Cover_2012_January Marketing is going on all around us, all day, every day. Marketing is how we find out about almost everything. How are you marketing your business?

Years ago a marketing professor of mine showed us four great products. All of the students were excited about each of the products and we asked where we could get them. The professor said we cant, because the companies that owned all four products went out of business. He went on to say that these companies thought customers would beat a path to their door to get these products, sadly this wasn’t the case and one by one each company went out of business.

The very successful networkers are constantly marketing themselves, the majority of the rest fail and move on. The lesson I learned from my professor years ago was if you want to succeed in your business, shout from the roof top and market your business. Don’t just unlock your front door and expect people to stream in, market, market, and market a whole lot more than anyone else.

Explore what the experts have to suggest to you this month and start Marketing!

Have a blessed and prosperous New Year in 2012!

Aim high!

George Madiou


The MARKETING of Your Network Marketing Business by Dana Gore

How do you show that you use and believe in the products you distribute? Soon after opening up my network marketing business, it had been brought to my attention that one of my uncles possesses a natural interest in marketing goods and services. Of course I was thrilled to know this...Read More »

Network Marketing – The Truth, The Hype, The Opportunity by Sue Seward

How You Can Launch a Profitable Network Marketing Business Network marketing is a sixty-year old industry with a colorful history. It began in the 1940’s when a California vitamin company decided to sell their product through independent representatives who introduced the product and company to their friends and family. Those who...Read More »

Is Your Marketing Personality Driven? by David Feinstein

Your marketing methods are hugely important, but nothing’s more important than the personality and openness that you put behind those methods. There seems to be something missing in much of the marketing going on in the network marketing industry. It’s something that is talked very little about, but is dire if...Read More »

Push the Tipping Point by Lisa Jimenez

Let your lifestyle represent your product or service. Become a walking brand! So, there I was sitting at my local coffee shop, wearing my “LifeShotz” shirt, sipping from my “LifeShotz” bottle, “LifeShotz” brochures in view along with a few sticks of “LifeShotz” placed strategically next to me… Sure enough, within 15...Read More »

Secrets to Success in Network Marketing, and you don't have to lie! by Sean Murphy

As long as you identify the things happening around the 30 days, you will always be bringing value. 1000’s of people in this industry stretch the truth everyday on a variety of topics as it relates to their MLM business. They say they are making more then they are, have more...Read More »

SpeedWealth Principle #2: Deliver Massive Value by T. Harv Eker

Four factors determine almost to the penny how much money you will earn T. Harv Eker’s SpeedWealth – How to Make a Million Dollars in Your Own Business in 3 Years or Less. Part 2 Each month, will be bringing you a complimentary article from the newly updated edition of...Read More »

The TGIF Gold Card Technique by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

The “Fear of Loss” factor might be that extra motivation to get the job done. A friend and I had lunch at TGI Friday’s, one of my favorite restaurants. The waitress had only one thing on her mind: Getting me to sign up for the TGIF Gold Card. First she asked...Read More »

NEW Joint Ventures Strategies that Get Results in This Economy! by Scott Letourneau

Leveraging other people’s resources and assets is THE MOST POWERFUL way to grow your business. Leveraging other people’s resources and assets is THE MOST POWERFUL way to grow your business. As you know there are many skills involved in that process. The Top 5% Club has covered several articles on this...Read More »


What Motivates the Motivator? by Chris Widener

If you want to stay motivated, try these basics that Chris uses to keep himself motivated  Someone wrote me an email a couple of weeks ago and said, “I would love to know what motivates YOU!” So I took them up on it and I want to spend some time...Read More »

Zig on... Pa-ZIG-ative Thinking by Zig Ziglar

Joy is what you experience when you do something for someone else, someone who cannot reciprocate your kindness. People who are doing better than good will be sensitive to the needs of others and do the little things that make a big difference. Sometimes little things can make a big difference....Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings We can create success just by the thought of it and even reverse failure in the process. Arthur Tugman ~ Every conceivable accomplishment begins with a believable moment. Arthur Tugman ~ Acting on dreams is the best way for attracting success. Arthur Tugman ~ Work is fun when...Read More »

Two Phases of Business by Steve Dailey

It’s a cycle out of necessity or it is a cycle that results in growth and opportunity that builds a strong and enduring company… you choose In working with small businesses for over 20 years I’ve observed that most businesses cycle between two distinct phases in their marketplace life – and...Read More »

Making The Most of Today by Denis Waitley

It is difficult to be depressed and active at the same time. So get active! Live TODAY. What each of us is doing this minute is the most important event in history for us. We have decided to invest our resources in THIS opportunity rather than in any other. It is helpful...Read More »

Preparation for Your Presentations by Jim Rohn

Don’t be lazy in preparing; don’t be lazy in laying the groundwork that will make all of the difference in how your life turns out. Persistence in your presentations, this is one secret to success. After my first presentation, I got up and did it again. Even though I was scared...Read More »


The Joy of Connecting® by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Looking for a solution to your networking woes? The Joy of Connecting® is the answer. Tired Of The Same ‘Ole Networking Chatter? Wish You Could Be Somewhere Else? Is Anyone Listening To What You Have To Say? Does Anyone Care?Looking for a solution to your networking woes? The Joy of...Read More »


Linda Proctor – Creating a Habit of Success by John Milton Fogg

“Even people who don’t succeed or stay in Network Marketing, leave a better person for having been in this industry,” Linda says. “And when they stay…” Linda Proctor was born in Columbus, Georgia. Her dad was in the military and when she was seven, they moved to Pensacola, Florida. It was,...Read More »


Is your network marketing? by Mary K Weinhagen

The growth and strength of your business is most assured when consistency is present. So… is your network consistently marketing? Network marketing’s power lies in leverage. We learn, early in the business, to build a network of people. Each person consistently marketing to a few people results in a lasting residual...Read More »

How are you marketing your business? by George Madiou

Marketing is how we find out about almost everything. How are you marketing your business? Marketing is going on all around us, all day, every day. Marketing is how we find out about almost everything. How are you marketing your business? Years ago a marketing professor of mine showed us four...Read More »