Cover_2007_January This month we are looking at Baby Boomers! We are starting this issue with an exciting feature interview from a non-baby boomer, Erik Weihenmayer. Erik is an adventurer, top sportsman, author, speaker and the first blind climber to reach the top of the highest mountain on every continent, including Mt. Everest. Erik just released his latest book, The Adversity Advantage. All networkers, especially Baby Boomers have experienced adversity in their life and their networking career. I predict that Erik’s book will become a classic in network marketing, I believe it should be read by every networker, both seasoned veteran and brand new to the industry.

The entire staff would like to extend a very happy, prosperous and healthy New Year this 2007!


Erik Weihenmayer by TNMM Editor

Named one of Time magazine’s ‘Best of Sports’ and selected as one of 25 most courageous Athletes, Eric offers tools and tips that serve the network marketer as effectively as the climber! Erik, I was so amazed to read your story in your book, Touch the Top of the World, about...Read More »

Are you in the "AMAZING RACE" of LIFE? by Elizabeth Harrington

On a positive note… Research shows that 50% of us who live to 65 with no major health challenge will live past 100! Elizabeth asks a powerful question, “What is it going to be for you?” Throw away the alarm clock! Read every word you choose to in the New York...Read More »


Why buy leads? by John Hollner

Why buy leads when they’re already sitting on your desk or in your briefcase, if you know where to find them? Why buy leads when they’re already sitting on your desk or in your briefcase, if you know where to find them? Ah, the late 90s. It was a great time...Read More »

Leading a World Class Life by Jim Rohn

To become ‘world class’ there are two fundamental ideas that must be combined – desire and dedication. Every four years the world is given the gift of the Olympics. For a few weeks nations lay down their arms and come together to let their world class athletes compete on a level...Read More »

Mind of Steel or Man of Steel by Laura Johnson

Do you have a mind of steel that clamps down on these things and gets frustrated, angry, and complains about the situation? Or are you a man/woman of steel and choose not to be attached to the situation? Your co-worker comes in late AGAIN. The person, who rushed to get in...Read More »

The Leader's Leader by Jack Lannom

Creating an Organizational Mission Statement – Conclusion The best business practices are built on the bedrock of the best business philosophy The Harvard Business Review described an exercise named “Random Corporate Serial Killer.” Participants are asked to imagine that they have an opportunity to sell their company at a price that...Read More »

Keeping you're attitude up when circumstances are down by Chris Widener

Let your positive attitude develop from within as well as from without. This makes all the difference! “Instead of spending your time thinking about how bad things are, think about how good they will be!” Everyone knows that a positive attitude is key to the successful life. But what happens when things...Read More »

Use your network marketing imagination... by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Are you really thinking very, very small when you do a project? Perhaps with a bit of imagination you can see some new possibilities from this Upline Magazine classic! Most of us are probably earning only a fraction of what we really could in this business. Is that true for you? I...Read More »

The essence of communication is connection by Steve Siebold

If there’s one skill every professional networker must possess to build a world-class business it’s the ability to communicate with all types of people. If there’s one skill every professional networker must possess to build a world-class business it’s the ability to communicate with all types of people. The average person...Read More »

The Pursuit of Happyness? by Elizabeth Harrington

Begin the process of designing your life and discovering your dreams and the pursuit of happyness will become your reality. Life happens… and rarely according to plan. If that is true, why plan? We are at the beginning of a new year. This is the most popular time of the year...Read More »

Become a student of change by Denis Waitley

Breakthrough ideas often occur when you are calmly searching for opportunities. As the world becomes more interconnected, events outside your industry and career have an impact on your business, your family and your pocketbook. Whatever your daily routine, it takes place in a larger context of social, technological, political, economic and cultural...Read More »

Shall we change the recruiting mantra? by Kim Klaver

The reason most folks stay in network marketing is surprising: It’s not the money, which most of them are making very little of. Rather, they love something about it – love the products, love making a difference, love having something of their own.  “If drug dealers make so much money,...Read More »

Baby boomers are "achy and breaky and haven't stored enough nuts for the winter" which makes them great prospects for your business by Dale Calvert

People need to feel that people “like them” have accomplished that which they hope to accomplish with your opportunity. I borrowed the title of this article from my friend and MLM Leader Terri Tomlison from Orlando, Florida. How true this quote really is! Let’s look at how your business opportunity and...Read More »


Jack Maitland by TNMM Editor

With almost 20 years in the network marketing industry and being at home as a top leader with The Wellness Company, Melaleuca, he’s willing to share the wisdom that goes along with the training for success! Jack, you epitomize leadership and success. You came to network marketing with success under your...Read More »

Technology & Things

Select the best distributors and reduce attrition by Assessment & Career Planning by TNMM Editor

What can we in the network marketing industry learn from one of the top career assessment leaders who has developed the system IBM adopted…? Read on. The Problem Area: Selection and Attrition of Down-Line Distributors Attrition is a serious problem in the field of Network Marketing. According to David A. Nelson,...Read More »

Inter- NETWORK MARKETING by Tammy Dickinson

Networking your business online More and more, people are using the Internet to conduct business online. Almost every TV Commercial has a web address shown at the bottom of the screen. More and more companies are promoting their websites as it has become a necessity if you want to compete in...Read More »


It's all good by Maran Banta

Leonard Anthony Baker My wish for you and your business in 2007 is that you prosper financially and in ways of the heart. Gerald Ford Saddam Hussein James Brown And my little brother Len All of them died in December 2006. Len was a regular working guy. A carpenter, a Master...Read More »

Expect Miracles by Mary K Weinhagen

The big BOOM… A modest proposal that invites the Boomers to ‘rock the world’ with power and purpose An interesting after effect of World War II was the Boom that continues to profoundly affect the world today. It was the unprecedented bubble of vigorous economic growth that followed the war that...Read More »

The business of the business by George Madiou

Baby boomers in network marketing Right after “The Greatest Generation” came the era of the “Baby Boomers”, the generation that has changed the world at every stage of their development! I am solidly in the Baby Boomer generation. Born in 1952, I was raised by loving parents that came from the...Read More »