Cover_2011_January The first of the year is like no other time. It allows us to review the past and make any adjustments for the future. Some time it is all about new beginnings or the ability to start over or just tweak the way you have done things just a little bit in the past. In any case, this time a year allows us to get to a new plateau by making new plans and implementing them.

We have some terrific input by our authors, give us your input and make 2011 a GREAT year for you and your business!

Aim high!

George Madiou


Creating New Beginnings Begins With the Power of Completion! by Lisa Jimenez

When you are whole and complete with where you are then you are in the most powerful space to create 2011 Don’t ya just love a new year? A new beginning? A new start? I sure do. But I’ve realized there is an important element to a new beginning that most...Read More »

New Beginnings! - Before You Make This Years Resolutions You Must Consider by Barbara Pellegrino

Decide on what you want for 2011. Release the “extra weight” and heal any hurts and regrets. Now you can freely create “This is the time of year people make resolutions they don’t plan to keep!” Did you know 95% of all New Year’s resolutions are either forgotten or broken by...Read More »

New Year – New Beginning by Kevin Abdulrahman

Your goals and dreams won’t get up and come to you. You have to get to it. Action does speak louder than words- Action Speaks Results. Confucius said, “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” Simple as it may seem,...Read More »

How To Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever! by Michael Clouse

Eight simple steps you can take to build a better life The ball in Time Square has dropped, and brought to a close yet another year. Sadness for some – an ending, a conclusion, a finale. For others ’tis just the opposite… The beginning. A New Year. And indeed, one more...Read More »

Have You Decided To Become a Millionaire? by Dale Calvert

It is harder for most people to make $1,000 a month than it is $5,000. If you can get your skill sets and mind sets to the point where you are making $1,000 a month, then $5,000 will come I remember the time, the place, and the moment, when I made...Read More »

Use Compound Interest In Your New Year's Resolutions by Deb Bixler

Albert Einstein (a pretty smart guy) said that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe and that if you are not using compound interest on your behalf, then it is being used against you. As the year winds down and we turn the calendar page into the New...Read More »

Learn From the Past and Craft a Vision by Robert Butwin

Life is all about the choices that we make. Let’s make better ones! I’ve had many different new beginnings. I sit back and can think of my earliest profession, in my family business. I was the third generation in our family business and I was expecting to ultimately be the President...Read More »

What's The Key to Kick Starting Your Business Into High Gear for 2011 and Beyond? by David Feinstein

So you want to kick start YOUR business this year? Then you better be ready and prepared to answer the questions below… Every year, as the New Year creeps up on us, many people will start to conjure up in their minds what they want from the coming year. For many,...Read More »

A Blank Canvas and Paints of Many Colors by Margie Aliprandi

Break the old pattern by celebrating and releasing 2010. New Beginnings – Everyone loves the idea of a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. And while each new day truly represents that for each of us there is something particularly inspiring about the possibilities that the new year brings....Read More »

The Blessing of New Beginnings by RS Mallory

Your Intention is very powerful and each new beginning is a Blessing and opportunity for each of us to Re-design our lives. Welcome to 2011! She will bring you exactly what you expect for yourself, your family and your business. If you understand that your Intention is very powerful and know...Read More »

The Difference is you by Jim Britt

I found that you can never attract or accomplish more with the same personality, attitude and thinking that got you where you are right now. If I were to ask you if you wanted to make a difference in the world around you, you would probably answer with an emphatic YES!!...Read More »


Big Al's network marketing predictions for 2011! by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

10 wild predictions you may want to prepare for in 2011 Prediction #1 Again this year, it is reported that approximately 50% of all doctors will graduate in the bottom half of their class. By allowing these underachievers into society, sales for nutritional products should greatly increase. Prediction #2 Personal responsibility...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings Fear is the go-ahead to get back on track Arthur Tugman ~ Fear is a caution light if you dread, it’ll turn red but always think of it as green giving you the permission to go-ahead and ignore it. Arthur Tugman ~ The key to success is to...Read More »

Let The Seeds Grow by Chris Widener

If you let your ideas grow, you will surely see many great things happen in your life. The thought that every great thing that has ever happened, been spoken or invented began first with a single idea is not a new one, but one I don’t think many people have taken...Read More »

The Virtue of Patience by Denis Waitley

It is when a goal is distant and difficult to reach that patience is an ally. While persistence is the determination to strive to achieve your ultimate goal, there is another virtue of equally great value. Persistence keeps us moving inside ourselves to see the purpose behind the purpose, but patience is...Read More »

Four Steps to Success! by Jim Rohn

Learn to master these four, and you will be on your way to more success than you could ever imagine! Let me pass on to you these four simple steps to success: Number one is good ideas. Be a collector of good ideas. My mentor taught me to keep a journal...Read More »


A New Beginning by Debbie Madiou

Making the pieces of the puzzle of our lives fit together even better than last year. New beginnings have been witnessed all over the world for decades. The end of the Holocaust brought a profound new beginning for the Jewish people with the formation of the state of Israel. Imagine the...Read More »

Beginner's Mind by Mary K Weinhagen

Ready to start a new year with a beginner’s mind? You may be surprised at all there is to learn! Each day provides us with a new beginning. This is especially meaningful when we approach each day with a beginner’s mind. If you find you experience some resistance at being seen...Read More »

New Beginnings by George Madiou

Allow yourself the incremental steps to transition into your new beginning. What constitutes a new beginning and when can one start? New beginning begins in the 6 inches between your ears. You determine when, how and what this new beginning will look like. Who determines the when? You determine the when. Yeah, others...Read More »