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Is This What You Want Your Team To Do?

Rather than have your entire team make up ways to grow their business, we might want to short cut that activity and duplicate the successful activities that are proven and that will help your group become successful. Duplication can be both good and bad. Like I just stated, we want to duplicate the activities that bring about successful results, however, we want to avoid duplicating activities that are time wasters and non-productive activities.

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Aim High!
George Madiou


The Duplication Myth by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Just exactly what you need to see duplicated for success I have an opinion on duplication… it makes people mad… especially those who teach duplication. You don’t have to agree with this opinion, but here goes. Why duplication doesn’t work. * Mary has a million dollar smile. Whenever she smiles, people want...Read More »

K.I.S.S. by Rod Nichols

This is truly a business of duplicating what your upline leaders (Simon) say to do I’m sure you’ve probably heard the acronym K.I.S.S., as it’s been used very heavily in network marketing. Although I love the concept, I dislike the word typically used for the final “S”, which is Stupid. Since...Read More »

All successful teams are built around Systems by Dale Calvert

I believe that what separates elite coaches from all others is the same thing that separates those who make $10,000 a month in MLM, from those that develop $10,000 a month earners in network marketing. The keyword here is system(S) plural, not a system. Quite frankly, I could write books on...Read More »

What your downline should be duplicating – and how to get them to do it by Tim Sales

Great Questions & Answers about being a Network Marketing Leader.  Several months ago I conducted a survey to find out what network marketers really wanted to learn, and what topics would be helpful to them. I discovered an overwhelming number wanted to learn more about successful duplication within their organization....Read More »

Duplication; does it exist, what does it mean and how can it help you? by RS Mallory

RS Mallory Those leaders who learn to dance this well orchestrated ballet of “loose duplication” always seem to be in demand. Successful Network Marketers know that in order for them to get what they want, they must help others achieve their goals and dreams. Oddly enough that sounds easy, but most folks...Read More »

Duplication Begins on the INSIDE... by Teresa Romain

Duplication is a powerful principle in your business that goes beyond the “business building systems” you need. When it comes to the concept of duplication, you probably think it’s about having a duplicatable system for building your business – one that others can follow. Having and following such a system (or...Read More »

Go Forth and Multiply! by Jan Ruhe

Just think if you could put yourself on a Xerox machine and choose the number of people you would like in your team as fired up as you are and as passionate about your business as you are! Oh boy is recruiting and replicating yourself fun! Just think if you could...Read More »

Replicate Yourself by Cloning Their Dreams!!! by Sean Murphy

Do you think the folks that you will be enrolling into your business, do you think they would like to be able to focus on 1 important goal? Let’s face it; no one “REALLY” wants to be just like you, they want to be just like themselves! Right? So the key to...Read More »

Stop Selling! Start Selecting! by Randy Gage

You don’t have to sell to be successful in the business. And you’ll probably duplicate better and be more successful if you don’t!  This issue’s theme is, “The Best Networkers Never Appear To Be Selling Anything.” I would disagree with that thought a little. I would actually say the best networkers...Read More »


A Compelling 'Why' by Denis Waitley

If the why is big enough, the how is usually not a problem I have a suitcase for you. In that suitcase there is $1 million in cash. The suitcase is sitting in a building that is about an hour’s drive from where you are now. Here is the deal: All...Read More »

AFFORMATIONS: Better than Affirmations? by Noah St.John

If you assume that life is for you, you will naturally take actions based on the belief that “things will work out for the best” – and your results will naturally follow. In Part 1 of this series, I introduced you to my discovery of AFFORMATIONS – empowering questions (NOT “affirmations”)...Read More »

What will you do this summer? by Sandy Botkin

Combine your vacation with business and make life a little less taxing! How would you like to deduct all of your vacation costs that you have this year? You can, and it is easy to do. Let me illustrate how to accomplish this with a successful network marketer that I know,...Read More »

Women in network marketing by Kim Klaver

The Trick to Stick If the promise of money doesn’t keep them in…what is it? “Start with the end in mind,” says motivational guru Steve Covey in his best seller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It can be the end of your life, or the end of an effort...Read More »

Winning Over Competition Ethically and With Integrity by David Feinstein

Competition in business has to be won only by using “cut-throat” tactics? There seems to be a common myth flying around that says that competition in business has to be won only by using “cut-throat” tactics. I guess it’s pretty clear where we get this notion in days where good ole’...Read More »

Endurance – Can You Go The Distance? by Jim Bellacera

Do you have what it takes to hold on, hang on and keep on until success arrives? ENDURANCE – Definition: 1. To hold up under (hardship, pain, etc.) 2. To tolerate 1. To continue, last 2. To bare pain, etc. without flinching, persist, survive, outlast. In other words, hold on, hang...Read More »


Is This What You Want Your Team to Do? by George Madiou

2 Major Points on Duplication Rather than have your entire team make up ways to grow their business in a hit or miss way, we might want to short cut that activity and duplicate the successful actions that are proven and that will help your group become successful. Duplication can be...Read More »