One of the most important decisions a network marketer will ever make in their career is to choose wisely when choosing the right company for themselves

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Choosing Wisely By George Campbell

Choosing Wisely by George Campbell Don’t Choose Poorly! – Company – Line of sponsorship Select the right activity that you will take action, on a daily basis. Make that action a High Leverage activity. ...Read More »

Choosing Wisely By Steve Dailey

Choosing the correct Network Marketing company is like a marriage, not a dating experience. Ask yourself, “am I in the right company?” Examine your motive. Network Marketing is about the long game. ...Read More »

Choosing With Passion by Terri Levine

Choosing With Passion ...Read More »

How To Choose The Right Network Marketing Company For You By Richard Brooke

Richard Brooke Today I want to address a question that I receive on what seems to be a weekly basis: “Hey Richard, what Network Marketing company do you think I should join?” A Startup?A trendsetter?A trend follower?The fastest-growing?The one that promises to be the biggest?The one that cuts me a deal?The one with the best comp plan?The one everyone I know is joining? I...Read More »

Three considerations for Choosing the Right Network Marketing Company for You. By John Hackett Ed.D.

We are living in amazingly challenging times. Simon Sinek, in a recent interview for Inc.Magazine Simon Sinek’s Advice to Leaders, Check-in. And Truly Listen referred to COVID 19 as the “Great Revealer.”It has revealed the strengths and weaknesses of our health care system, leadership, organizations, and businesses and the dire...Read More »

5 Questions to Nail Down the Right Company for You to Sign Up with by David Feinstein

Work is just working if one doesn’t have the passion for it. People leave jobs every day for a variety of reasons. It’s not easy to have passion for something that bores the soul or doesn’t recognize the hard work that someone has done. No matter what the issue is,...Read More »

What’ll it Be? MLM’s From A to Z by David Dunworth

As the image above says, there are so many network marketing companies (call them what you will) that there is something out there for every aspiring millionaire. As the late comedian Jimmie Durante used to say, there are a  million of ‘em! (paraphrased)  If you’re not old enough to know the...Read More »

Choosing Wisely By Robert Butwin

Choosing Wisely By Robert Butwin ...Read More »


Shortcutting the learning curve for those that are coachable to live their 5-star lifestyle. By Sandi Cohen

Sandi Cohen Goes From Riches To Rags To Riches – Her Network Marketing Story With The Publisher Of The Network Marketing Magazine, George Madiou And The Owner of Building Fortunes Radio, Peter Mingils ...Read More »

More Wisdom From Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter A great question to pre-sell prospects. “Do you think a part-time job would be better for you than a part-time business?”Most prospects will immediately attach themselves to wanting a part-time business. Working a part-time job until age 67 doesn’t sound like much fun. Want to make presentations a lot...Read More »

Art's Corner Mighty Musings by Arthur Tugman

Arthur Tugman Even if you are on the road to success, you won’t get there unless you are driven by desire.  Integrity is the only trust one will need to succeed. Blind determination is insight for success. If you labor in love your harvest will always be in season other words a paycheck will...Read More »

Come...Soar with the Eagles by Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson Come…Soar with the Eagles Dedicated to all the brave men and women in network marketing who dare to pursue their visions and dreams until they become realities! A mighty weapon in the hand of God is a man or a woman with a dream They carry a torch and lead the way so...Read More »

You Need Undeniable Belief in Yourself by David Feinstein

Did you know that one of the main factors of whether or not someone succeeds or fails is less about ability, but more about BELIEF in yourself! You see there are tons and tons of people who have made it in the network marketing industry– and made it really big, but...Read More »

Social Media & Technology

Social Media Article and Video From The Archives by Jeanette S. Lopez

Facebook ~ what would we do if we couldn’t post our “Selfies” for the entire world to see these days!  Even our grandmothers are on these sites!    There is still such a wide range of opinions regarding what Social Media... This content is for members only.Log In Register...Read More »


Choosing Wisely, Three Things to Consider By George Madiou

George Madiou One of the first and most important decisions a network marketer will ever make in their career is to choose wisely when choosing the right company for themselves. The person who gets into a network marketing business because they were presented with an attractive financial opportunity, with only considering the...Read More »