Getting Started!

How appropriate is this month’s topic? Getting Started. I have found that it doesn’t matter if you’re starting this month, or you started years ago, many people never really started properly and that is why they struggle today.

Explore what the experts have to say within this special issue and let us know what has helped you the most. 

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Getting Started by Coach Steve Dailey

Steve Dailey Coach Steve Dailey on Getting Started Take the time to go through the 5 step process of Getting Started properly in your network marketing business What was your biggest takeaway from this exercise? …Read More »

Getting Your Home-Based Business Started by Sue Seward

Sue Seward How successful would you like your home-based enterprise to be?   What is it that some people do to become successful while so many others struggle and become frustrated, overwhelmed, and stuck in analysis of paralysis?  Are you treating your Network Marketing venture like a regular business or do you…Read More »

Six Business Tips for Working Your Business (No Matter When You Started) By Mary Jane Humes

At first, the topic of “starting your business” did not make sense to me. Most of you reading this magazine have already started some sort of network marketing business. But as George said, there is a huge difference between starting your business and starting it properly. No matter where you…Read More »

Goal Setting and Achievement for 2021 By Rod Nichols

Rod Nichols The first of the year is always a time when people evaluate their lives and plan changes. As a network marketer, it’s important to set your annual goals and develop a plan to reach them. Here is a system that I learned many years ago, that has helped me…Read More »

Taking a Leap of Faith in Network Marketing by David Feinstein

Network Marketing is an exciting adventure. Like any business out there, there are potential risks. The rewards are staggering huge as well. It can be scary to start a business from ground zero but you are not alone. The biggest takeaway from this article is to have a positive mindset without…Read More »


More Wisdom From Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter “What went away?” Nothing. During the holidays, prospects still need our products and services. They still need opportunity.We should warn new team members, “Don’t tell yourself a story that isn’t true. Prospects still need what we offer, even during the holidays.”This is the best time to set appointments….Read More »

Network Marketing Success – A Huge Success Killer in Network Marketing You Need to Defeat (fear) By David Feinstein

If network marketing success is prevalent on your mind, then hopefully, you’re not being hindered by the parasite that likes to attack people like you. What do I mean by people like you?  I mean network marketers trying to become successful in this business. The Parasite That Infects Those Looking for Network Marketing Success… So, what…Read More »


Getting Started by George Madiou

Getting Started! I have found that it doesn’t matter if you’re starting this month, or you started years ago, many people never really started properly and that is why they struggle today. The other point is, as time goes on, it is time to get started again. It’s never too late to learn…Read More »