cover _december 2014 Women make up more than 80% of the network marketing industry.  This is why every December we honor our greatest group.  This month we have the input from three new contributors,Traci Brown writing on body language. This is an important topic for us all and this is the first of a series of articles that you will learn from, in this coming year.  April Williams is a branding expert.  If you aren’t branding yourself, pay attention to what this expert has to offer you.  And I am so excited about introducing you to Dotti Berry. Dotti has agreed to work with us as our technology expert and starting this month we will be doing Google Hangouts and showing you how to grow your business through  technology that is available to you. Don’t miss the Hangout in  this month’s issue on “Why Hangouts?’
Have a blessed holiday and here’s to a GREAT and prosperous 2015!
George Madiou


Business Growth Ideas for Women by David Feinstein

The Top 8 Ideas for taking your business to the next level. Women can experience growth for their businesses; some tactics may not work for everyone. Finding the best method to grow a business takes experimentation and failure. Failure is not a bad thing, as long as you keep trying to...Read More »

3 Reasons Why Men Need To Pay Attention To Women In Their Business by George Madiou

Women Make up more than 80% of the network Marketing industry.  What are 3 reasons men need to pay attention to this fact. The first reason is that the math doesn’t lie! Just the mere fact that the numbers point to where a person should be putting their effort, is reason enough...Read More »

6 No B.S. Questions to Finding the Best Business Opportunities Available by David Feinstein

Is there a secret to finding business opportunities that you may not yet realize? Would you like to know a secret about finding business opportunities that you may not yet realize? It’s really not a secret at all…it’s actually simply a B.S. test. It’s a way for you to see if you’re really...Read More »

Good Food, Good Wine, Good Sex, Goodbye by Marilyn Suttle

It’s time to experience more peace, joy, and self-compassion. Now is the time to break through to experiencing a passionate, more success-filled life. Yes, it’s a loaded title, with a meaning much different than it might seem. It’s for women who want to design their lives to be even more successful,...Read More »

Where Do Women Earn As Much (or More) Than Men? by Michael York

Women naturally network, becoming a force of nature well-served by the Network Marketing Industry. I remember reading the classified ad for the very first time… in 1986! It said simply, “The WOMEN in our business EARN AS MUCH… or MORE, than the MEN!” Think about it. As attractive as that statement is...Read More »

Success is Easy – But so is Neglect by Jim Rohn

Neglect is like an infection. Left unchecked it will spread throughout our entire system of disciplines. Do you want to achieve your most important goals this year? In my opinion it gets down to two simple words, “easy” and “neglect”. People often ask me how I became successful at the early...Read More »

Be a Person Who Practices Non-Situational Integrity by Denis Waitley

The paradox is that the people who try hardest to impress are often the least impressive. Integrity is not relative to the situation you happen to find yourself in and doesn’t sell out to expediency. Its short supply is getting even shorter, but without it, leadership is a façade. Learning to...Read More »

Creating Synergistic Partnerships Globally is the key to Success in 2015 by Dotti Berry

Connecting, Engaging, Innovating, Collaborating, and Leveraging our unique collective talents is more essential than ever. HOW we accomplish this is a two-sided coin…both a challenge and an opportunity.  We’re bridging together previous methods that created the foundation of a billion dollar profession with new methods revolving around technology that will move...Read More »

Be a People Person by Zig Ziglar

Be spontaneous and enthusiastic and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP! In his inspiring book by that title, John Maxwell tells a story. In England there is a monument to the sport of rugby, the forerunner of American football. The monument depicts an eager boy leaning down to pick up a...Read More »

Attraction Marketing: 5 Steps to Creating Your Brand by April Williams

To help you highlight your talents to the world and take massive action so you can be an attraction marketing ROCK STAR! Attraction marketing is an effective business strategy that allows you to provide value to attract your ideal customer or client. Through this strategy, you can build a community of...Read More »

15 Minutes to Becoming Extraordinarily Persuasive by Traci Brown

What would you do if you could talk anyone into anything? Would you get more out of your networking? What would you do if you could talk anyone into anything? Would you get more out of your networking? Negotiate better deals for yourself? Get your kids to clean the bathroom? Or...Read More »

Become Unstoppable Against Your Competition by Jim Bellacera

Sales, starts and ends with understanding human nature. You know the saying “people care more about how much you care than how much you know.” If you don’t think you can earn the sale over competition then you unfortunately have picked the wrong career path, maybe you should try your luck at...Read More »