Cover_2013_February This month The Network Marketing Magazine will be exploring systems. Specifically business building systems.

We are all looking for success. The fastest way to success is following a success road map. Review some of the suggestions from our experts and employ some great ideas for you and your business.

Aim high!

George Madiou


Sales Vs. The System by Michael Clouse

“If you will become the very best messenger you possibly can, the message will take care of itself.” Indeed it will… Yes, I know to some of you, this is about sales… And I understand the points you probably are making right now. Still, I have a real problem with all...Read More »

Proven Business Building Systems by Paul Morris

I want to share with you a “system” that you are already in possession of. When we hear the word “system” we tend to think of an online automated digital system of generating leads and closing them for you by simply pressing a send button and blasting out an email. Well there...Read More »

MLM gniniarT Why Is It Provided Bass Ackwards? by Len Clements

Learning how to do something before you begin doing it makes sense in most endeavors, especially when it involves one’s livelihood. I knew in first grade that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I didn’t just set up a lemonade stand, I also offered snow cones made from my Frosty Sno-Cone...Read More »

15 Irrefutable Marketing Proficiencies by Adam Urbanski

Mastering these proficiencies is not a matter of one day – it’s a matter of doing it daily. Time and again I talk to people who try one or two promotional strategies, don’t get the desired results and give up. They are confused about what marketing is and convinced that it...Read More »

10 Creative Lead Generation Strategies to Grow Your Business by Terri Levine

New people to talk with is vitally important to your business success! As a direct marketer, it’s vitally important to continually generate high quality leads for your business. This two part report focuses on 10 low cost, highly effective lead generation strategies. 1) A-Z List In order to begin the list,...Read More »

How Attractive are YOU as a Potential Business Partner? by Dr. Joe Rubino

Taking on the process of enhancing your personal effectiveness can only translate into greater success in building your networking business.  Prospecting is a numbers game. How often have you heard this cliché? Well, it certainly is true that you must speak with enough people if you plan on winning the...Read More »

Enrich the Power of Words for your Business by David Feinstein

Step away from the Twinkie content and put some fiber back into the diet. There has been a lot of traffic in the mlm industry about better content that is focused on the prospective members. Pushing sales oriented copy across the internet is fine as long as you enrich the words...Read More »

Six Powerful Concepts for Keeping Your Distributors Productive by Dale Calvert

Learn the inside secrets to the MLM distributor retention What is your system for handling the 90 day slump? 6 Powerful Concepts 1. The real money is made not from getting people in the business, but from keeping them in the business. Learn the inside secrets to the MLM Distributor...Read More »


Who Motivates The Motivator? by Bob Goshen

Staying Positive In A Negative World Challenge is constant for a leader of a major corporation, a pastor, or any manager. It is often said that it is “lonely at the top,” and for those who have been placed into leadership positions, it can be lonely. The leader’s primary purpose is to...Read More »

Take the Lead and Change the View by Jim Bellacera

If you want to move mountains you need a team. Leadership is earned it is not a birthright. It is earned by living by example; by doing what puts you in the forefront without that being the intended result. Pursuing ones goals through the peaks and valleys, fighting the good fight...Read More »


Settle for More by John Milton Fogg

“The only reason why I’m here today is because I’ve helped others get what they want, and it made an ordinary person like me lead an extraordinary life.” Beth Jacobs was born in Groton, Connecticut, in the same year as her sister Ellen. They’re only 11 months apart. She has two...Read More »


Your Daily System by Mary K Weinhagen

What’s your daily system? Have you got a business system in place? If you have attended any of your company’s training I’m willing to bet they have suggested a system for you to follow when it comes to building your network marketing business. Have you learned to use that system in...Read More »

The Ultimate Proven Business Boosting System! by George Madiou

Know this, you can not only do it, but you can be a world class success There are many Proven Business Boosting Systems that will put you on the road to success. There is none more effective than what I call the ‘Nike system’. Everyone knows the Nike system, Just Do...Read More »