Cover_2010_July Managing your business, your time and your life, is a tall order. For most people it’s too tall to tackle. If you don’t make it a priority others will do it for you and it will not be to your advantage. Grab hold of your life and take control.

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George Madiou


Proven Life Management Strategies by Jill Ammon-Wexler

Time management is really life management. How you use your time controls everything that happens in your life. Time management is really life management. How you use your time controls everything that happens in your life. The success of your relationships, goal achievement, financial success, and even personal happiness, are all...Read More »

Balancing All Those Hats We Wear! by Robyn Peake

Success is never certain, Failure is never final; Life gives you what you accept, so set your expectation high, and rise to the occasion! After a conversation today with a dear friend and business associate, I realized that I’ve had some definite life experience working on creating the balance among the...Read More »

The Best Kept Secret of the Rich by Dale Calvert

No one who enters the network marketing industry can escape the learning curve “Time management is the Best Kept Secret of the Rich” ~Jim Rohn Every time I consult with a leader or mlm corporate VP I try to stress the same point. “Repetition is the key to learning”. I am...Read More »

Business Inside of Life by Steve Dailey

Business inside of Life, not Life inside of Business. Simple but absolutely the formula for success in everything you do. Think about how much time you spend working – you know, focusing on making money. Calculate in a given week the total percentage of your waking hours you are doing work,...Read More »

How to Make Time Your Friend by Jillian Middleton

Your business is not about managing people. It is about taking control of your business and managing systems… even if you’re the only one using the system. Eventually you’ll have a team using the system. I have too much to do! I have too much to do. I don’t have enough...Read More »

Direct Sales: 5 Tips to Manage Your Business, Time and Life by Kimberly Rhodes

Remember that you don’t just want to be busy you want to be effective. If you have been in the Direct Sales profession for 90 days or more you realize that you are going to juggle a lot of balls in the air in order to be successful. So how is it...Read More »

Time Management of Your Business and Your Life by Ted Henry

No matter what I do, what I say, how I act, how loud I scream, how much I pray, Time just keeps marching on! For over 1/3 of a century I have been attempting to Manage Time… but no matter what I do, what I say, how I act, how loud...Read More »

We All Need A 25 Hour Day! by Bonnie Ross-Parker

While we all could use an extra hour every day, the real issue is not more time, it’s time better spent. Why does time management continue to be an ongoing topic? Why have literally hundreds of books and articles been written on the ‘how to’ of managing one’s time? What will...Read More »

Getting Real About Your Home Business by Linda McMahon

Understand that your home business is valid, real work, so treat your business the same way you would if you went out each morning to an office or elsewhere to work.  Setting Your Work Hours Understand that your home business is valid, real work, so treat your business the same...Read More »

Winning the Relentless Competition Against the Clock by Jim Britt

This method of increasing your performance means that you will never again take for granted any fifteen-minute block of time. What’s the difference between someone who earns $100,000 a year and someone who earns $1,000,000 a year, other than $900,000? Does he or she work harder? Is the million-dollar earner smarter?...Read More »

Social Media Time Management by Jennifer Fong

By being strategic in your use of social media, you can use social media without becoming consumed. When you’re in direct selling, you have a lot to do. You have parties to book and plan, leads to follow up on, opportunity interviews to do, orders to enter… the list goes on....Read More »

The Key Is In Knowing and Choosing What You REALLY Want... by Teresa Romain

Remember what it is you REALLY want and allocate your time, money and energy accordingly. When it comes to managing your business, your time, your money and your life, it all comes down to making choices. I can’t always promise you that you will be able to make a choice between...Read More »

Manage Your Time – Set Priorities! by Paul Morris

And organizing your priorities is as easy as A, B, C, D, E… How to manage your business, your time and your life all boils down to one thing: SETTING PRIORITIES And organizing your priorities is as easy as A, B, C, D, E. We each have 24 hours a day....Read More »

How to Manage Your Business Your Time and Your Life Without Feeling Like a Guilty, Discouraged, and Lonely Alien! by David Feinstein

Three key time savers and productivity builders  So let me guess… When you first started off in this network marketing adventure you were thinking about how you were going to be able to work your business for 2 hours a day, and then go chill out on the beach for...Read More »


Projects, Accountability Circles and Business Plan Strategies by Richard Brooke

If you’re in a funk the only immediate way out is action. Project work is the process of taking a specific target or goal and creating a plan for its attainment. This plan will boil down into either a daily action or a weekly action. Accountability circles are small groups (3-12...Read More »

Preening Displays in Business and Personal Life by dr. g. jack.brown

We can use this nuance of Non-Verbal Communication to our advantage in sales, in negotiations, and in our personal lives. Preening is the act of grooming oneself. It is highly contextual and it’s culture dependent. Birds and mammals preen themselves often. By fine-tuning our knowledge of the preening process, and being...Read More »

Procrastination Doesn't Make Perfect by Denis Waitley

There is actually no such thing as a “future” decision; there are only present decisions that will affect the future. Perfectionists are often great procrastinators. Having stalled until the last minutes, they tear into a project with dust flying and complaints about insufficient time. Perfectionist-procrastinators are masters of the excuse that...Read More »

Ambitiously Pursuing Your Own Self-Direction by Jim Rohn

Let the power of your own ambition take you where you want to go, to do what you want to do, to create the life you want to live! What is the origin of true ambition? There exists really only one place to find true ambition and that is within you...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings Manage your business successful And the rest of your life will be restful Arthur Tugman Doing the very opposite will often get you the same results. Arthur Tugman Patience is such a passive art, it often earns you success without ever having to act on it. Arthur Tugman...Read More »

Love it or hate it by Linda Yates

There are many purposes to social networking. As with anything I suggest you have a plan and a purpose behind what you do.  Sleeping schedule, latest gadget, moving – what do all of these things have in common? They were all mentioned on a social networking site. Love it or...Read More »

Time Management Mastery by Chris Widener

From Potential to Performance One of the great things about life is that we can realistically be or do anything we choose to. This includes being a good time manager! We must believe that we can be a good time manager – that we have the potential. Unfortunately, many people say,...Read More »


How do you manage? by Mary K Weinhagen

I’ve found that managing my energy by paying attention to how I feel throughout the day means everything gets managed brilliantly! “How to manage your business, your time and your life” – a big order, isn’t it. Yet maybe it can all be boiled down to one word… clarity. When you’re...Read More »

Managing your business, your time and your life by George Madiou

Take control, focus and just do it! Managing your business, your time and your life. Is this at all possible? Let’s explore these three managing projects. What does it mean to manage your business? In most cases a business manages it’s owner. How does this happen? 1. Lack of planning. 2. Lack...Read More »

Work-Life Balance: Claim Control Today! by Debbie Madiou

Being the CEO of your home bases business has its challenges, but in my mind it’s the best place to be. When your work life and personal life are out of balance, you and your family’s stress level is likely to soar. Say yes to balance in your life. There was...Read More »