Cover_2008_July Consistency or the lack of consistency can be the difference between success or failure in your business. This month some of our trainers write on this topic and drill down on the importance of consistency in your business.

Last month we focused on prospecting. We are fortunate to have some of our authors continue on that subject by looking at it from another angle. Are we trying to close our prospects or are our prospects closing us. It’s like a double header this month! Enjoy both feature subjects in this month’s issue!

Aim High!

George Madiou


Why do business networking groups hate network marketers so much?(And how to use consistency to win them over) by John Hollner

There are six primary problems that network marketers deal with when entering into a business networking meeting. These, along with the three primary misunderstands about the process are addressed in the following article. When George told me that the topic of this month’s magazine was going to be all about consistency,...Read More »

Money is in the Follow Up! by Bonnie Ross-Parker

The dynamic duo of consistency and follow up will ensure your successful and continued journey down the road of success! Ever wonder why your efforts aren’t producing the results you want? Working from slips of paper, post it notes, and a shoe box full of business cards? Can’t keep track of...Read More »

Persuasively Influencing Others by Listening to Contribute Value by Dr. Joe Rubino

You possess the personal power to be able to persuade others to want to accommodate you if at all possible. “What’s in it for me?” That is the ultimate question on the minds of most of our prospects as we offer them our network marketing products and opportunity. To the extent...Read More »

Accountability Partnerships: The Easy Way to be Consistent and Productive by Dali Burgado

Pick up and read any personal growth book and you’ll find that one of the key factors to any successful leaders’ success is consistency. Have you ever heard of the saying, “What’s easy to do is just as easy not to do?” Pick up and read any personal growth book and...Read More »

Relationship Building Online: Getting in the Habit by Andrea Goodsaid

5 Tips… You will be amazed at the difference being consistent in this way will change … well, just about everything in your life. As I sit here chowing on a bag of Peppermint Patties, after just yesterday getting pretty clear on the idea that I want to “get thin again”,...Read More »

Who's Closing Who and Why does it matter? by RS Mallory

Once the prospect FEELS your interest in them they no longer have the need to “close” you… or wrestle control away from you. Compassionate Marketing is Relationship Marketing at its best. It lends itself towards helping others attain their goals and dreams or helping them solve a challenge. Our concept of “closing”...Read More »

Are We Closing or Opening Our Prospects? by Carol Briney

What if you asked enough questions to get your customers to disturb themselves enough to want, really want your solution to their challenge?  I have listened and taken part in hours and hours of sales training, both for network marketing and for sales jobs and I always hear about closing...Read More »

Are You In or Are You ___? by Chad Bumgarner

What’s the deal? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between someone who can “seal the deal” with 8 out of 10 prospects, and someone who can only close 2 out of 10? They have the same system, the same training & are talking and counseling with the same people?...Read More »

How to Maintain Consistency in Your Home-Based Business by Dani Johnson

The reason why most of us struggle with fear, inconsistency and lack of focus is really simple. We don’t give our network marketing business the same diligence and commitment that we give our boss. Many home business builders struggle with consistency or lack there of in getting results. The simple answer...Read More »


"Summertime and My Business is Easy" by Sarah Robinson

Though it may take a little longer to complete the sales cycle using these tactics, your clients and your team members will stay with you much longer  Summertime is a busy, busy time for most of us. I often hear that busy summer schedules get in the way of concentrating...Read More »

Great Strength in Letting Go by Jonathan Budd

We all want to become wealthy yet we don’t realize that becoming wealthy means a RADICAL change in who we are and how we live our life. Today I’m going to share something I’m currently experiencing, that is a tough thing going on in my life, but has an ENORMOUS amount...Read More »

The Leader's Leader— by Jack Lannom

<b.PLAYING to WIN Playing to win is defined by taking risks!  I concluded last month’s article by asking if you are able to read three sentences and agree that they accurately describe your workplace: The men and women who work for me are totally free and uninhibited, because they have no...Read More »

Be Attitude #7 – Be Honest: Always tell the truth by Paul Morris

#7 of Paul’s “BE” Attitudes for Daily Living  Abraham Lincoln or Mark Twain said “If you always tell the truth, you will never have to remember what you said.” Don’t be so brutally honest that you hurt people; just make sure you never tell a lie. If someone catches you telling a...Read More »

Be Responsible for Your Own Financial Security by Denis Waitley

Have YOU defined the amount of assets you need for financial independence? There is no job security. You can’t rely on staying with the same company through retirement. Pension plans, when available, are woefully inadequate. Social security benefits won’t come close to covering your living expenses in retirement. The only way...Read More »

From Braces to Races: A Lesson in Motivation by Jack Zufelt

When you invest in yourself, be sure you know your Core Desires first. Then you’ll see a much greater return on your investment. Bonnie St. John Deane grew up in hospitals, in leg braces, and on the wrong side of the tracks, but that didn’t stop her from believing that an...Read More »

Dare to Dream Again! by Chris Widener

Set aside some time today to get started on your dream. Follow the action plan and set your sights for the top of the mountain! “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who...Read More »

The First Step for Getting Better Results by Jim Rohn

No dream is impossible provided we first have the courage to believe in it. How dramatically we can change our results is largely a function of imagination. In 1960, it was a technological impossibility for man to travel into outer space. Within ten years, however, the first man stepped out onto...Read More »

If you hate pushing your group… by Kim Klaver

Describing who you want precisely goes totally against the grain – at first. In my first two company’s years ago, I spent a lot of time following up. No, not with people who hadn’t signed up yet – but with those who HAD. At the time the people signed up, they seemed...Read More »

Changing the Service Paradigm by Linda Yates

Expect a positive experience and take time to pause and try to understand first before you are understood.  When was the last time you experienced first hand, great service? How did you feel after the exchange? Did that experience effect the rest of your day? Keep those feelings and thoughts...Read More »

Your Story is Unlike Anyone Else's ~ Use It to Your Advantage by Jackie Lee

There are great ways to go about getting free leads and building your network marketing business… it starts with YOU. When I started in my first network marketing company I remember very excitedly telling my husband, “I get my very own website!!” I was new online, and new to network marketing....Read More »


Daily 8 - Duplic8 by Mary K Weinhagen

The only thing left is for you to take steps consistently in the direction of your destination. My coach emphasizes the importance of SSDA (single, specific daily actions). My company shines with the Daily 8 steps to success. And none of that means anything unless CONSISTENTLY APPLIED! It fascinates me how...Read More »

Consistency by George Madiou

Without the right kind you will likely fail, with the right kind you will eventually experience the success you are dreaming of and perhaps even more! It is important to make sure that we are being consistent with behavior congruent with business building activity. You see it’s easy to fall into...Read More »