Cover_2007_June This month’s issue is about Loving Your Team. No one builds a network marketing business alone. The success of your business will revolve around the team you build. Everyone has different styles. The style you choose will revolve around your leadership style. Leadership is a skill you can develop.

Some of us will nurture your team along. Others will understand what my good friend Dale Calvert talks about in this month’s article What They Need To Hear. Dale is not into, what he calls, Burping And Diapering his down line. Michael Clouse says sponsor only those people with whom you would like to become friends. If you wouldn’t have them in your home, why would you have them in your business? This month we have a lot of perspectives to the theme Loving Your Team.

Share with us your input on this month’s theme by emailing me and enjoy this June’s issue!

Aim High!

George Madiou,
President and Founder


What they need to hear by Dale Calvert

You must love your downline enough to tell them “What they NEED to hear, not necessarily what they WANT to hear” One of the biggest mistakes I made my first 3 years in the business was trying to do everything for everybody. After my first 3 years of non stop effort...Read More »

The Fruit of Love by Rod Nichols

Love is the ultimate attraction marketing system As I contemplated this month’s theme: Loving Your Team, my mind immediately went to my friend (and upline), Collette. When she entered the network marketing industry thirteen years ago, she was a part-time secretary without any education beyond high school. Collette had no previous...Read More »

"The Five Love Languages for Network Marketers" by Toni Brown

Loving your team is not just something that is nice to do. It is something that you must do in order to have long-term success. Imagine what it would be like if you gave birth to a brand new baby and then never held it, never kissed it, or never showed...Read More »

Loving Your Team by Gary Eby

In a world where “high tech” has become prolific in building a team I believe we all need to be reminded to utilize “high touch” as well. “The Power of Love” has been the title for numerous popular songs: (You Got) “The Power of Love” by The Everly Brothers in 1966…...Read More »

It's about Developing Others by Ariana Reed

5 quick and easy ways to show your appreciation and boost team morale As we build a network marketing business we are developing others. Working with our organizations can be richly rewarding on both a personal and professional level. Your group will give more time, energy, and focus to the cause...Read More »

The Wonderful Gift that will Benefit Both You and Your Team by Michael Oliver

Take the time to sit down and really listen to the other person as they explain what it is they really want Would you like to give each and every member of your team a wonderful gift? A gift, moreover, that is extremely valuable both to them and you and yet...Read More »


Wherever you are, be there by Jim Rohn

Until we learn to be there, we will never master the art of living well. One of the major reasons why we fail to find happiness or to create unique lifestyle is because we have not yet mastered the art of being. While we are home our thoughts are still absorbed with...Read More »

Avoid Slipping into the Negativity of Others - Uplift Them with Your Own Positivity by Peggy McColl

In our desire for companionship, how willing are we to hold our own mood? Not long ago I happened to meet a lovely woman who, like me, was selling her house. We started to have a nice chat, and she told me that she was selling the place because she was...Read More »

After the Warm Market is Gone and Other Phrases That Scare You by Laura Johnson

Sometimes there are some things that happen, that scare you beyond belief. But are they too scary? Network marketing can be such an exciting opportunity. You get to have something you believe in. You get to work the hours you want on your business. You get to be your own boss....Read More »

Thoughts on Successful People by Chris Widener

3 principles that will make you a success. I was hired to do some training for a sales team from one of the largest companies in America. There were 16 people on this team. This year their sales (for the 16 of them) will be 250 million – that’s right, a...Read More »

Mom's State of the Union Address by Kathy Smith

DREAMS DO COME TRUE, SO ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!! Women in Network Marketing, WOW! Why so many wonderful, talented, loving, and passionate women are drawn to this dynamic industry of NM. For me, it was a process of being fully educated on the many benefits that network marketing has to offer, especially...Read More »

The Ultimate Success Formula by Frank Bolella

The four common principles of successful people Is there such a thing as “The Ultimate Success Formula?” Well, after twenty five years of studying success, I’ve come to believe that there is a generic success formula that can be used to achieve your goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. It...Read More »

The Leader's Leader - The Courage of Conviction by Jack Lannom

Conviction gives birth to confidence; and confidence breeds courage. Last month, we began discussing the benefits that an organization reaps when its managers lead by Example. You’ll recall that Example is the second success strategy of the LEADERSHIP acrostic. Stability is one outcome for the logos-driven organization; courage is another. Courage...Read More »

The Challenge of being the leader that your team needs by Camilo Cruz

In any organization the group will always move at the leader’s pace. In the network marketing industry, the idea that the success of any organization is simply a reflection of the success, degree of motivation and commitment of its people is especially relevant. David Packard, cofounder of Hewlett Packard, often said:...Read More »

Building Trust, Admiration and Respect by Richard Brooke

Our challenge is not easy and it will not be done on our behalf without having the trust, admiration and respect of those whom we need to build a successful business with. In today’s world of over-selling, hype and fraud at the highest levels of our society, nothing could be more...Read More »

The Truth About Seasons in Network Marketing! by Sue Seward

Plant seeds all summer long and you are bound to have a bountiful harvest Well school is out here and summer is just right around the corner! Some people consider summer a time of slow down in our industry. Here’s the truth which will set you FREE! I never slow down in...Read More »

Five ways to heat up cold distributors by Michael Clouse

Distributors in suspended animation? Heat them up with the Sponsoring Rule of Five Water has always fascinated me. Freeze it, thaw it out and watch it return to its original form. Liquid to solid to liquid once again… Now try that with an egg! Indeed, this wonderfully refreshing “two parts hydrogen...Read More »


Angel Matos by TNMM Editor

A former Bakery owner who finds inspiration in biographies of those who have succeeded, shares the wisdom and insights gained on his way to becoming a Black Diamond Executive in MonaVie. Angel, we want to thank you for giving us the time for an interview today. Having newly launched a Spanish...Read More »


It's All Good - Pause and Appreciate by Maran Banta

Appreciation, individual, specific and lavish, is my theme for the summer.  Mother Teresa is quoted as saying, “There is more hunger in the world for love and appreciation than for bread.” I’ve been doing some non-scientific research on that idea and it sure seems true to me. Most people, even...Read More »

Expect Miracles - BELIEVE! BE LOVE! by Mary K Weinhagen

Feel the love first… the team will follow!  Loving your team requires big values, a little humility, straight talk, a genuine point of view and a sense of humor. It’s getting into and staying in conversation with each and every individual. It’s celebrating the $225/week saved on childcare and the...Read More »

The 3 Most Common Desires In Network Marketing by George Madiou

Pay five cents and get back five dollars. How often would you do that? You would do it as often as you were allowed. How many people that you know and love would you share this great value with?  The Network Marketing has become a hub where some of...Read More »