Cover_2014_February 2014 has started off GREAT! This month’s issue is all about Customers. How do you accumulate customers? Is it necessary to accumulate customers? Are customers more important than bringing on distributors?
Our experts have expressed their opinion on the subject of customers, see how it fits with your opinion and how it benefits your business. Let us know what you think, email is at


NO, You Can't Be a Customer Today! by Michael York

Before I explain, let’s try and grasp this whole CUSTOMER concept…it’s NOT ABOUT YOU! “Sorry, but NO, you can’t be a CUSTOMER today.” How many times has this happened to YOU? You’ve got money in hand and “they” won’t take it. Before I explain, let’s try and grasp this whole CUSTOMER...Read More »

What Night Crawlers, Magic, and Sports Collectibles taught me about List Building by Dale Calvert

And why the money is in the list! If you have been around internet marketing anytime at all you have heard over and over “the money is in the list” Since Dawn and I have been working various business models together, she will tell you there is not a phrase she...Read More »

Prospects – Network Marketing, How Do You Accumulate Prospects? by David Feinstein

Once you have defined your prospects, now you can focus on attracting them to your website Defining Your Prospects Who are your prospects? Do you know how they think and act? Are they male or female? Building a consumer demographic database can help your marketing strategy enormously. When you define your consumers,...Read More »

Having Fun in Business (Hint: It Makes You More Successful) by Kathleen Deggelman

Having fun in business and life is not optional. It’s critically important. Having fun in business is a hot topic today, and it is easy to see why. We are connected all the time, to everything. Text messages, smart phones, iPads, laptops, social media newsfeeds, urgent emails, kindles, video games (my...Read More »

Get More Customers – 5 Questions to Make Your Business More Relevant by Marilyn Suttle

Your answers to this list may be enough to help you make a quantum leap into the customer attraction zone There are many reasons why your business might not be doing as well as you’d like. Don’t bother blaming outside factors like the economy. And don’t waste your time shaming yourself...Read More »

Customers – Who they are, why you (and your company) need them, how to find them and what to say to them by Paul Morris

The ability for the network marketing dream to come true relies on being able to develop REAL CUSTOMERS who purchase your product month after month and year after year. “We only sponsored and did not sell, and now our business has gone to H _ _ _ !” Everyone is looking...Read More »

Not Just Customers by Lisa Jimenez

Shift your mindset by acknowledging the distinction between customers and LOYAL customers. It’s been said that customers are the life blood of our business. A better way to state this would be, LOYAL customers are the life blood of our business. Did you hear the distinction? LOYAL customers are those who...Read More »

Business Retention – It's easier than you know! by Sean Murphy

If your retention rate was 20% greater than what you have now, what would that do for your bottom line? Let’s just look at what your business would be right now, IF you kept 50% of the business you lost in the last 12 months. I don’t care what business you...Read More »


Automate Your Selling and Recruiting With Video by David Feinstein

Thinking of making your life easier than ever without losing control over your selling recruiting? Videos are a great way to automate your business line. Thinking of making your life easier than ever without losing control over your selling recruiting? Videos are a great way to automate your business line. You can...Read More »

Doubt Comes With Commitment by Steve Dailey

Doubting is natural – but it doesn’t have to stop you Think about the last time you made a commitment to something. It might have been a commitment to a new job, a commitment to join a group, a commitment to a new relationship or maybe a commitment to start an...Read More »

Just Don't Do It by Chris Widener

Don’t accept anything less than excellence. Good gets along, excellence succeeds. Sometimes success is found through the things that you don’t do. Here are some ideas for what we shouldn’t do.   Don’t say “I can’t.” There are two words that we don’t allow in the Widener household – I can’t....Read More »

We Are All In Debt by Zig Ziglar

We do have a heavy debt and one way to repay that debt is to regularly… Albert Einstein said, “A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men living and dead, and that I must exert myself in...Read More »

Mr. Shoaff's Simple Strategies to Success by Jim Rohn

Simple strategies in simple language My original mentor, Mr. Shoaff, over a five-year period of time before he died at age 49, taught me some extraordinarily simple things. He only went through the 9th grade in school. He never finished high school, never went to college, never went to a university....Read More »

Allowing Setbacks to Spur You On by Denis Waitley

Too often people try to storm their obstacles as if they’re forts that need to be taken. It’s better to step back and ask yourself some questions Many times we look at high achievers and assume they had a string of lucky breaks or made it without much effort. Usually the...Read More »

Full time? Or Part time? by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Let Network Marketing Enhance Your Life Network marketing is a great addition to a regular salary. Since the regular salary covers most of the household expenses, the extra money from network marketing can be used for: * Vacations * Nicer cars * College education fund * Investing * Debt reduction *...Read More »


CUSTOMERS by George Madiou

Don’t miss the importance of accumulating customers This year marks 40 years of me being in business, both as an employee and as a entrepreneurial business owner. I have owned over 30 businesses in all of those years. I like to say that some of those businesses were very successful and...Read More »