Cover_2013_January This month’s issue is a bitter sweet issue for so many of us.

It is a tribute to one of the great people of our time Zig Ziglar. This Godly man touched millions of lives and will continue to do so. So many people have great Zig stories. I remember sitting around one night with the late Bill Gove (one of the greatest speakers and speech coaches) when he told me, “George I remember Zig when he was just a pots and pan salesman.” Well Bill knew him when, but we all knew him in a special way.

Enjoy this tribute to one of God’s true servents. We will dearly miss you Zig.

George Madiou


The Amazing Effect of One Person's Life – A Tribute to Zig Ziglar by Paul Morris

Yes, Zig may be gone from our sight and touch, but he has touched all of us in a way that has changed our lives forever. The physical presence of Zig Ziglar may be gone but he will live on FOREVER, not only in heaven, but in our hearts and minds...Read More »

My Lunch With Zig Ziglar by Margie Aliprandi

“Margie, please be the one who shares this, who helps re-instill hope in people so they grab that light in their lives.” Happy Holidays to everyone and best of luck and prosperity for an outrageously successful 2013! George Madiou, thank you for all that you do to unify our profession, to...Read More »

Wake Up to Social Networking Prosperity! by David Feinstein

One of the best MLM resources available to anyone in the MLM industry is a mentor. Social networking is the tool for the next century; our prospects and the way we move product is being defined by each one of us now! There a variety of means to use social networking...Read More »

Ziglar by Roger Boger

HE IS HERE WITH US and right in front of me on stage! It was a magical moment. I remember it like it was yesterday. The room was electric with anticipation and then – there he appears – bigger than life it’s self. Your mind and heart race at the site...Read More »

Zig Ziglar Memorial Video by Zig Ziglar

“You can have everything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want”   First official Zig Ziglar Memorial video. Here’s some of the best and most powerful Ziglar clips that will inspire you to make the rest of your life the best of your life....Read More »

Let's Stop the Hollering! by Rodney Brandt

Let’s all put away our megaphones and focus on building relationships. Remember that social networks are networks and you are in the networking business. Facebook is a star. It is a bona fide phenomenon that just keeps getting more and more phenomenal. With a recent growth curve that is nearly vertical,...Read More »

Experience Zig Ziglar by Barbara Pellegrino

He spoke to an auditorium full of enthusiastic attendees and he was electric. I first “experienced” Zig Ziglar way back in the early 1990‘s, on stage in Melbourne, Australia. He spoke to an auditorium full of enthusiastic attendees and he was electric. To articulate some of the many things that impressed...Read More »

Zig's Message: Be Yourself; Then Be Better! by Michael York

There will certainly never be another like him. The letter was dated May 25, 1994. It was a letter to me from Zig Ziglar… I first heard Zig speak in 1978, on the power of goal setting. I still have that 3 cassette album all these years later in my library....Read More »

When I heard that Zig Ziglar had died... by Lisa Wilber

“There are two ways to climb an oak tree. You can climb it – or you can sit on an acorn. This book was written to help you climb it.” ~Zig Ziglar When I heard that Zig Ziglar had died, I got out my hard worn copy of “See You At...Read More »

Facebook For Dummies... Literally, you have to see this! by Jake Steingart

How did a ‘not so bright’ buddy of mine make a few grand on Facebook? And you should know that he did it by accident!  Facebook Marketing: How to get people to want what you’re selling using this basic Social Law. It’s called social proof. Watch my video on Facebook...Read More »

Not Gonna Shut Up Until I'm Taken Up! by Rodney Brandt

My tribute to Zig Ziglar – “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I only saw Zig Ziglar once in person. The memory of that day has not faded one bit in my mind. It was November, 2007 in Columbus, Ohio and Zig was one of several presenters at a day-long seminar....Read More »


Misunderstood Behaviors by Jim Bellacera

The Four Key Behavioral and Social Styles The key in any relationship is to understand why people act and react the way they do towards each other. By understanding behavioral social styles and identifying which best describe yourself and those around you, you can create better communication and understanding between family,...Read More »

The Power in Praising People by Chris Widener

One of the keys to success is to have successful relationships. We are not islands and we don’t get to the top by ourselves. One of the keys to success is to have successful relationships. We are not islands and we don’t get to the top by ourselves. And one of the...Read More »

Thinking Like a Farmer by Jim Rohn

Don’t lose your sense of seasons One of the difficulties we face in our industrialized age is the fact we’ve lost our sense of seasons. Unlike the farmer whose priorities change with the seasons, we have become impervious to the natural rhythm of life. As a result, we have our priorities...Read More »

Without a Dream You Have No Drive by Bob Goshen

It is not only having the Dream but acting upon the Dream that separates thousands of people from mediocrity to having a totally fulfilled life. I arrived at the private air terminal in Long Beach to meet with a CEO of a major corporation. He requested that I join him to...Read More »

The Art of The Question by Sean Murphy

If you can learn to ask better questions, you immediately become valuable to any organization and bring value to all parties involved. Information is what people are looking for, what they fail to realize from time to time is that the information that they seek, they already have. Let me see...Read More »

Doing a Good Thing Daily by Steve Dailey

Doing a good thing every day eventually makes good things happen. Have fun! Many years ago I learned that good habits led to good things. I figured out that when I did a little bit of something good every day, it would sooner or later turn into a good outcome; a...Read More »


Out of The Jar by John Milton Fogg

What John Haremza loves most is that in Network Marketing you truly own your life. You’re in control and you can live your life purpose. John Haremza grew up in Perham, Minnesota, a town of 2,000 people a few hundred miles north of Minneapolis and about 70 miles south of Fargo,...Read More »

Chicken or Champion by John Milton Fogg

It’s about the personal development and the wealth-building attributes of Network Marketing. There’s nothing else like it in our society and economy today. Richard Brooke grew up on a 3,000 cattle ranch in what is commonly known today as the San Joaquin Valley. His father was a Stanford graduate. His mother...Read More »


My Memory of Zig by George Madiou

That day was life changing to me. That was how Zig effected so many people he touched. Zig gave you so much wisdom and you couldn’t help repeat what you learned to others. Early in 1996 was the first time I meet Zig Ziglar.  It was in Baltimore, Maryland and he...Read More »