skills, no people skills whatsoever, could make it, then anybody could— and that’s especially important for women to believe, and that’s become my driving force.”  Donna Imson was born and raised in a small city high in the mountains outside...Read More »


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