Cover_2010_February “Show me the money!” That is what I’m hearing over and over again, “Show me the money!” We thought we would address this very HOT topic this month. We have articles that span a variety of very useful tips and information. We also have a unique article from one of our favorite authors, Dale Calvert.

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Aim High!

George Madiou


Overcoming Self-Imposed Money Limitations by Jim Britt

Let your vision and decision for a better future consume you and drive your actions.  One of my favorite analogies that most of us at one time or another can identify with making money… or the lack of, is about the determined fly. You’ve no doubt witnessed a fly beating...Read More »

So how much money can I really make in my network marketing business? by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

It’s entirely up to you. And here are some choices!  Good question. Lots of answers. Group 1. You can simply participate in network marketing just to save money on your personal purchases. Buying products and services at wholesale prices makes sense. Buying product and services at retail won’t make you...Read More »

The Five "A's" to Marketing Yourself by Linda Yates

With this application your business and income will flourish and next year’s tax forms will be the proof in the pudding!  As 1099s and W-2s are posted in the mail for the previous year’s earnings, I often ask myself how can I earn more this year than I did last?...Read More »

How to Earn More Money in a Down Economy than Most People Earn in a Robust One! by David Feinstein

Better yet, you have the power to share that with as many others as you can.  It’s no secret that the last couple of years have not been great as far as financial security and financial hope go for most of the world. While a lot of people will throw...Read More »

A few simple tips for tapping into your hidden potential during challenging times by Russell Foster

Once you open our mind to new, more creative ideas and focus on the outcome, you will tap into your inner potential.  We live in crazy, but exciting, times. With the economic downturn, home prices at an all time low, there’s the health care “situation,” and no end in sight...Read More »

How to Make Real Cash, Right Now! by Dale Calvert

Use network marketing as the vehicle to build long term residual income and wealth, but if you want to add a few hundred dollars learn a proven Ebay selling system.  As I have the opportunity to speak around the country at different Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and Business conferences, I...Read More »

It's a Family Affair by Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA)

How to Hire Your Kids – Legally!  You’ve probably started, or are at least thinking about starting a home business because you desperately need more income. Sound familiar? Have you ever felt guilty, conflicted, or totally frustrated by your inability to keep up with the incessant demands of your children...Read More »

How Can I Earn More Money? by Sean Murphy

It’s never the issues of money, it’s an issue of having a strong enough story  What does it mean on a personal level, and how does it fit into the future growth of network marketing and business building? I look forward to your input on next month’s topic. Outcome Vs...Read More »

Learning to Live a Leveraged Life by Gary Eby

The longer and stronger the lever the more leverage you will have. You’ll be able to do more and do it a lot faster with leverage.  1200 years before Christ was born … a man named Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough… and a place to stand, and...Read More »

How Can I Earn More Money by Kevin Abdulrahman

Seven winning thoughts to reflect upon and see how you could apply it in your situation.  Speak with anyone today and they will tell you that having witnessed the world go through financial and many natural crisis; the ability to earn more money has become imperative for reasons of keeping...Read More »

Make It Happen by Stanford Cohan

To make things happen, you’ve got to do just that- MAKE IT HAPPEN  Those are three of the most important words in the vocabulary of those who pursue and achieve success in almost anything they plan to accomplish. Notice I said PLAN to accomplish. You must have a plan and it...Read More »

The Power is In the WANTING by John Milton Fogg

“How can I make more money?” The theme of this issue of the magazine is truly a Great Question. And what many to most people will do it with it, will be to look through all the tips & tools, knowledge & resources here,there and everywhere for the answer –...Read More »

Money on the Move by Michael York

How MoneyShifting works in bringing more money your way!  Welcome to THE FUTURE! The FUTURE is not what it used to be. That’s why we call it THE FUTURE. Welcome to a New Day. A New Season in a changing marketplace. New trends are developing. New markets and new products...Read More »


Why Without a System for Your Network Marketing Business, You Could be up a Creek Without a Paddle! by David Feinstein

The key is to automate things little by little, perfecting each system, and moving on to the next one to make your life easier – making yourself more efficient and productive.  Have you ever wondered how some network marketers are so good at what they do? How they can succeed...Read More »

Live by the Motto that Repeat Business and Profitability are Directly Related to Relationships Based on Trust by Denis Waitley

You never close a sale. You only begin a long-term relationship where both parties win.  You never close a sale. You only begin a long-term relationship where both parties win. Can you think of a successful relationship without mutual trust? Break that trust and you break the relationship. Subvert it...Read More »

Bring it On! by Linda Yates

Those things that we have to work the hardest for are often the most dear and appreciated.  Those things that we have to work the hardest for are often the most dear and appreciated. Why do you think that is? A few weeks ago I was having dinner with a...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings The possibility for success is real for everyone The probability for failure is even greater Arthur Tugman ~ All of the mighty muses in the world had a mentor none of the weakest warriors would have failed if they hadn’t followed a dissenter Arthur Tugman ~ We have...Read More »

Crush What by Sue Seward

Balance is the way to success in anything we do!  Thank God for Network Marketing and residual income because during some serious health challenges these last two years during which time I was not able to work, sometimes for months at a time, the residual income never stopped coming in....Read More »

How “No” Can Take Your Business to the Next Level! by Andrea Waltz

Eventually you find that hearing NO will… in fact… start being FUN!  What if, starting today, the word ‘no’ didn’t stop you? What if every time you heard the word no, you became stronger, more powerful, and more resilient? What if the greatest success strategy in the world was not to...Read More »

Kiss That Frog! - Personal Communication by Jeffrey Babener

In a high tech-high touch world, high touch wins every time.  Let’s talk a little bit about “Frogs and Networking,” but you’ll have to indulge a short explanation to make the connection. At any one time, there are hundreds of network marketing companies. They have been billion dollar companies that...Read More »

The Miracle of Personal Development by Jim Rohn

Unless You Change How You Are, You’ll Always Have What You’ve Got  One day Mr. Shoaff said, “Jim, if you want to be wealthy and happy, learn this lesson well: “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” Since that time I’ve been working on my own personal...Read More »

The Myth of What We Manage by Chris Widener

What exactly is it that we manage?  Perhaps it is merely semantics, but an underlying problem I find that people have as it relates to the success in their life lies in a proper understanding of what exactly it is that we manage. Think about it. We have time management...Read More »


Show Me The Money – 5 Ways to Earn More! by George Madiou

Taking personal responsibility will give you a better chance to overcome any economy.  Taking personal responsibility will give you a better chance to overcome any economy. Here are 5 ways to earn more money. Take charge and make a difference in your life within the next 90 days. 1) Get...Read More »