Cover_2008_June This month we discover one of the most essential skill sets for a successful network marketing business. You can know and understand your company’s products and services. You can know your compensation plan backward and forward. You can be the best at closing the “deal”. If you can’t bring people to the table, success will elude you. If you can become a master prospector, and nothing else, there will be people in your upline that can do the presentation. You will find out what you will get paid. You will have people who will do a great job for you to bring your prospect on to your team. BUT if there is no one to bring to your expert team members, you will simply not succeed. The better you master prospecting and bring many people to the table as quickly as you can the faster you will experience the joy of a successful network marketing business. Discover what the experts have for you on the skill of Prospecting!

Aim High!

George Madiou


The ART of Prospecting by Jim Britt

Networking offers diverse benefits from finding business partners to meeting famous people with influence, to making new friends and more. Entering into a networking relationship with someone can provide many opportunities.  You just picked up the mail and you receive an invitation to a big event. One of your current...Read More »

How to Prospect Without Joining the NFL (No Friends League) by Rod Nichols

The best thing about this approach is that you won’t alienate any of your friends or family members! One of the most common mistakes I see made in network marketing is what I call the “vomit approach”. A new network marketer learns about their company and products and then excitedly vomits...Read More »

Prospecting your niche markets and discovering your pathways to success by Dr. Joe Rubino

This training piece lays out clear suggestions for Single Daily Actions that give a clear Game Plan with ability to Track Results!  Many distributors often ask if it is more effective to lead with product or opportunity in their prospecting conversations. I believe that the most effective prospecting conversations lead with...Read More »

Prospecting - Love It or Hate It - It is Our Life Blood by Carol Briney

The question we need to ask ourselves is who are we to be so selfish not to offer our opportunity to others? Sitting here thinking back I realize what a pain-in-the-butt I was when my enroller called me the first few times. I gave that man every excuse in the book....Read More »

The ABC's of prospecting by Robert Shemin

How to double, triple and perhaps quadruple your prospects and your income The ABC’s of prospecting, which is the life blood of your business and your income, is very simple. We all know our ABC‘s so now you must practice this very simple formula which is ABP. ALWAYS BE PROSPECTING. My father always...Read More »

The Life Blood of Your Business by Gary Eby

The very life blood of your business is prospecting! In our natural bodies life is in the blood. Without the blood circulating throughout the body, it will die. If you wrap a rubber band around your little finger and left it there long enough, it would turn black and literally rot,...Read More »

The Taming of the Hairy Beast by Kat McCarthy

The easiest method of prospecting in any situation is one based on love, mutual respect and an authentic desire to help people get what they want.  I can clearly remember the excitement and anticipation I felt when I got involved with my very first Network Marketing Company more then a...Read More »

Prospecting by RS Mallory

Prospecting starts with your Intention to help others become successful. It always amazes me when folks hear the word “prospecting” and then turn a “paler shade of green”! The word instantly puts up roadblocks, raising the hair on your arms and creates visions of dollars flying out of your pocket, or...Read More »


The Importance of What's Important by John Milton Fogg

This is the first of many Lessons from the BeliefBusters course. Each Lesson contains information to increase your knowledge and awareness and deepen your understanding and wisdom So… What’s Most Important to You…? On anybody’s list of “Great Questions,” that one has to rank way up top. For the moment, let’s...Read More »

Persuasion - The Key to Success by Charlie Jones

All our lives we encounter persuaders. The world needs one more positive persuader… is it you? All our lives we encounter persuaders. Those who were successful are largely responsible for the way we are. Because some of us are exposed to some positive persuaders we are drawn to become positive persuaders. I...Read More »

The Leader's Leader - by Jack Lannom

Collect Negative Knowledge Faster than Your Competitors Organizations must reject the idea that failure is an expense and learn to see failure as an investment in an education.  As a coach prepares a team to run in a competitive race, she understands that some of the most important lessons are...Read More »

Recharging Your Relationship by Chris Widener

If we will put these principles into practice we will see our relationships grow in ways they never have before and that in turn will make our whole life better. Now you may ask why we would write an article about developing better relationships. The reason is because I believe that...Read More »

Five things you can learn about winning from Danica Patrick by Jill Koenig

Every Goal has specific elements that are more crucial than others. Identify the areas that are most critical. Focus on those. Danica Patrick’s first racing season was in 2005 at Homestead-Miami. That year, she became the first woman to lead the Indy 500 for 19 laps and finished the race in...Read More »

A Lesson on Success from Bruce Jenner by Jack Zufelt

Life can change for the better when you get in touch with your Core Desires! Bruce Jenner seemed to have it all. He was the 1976 Olympic decathlon champion who seemed too All-American to be true. He was the man on the Wheaties box and on the cover of Sports Illustrated....Read More »

Conducting a Personal Inventory of your "Knowledge Resources" by Denis Waitley

Follow through on some of Dr. Waitley’s action steps and increase your knowledge base… with results that may surprise you! Self-knowledge has always been the key to preparing for competition. Knowledge of your attributes, abilities, interests, strengths, weaknesses, and traits is essential to riding the front end of the wave of...Read More »

Service and You by Linda Yates

Linda shares the elements in experiencing and delivering a positive service experience.  Have you ever thought about all of the components in going out for dinner? There are many factors that affect the dining experience. The same could be said of going on a vacation or buying a piece of...Read More »

#6 BE quick to apologize when you are wrong by Paul Morris

Paul’s “BE” Attitudes for Daily Living Face it, we all make mistakes once in a while. Perhaps we make a wrong assumption, maybe we thought we heard something else other than what was said, or possibly we misquoted something we heard someone else say. Regardless of how the mistake was made or...Read More »


Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer's Soul shows the human side of our business by George Madiou

A wide range of stories, from all pockets of society  Those of us who work in MLM know what a special and unique human enterprise we share. The people who get deeply involved in network marketing undergo one of the most rewarding and challenging personal development courses on Earth. Network...Read More »

Technology & Things

Using the Right Technology to Build an E-Mail List of Prospects by Jim Dickinson

So how do you step into email marketing, or improve on what you are already doing? What would it be like to get an email out of the blue, like this one? Dear Jim, You don’t know me, but I have been getting your email newsletters for the past few months...Read More »


Stories from Chicken Soup For the Network Marketer's Soul by Bill Hyman

A Little Guiding Light by Tommy Wyatt A Little Guiding Light by Tommy WyattI was never particularly spiritual when I got started in network marketing back in the spring of 1998. At a relatively immature age 33, to that point, my life revolved around men’s league softball, my wife of five...Read More »


Developing Relationships Online by Mary K Weinhagen

Create YOUR space at MySpace and other online communities and meet new friends!  Have you ever cringed when people talk about working/using MySpace? If you’re thinking it’s just a place where kids get together and listen to bands, hopefully we’ll disabuse you of that notion today. I finally took the...Read More »

Prospecting, for what? by George Madiou

What is it that I’m really prospecting for? American Heritage Dictionary pros•pect (prŏs’pìkt’) n. Something expected; a possibility. prospects a. Chances. b. Financial expectations, especially of success. c. A potential customer, client, or purchaser. d. A candidate deemed likely to succeed. Something presented to the eye; a scene: a pleasant prospect. v. pros•pect•ed, pros•pect•ing, pros•pects So this is how the...Read More »