How appropriate is this month’s topic? “Consistency.” I have found that it matters a great deal, One way or another, if you form consistent Great business habits, or not, there are many people that have never really started properly. That is why they struggle today.

Explore what the experts have to say within this special issue and let us know what has helped you the most. 

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Network Marketers and Retail Sellers Share Five Common Threads and One Common Purpose; The Key is Customer C.A.R.E. By John Hackett Ed.D.

 March 2021! This is the one-year anniversary of when COVID 19 moved from being a  seemingly far away type of flu to a worldwide pandemic that has changed our lives in many ways. Leadership expert Simon Sinek refers to COVID-19 as the great revealer as it has exposed strengths in...Read More »

"Inch by Inch It is a Cinch" By John Hackett Ed.D.

 “Inch by Inch It is a Cinch”Build a Habit of Consistency using the Four Cs + 1 Model with the 1% Rule Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day, while failure is simply a few errors in judgment repeated every day. Jim Rohn Here We are! It is February 2021,...Read More »

The 10-Day Burst By Richard Brooke

Have you ever noticed how we tend to get more done when we have run out of time to get it done? There is a mountain of evidence that when we compress the time we give ourselves to get stuff done we are far more productive. Look how fast we pack when we...Read More »

Why does Consistency Build Success? By David Feinstein

If someone looks at some of the most successful people on the planet. They would see their results have come from consistent action while they have faced failure at some point. They were consistent in pursuing their dreams. They took the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and push forward. How...Read More »


A New Years Shout Out! By Dr. John Hacket Ed.D.

Network Marketing Magazine, 2021. Dr. John Hackett Ed.D. New Year New You in 2021; A New New Year’s Resolution, Exercise Your Thinking Muscle. An Intentional Thinking Workout Plan to Rid Yourself of Mental Flabbiness. “What we think about we bring about.” Mary Kay Ash  In a recent webinar hosted by  Flashpoint Leadership Consultants...Read More »

More Wisdom From Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter Words we can say. It is not our offer. It is how we present our offer. Try these sequences of words. They don’t put our prospects on edge, and get them to instantly commit to a decision. Ready? • If you can’t sleep, we can help. (Nutrition)• If you worry about...Read More »

Coaching Prospects to Success by David Feinstein

One of the biggest challenges for mlm business owners is learning to be a coach. Many experienced owners have trouble-switching gears from salesperson to mentor. Many new prospects that join are looking for leadership. They desire to have success in their lives; it is up to the sponsor to help...Read More »



How important is consistency in the success or failure of your business? That is not the critical question. The critical question is how important is consistency in the success or failure of your life and the life of your family? One simple word but so overlooked in our life. Consistency is like...Read More »