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This month’s theme is about……. Smart Marketing

What is Marketing? What is Smart Marketing?   What is Smart Marketing in regard to Network Marketing? What does it take to be a smart marketer? I have two degrees in marketing, one from a fairly prestigious university, NYU. I’ve had the occasion to speak to facility members and even the president of the first college I graduated from and I was shocked to find out that these learned educators had NO clue what network marketing was!

My question to you is, what is Smart Marketing when it comes to network marketing? How do we apply the concept to help distributors succeed?

Check out what the experts have to say in this special issue and let us know your opinion.



On Monday November 5, 2018 we launched the 27%er Success System. This is a pathway to guide you to the business you’ll be proud of and the envy of the networkers that are wondering what you’re doing.

This is the launch of a new education system that will employ the teachings of some of the GREAT teachers of network marketing from today and the greats of yesterday. Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, Dale Calvert, Dr Shad Helmstetter and many other proven leaders that will get you results!

This system will be available to everyone, but only those who are serious about learning the skill sets to become proficient and successful professionals (we refer to them as 27%ers) will reap the rewards from being a part of this, industry changing program. We will start explaining the 27%er Success System in detail in my article this month. This will be a year long, daily, 15 minute journey to your success. If you’re a 27%er that is willing to do the work to become the top in your company and a leader in the industry, join us! Click here to take your first step for 97 cents or get with the person that introduced you to us!

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Aim high!

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Smart Marketing By Dale Calvert

Smart Marketing By Dale Calvert There is no marketing that can replace Leadership There is no marketing that will replace Fear of Failure.              and fear of rejection who are consumed by that emotion ….. Learn More…. ...Read More »

What if we Lead with the STEAK Instead of the SIZZLE? By Dr. Ron Mueller

What if we Lead with the STEAK Instead of the SIZZLE? by Nationally-Known Tax-Deduction Expert Dr. Ron Mueller When thinking about this month’s TNMM theme, Smart Marketing, I began thinking about the conventional approach to recruiting and selling that we’re all using.  Then I wondered, “What if we have it all wrong?” Do you ever get tired of...Read More »

Smart Marketing Video by Sean Murphy

Smart Marketing Smart Marketing is giving your prospect the best chance for success. Marketing Is Not Advertising Information Push Gathering of Eyeballs Reason For Change Why Be A Smart Marketer Clear out the noise Rise above the noise Be more than a purchase Solution based ...Read More »


NEW COMPETITION. NEW RULES. By Darren Jensen, CEO LifeVantage I’d like to begin this article with two statements that I believe best sum up the current state of direct sales. I’m sure there will be many of you who agree with me. I’m also sure there will be just as many who...Read More »

Making SMART Marketing work for you and your team by John Hackett

Making SMART Marketing work for you and your team. Happy New Year! New Years is a time for revelry, reflection, and redirection. The business year may not be ending December 31; it may be just half time. New Years is an excellent opportunity for network marketers to reflect on what marketing is...Read More »

When You should drop a bad investment? By David Feinstein

When You should drop a bad investment? Losing money in business stinks. In some cases, it can be avoided by knowing the risks associated with the investment. In other cases, the risk is unknown or is polluted by data that may not always be accurate. This is why reviews on products...Read More »



Our Better Self by Kyle Wilson

Our Better Self Life has an amazing way of rewarding you when you have the opportunity to meet and work with the people you have long admired from a distance. For me one of those shining examples was getting to know and then collaborate with one of my hero’s Denis Waitley. Denis Waitley,...Read More »

There is Power in Letting Go By Jim Britt

THE PREDATOR AND THE PREY Why do some people want more in life, but yet they remain stuck? You have dreams and goals, but somehow things are simply not moving in the direction you had planned?  Or worse, maybe you’ve stopped believing that the life you’ve always wanted is even attainable? I’m...Read More »

Network Marketing Success – This May Have More to Do with Your Success Than You Thought By David Feinstein

Network Marketing Success – This May Have More to Do with Your Success Than You Thought If you’ve been slugging away at trying to achieve network marketing success, and you’ve been sitting at your computer eating unhealthily, not exercising, and letting yourself become totally stressed out…you’re actually doing more harm than...Read More »

What's your training room like? By Mark Davis

What’s your training room like? Assuming it’s  not a beach… Your  training location will have  a big impact on the audience. Distractions like various noises from inside and outside your training room. Flickering lights, moldy smells, and the creaky chairs can all have an effect on your students mindset and attitude. Doing a...Read More »

I would never meet a stranger by Phyllis Hayden

I would never meet a stranger My Shero (mother) would always say to me “you have a gift for working with people, you will build good relationships and make a difference in people lives”. She would tell others that I would never meet a stranger. At age 15 I volunteered as a...Read More »

Social Media & Technology


The ‘Four Social Networking Laws’ You MUST Follow by Max Steingart

The ‘Four Social Networking Laws’ You MUST Follow Social Networking Law #1 “What you see is what you get.” What they see is what they expect. The contents of a person’s page (their pictures, words, posts, links, websites, and friends, etc.) indicate their online agenda. Dating • Friends • Networking • Relationships • Sales What’s really...Read More »

Financial Literacy


Does the 2018 “TAX CUTS ACT” FAVOR the RICH, and IGNORE the POOR? By Dr. Ronald R. Mueller

Does the 2018 “TAX CUTS ACT” FAVOR the RICH, and IGNORE the POOR? That’s an honest question, worth addressing – in a non-political way.  Let’s address that question using Bar Room Economics – THE U.S. TAX SYSTEM EXPLAINED IN BEER. Suppose that every day, 10 men go out for beer, and the bill for all...Read More »


 THE FASTEST WAY TO ELIMINATE DEBT AND CREATE WEALTH Brought to you by Bob Whitaker of the Entrepreneur Network USA, LLC        This is part 3 of a 4 part series on understanding debt and how to eliminate it as quickly as possible.  This section is entitled: “Accelerate Your Debt Rolldown Plan”.  ...Read More »


Smart Marketing Starts With You! By George Madiou

Smart Marketing Starts With You! That’s right. Smart Marketing starts with you, who you are, who you need to become and how you choose to get there. That being said, you might come to the conclusion that it doesn’t come over night or by attending a weekend seminar. It’s a process. Here are...Read More »