Secreats of Financial Freedom February2015
Secrets of Financial Freedom In a survey done with network marketers being asked why they have gotten involved in this industry, the number one reason was Financial Freedom. Financial freedom means many things to many people. To a doctor it might mean a high six figure income. To a young couple...


The Top Five Great Reasons to Delay Pursuing Your Dream by Chris Widener

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Well, to be frank, there are no great reasons to delay pursuing your dream! You aren’t getting any younger and before you know it you will be looking back at your life wondering where it went. Don’t leave yourself any regrets: get yourself going TODAY and pursue that dream! ...Read More »

The Four Year Career - Financial Freedom for Life by Richard Brooke

Recently, I renewed my flight medical certificate, which requires a thorough physical every two years. Angelo, the attending physician, reminded me of something about the average lifespan of an American: We used to live to be about 65; now it’s about 75. Angelo mentioned that he thought our generous government set up Social Security and...Read More »

The Seven Keys to The Science of Getting Rich by Denis Waitley

Two of my favorite self-help books are Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and Wallace D. Wattles’ classic “The Science of Getting Rich”. Few people are aware that Wattles’ book, written more than 110 years ago, inspired Rhonda Byrnes’ blockbuster film and book, “The Secret”, for which I made a brief contribution. While...Read More »


A couple of years ago we wrote and published our first ebook MLM Insight. At the end of the ebook we had an evaluation that distributors had the option to complete and email to me. I personally looked over the evaluations and made suggestion on how they could move their network...Read More »

Best Practices for Financial Management by David Feinstein

“I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us”– Dave Ramsey. It is possible to screw up financial plans and goals in a blink of an eye. There are books on how to have a financial meltdown and some on how to fix such an issue. There...Read More »

What Is Financial Freedom? by Carol Briney

What Is Financial Freedom? There are as many ideas as to what financial freedom looks like as there are routes to get there. Everyone is different. Each person has a different mindset and beliefs about money. These beliefs were created by how we were raised, where we lived, and what struggles...Read More »

It Is Up To You by Jim Rohn

One of the first things successful people realize is the old adage, “if it is to be, it is up to me.” That is, for you, the fact that your success and your course is up to you. This doesn’t mean that you do it all alone. It simply means that...Read More »

What is Multi Level Marketing? – The Real Low Down on the Multi Level Marketing Business! by David Feinstein

Wondering what is multi level marketing, and how it can help you? Have you looked at your paycheck lately, really looked at the numbers and wondered how one can work a full eight hours for five days a week and make so little? It’s not unusual to grow dissatisfied in a job that...Read More »


How to slowly torture the minds of your prospects ... by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

A picture creates feelings. Words are great, but people are naturally attracted to pictures. And pictures communicate so much more at different levels. Here is a picture I recently posted to my Facebook page. Lots of private messages and off the record comments. This is a great gift to slowly torture a prospect...Read More »

Talk is Cheap: How Can You Tell Which Politicians are Lying? by Traci Brown

It’s that time again. Election season. If you’re like me and live in a swing state, you’ve had enough of the political ads on TV and can’t wait to see those commercials for laundry soap and granola bars again. The amount of info out there is overwhelming. And there’s no...Read More »

The Shocking Truth About™ - LEADERSHIP by Art Meakin

I am going to cut to the chase with this particular truth… You are a Leader… that’s right… I am talking to YOU!!! Yes… YOU are a Leader… and so is everyone else. Surprised?? Most people are when I tell them what I just told you. And that’s because we are all so programmed to...Read More »


Secrets of Financial Freedom by George Madiou

In a survey done with network marketers being asked why they have gotten involved in this industry, the number one reason was Financial Freedom. Financial freedom means many things to many people. To a doctor it might mean a high six or seven figure income. To a young couple it...Read More »