Cover_2009_June Do you look at your network marketing business as a mission driven business?

Perhaps if you don’t that might be the reason why you’re not enjoying the success you are expecting. What is a mission driven business? This month you will discover why this is so important and what you need to do to get on track and stay on track.


Predict the Future by Steve Dailey

Shift your mindset to relying on your ability to invent new approaches  My son and I were driving home from a Boy Scout meeting the other night and he pointed out a very bright star in the sky – standing out all by itself just as the moon was rising....Read More »

A mission: Workplace Passion by Bonnie Ross-Parker

If you are going to pursue anything, why not give 100% of yourself in the process? Is there any other way to achieve results and satisfaction?  “PASSION: A Powerful force that cannot be stopped.” Moliere One life. One lifetime and one on-going journey to make a difference. Just stop to...Read More »

Humor opens hearts by Karen Justice

Laughter is the best marketing so find your sense of humor. It pays.  It overcomes resistance. The media’s constant blitz of negativity is exhausting. A lot of people let themselves get so frazzled they now have a Stephen King movie whirring away inside their heads. We need to be good news...Read More »

The Lighthouse Campaign by Richard Brooke

This is not a mission for the faint of heart, the confused or easily distracted. This is a mission for clear-headed, clear-minded, “my aliveness depends on it” warriors… peaceful, spiritual warriors.  Are you a laser of light that stands for your opportunity? I am constantly struck hard with how often...Read More »

Catch Me If You Can by Linda Yates

Talking the talk and walking the talk have distinct differences. So the next time you have the opportunity of being trustworthy… DO IT.  “Good decisions come from wisdom; Wisdom comes from experience; Experience comes from making bad decisions.” –Author Unknown A little more than five years ago I had the...Read More »

To What Are You Committed? by John Milton Fogg

What you are committed to is what rules your life. That’s why commitment is so powerful, and the highest-level commitments are ones that empower you and others.  “Until one is committed there is always hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there...Read More »

Building a 'Maybe' Driven Business or a Mission Driven Business by Sean Murphy

Get into the habit of asking, “Is this activity going to move me closer to my dreams, or is this part of my Mission for life?”  No matter where in the world people are building their business, I have asked, “So share with me your Mission Statement”, and the answer...Read More »

Mission Possible by Rod Nichols

If you follow this MI system, you too will be incredibly successful in network marketing.  I’m old enough to remember the original Mission Impossible television show. It was one of my favorite shows. Some of you may remember the show or perhaps you’ve seen the movies with Tom Cruise. Although...Read More »

Focus on Being Focused by Gary Eby

Life has so many variables that every day of our lives we must choose to focus in on that day’s events. We cannot just point and shoot.  I read an interesting article once. An ophthalmologist had said that there were more nearsighted people in New York City than in any...Read More »

Create Your Own Mission Statement for Your Personal and Professional Life by Denis Waitley

Great tragedies: never to have a great mission in life, and to have fully reached it so no challenge remains.  Two of life’s greatest tragedies are: Never to have had a great mission in life, and to have fully reached it so there is no challenge remaining. Are you going where...Read More »

Mission Driven Business; do you have to be a Preacher? by RS Mallory

Our mission, if you will, is to empower new distributors by educating them and encouraging them to embrace this philosophy.  The economy is creating a plethora of opportunity and unlimited pool of prospects for network marketers and those who wish to create a better future for their families. Even the...Read More »


Y.O.U. Set a High Standard for Being Human by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Chapter 6: Be Conscious About Being Conscientious  [Editor’s note: Continuing a series taken directly from Bonnie Ross-Parker’s book, Y.O.U. Set a High Standard for Being Human. We will publish a chapter each month though 2009] Be Conscious About Being Conscientious | 6 “I concentrate on my life as it unfolds”...Read More »

Nitty-Gritty Reasons by Jim Rohn

What nitty-gritty reasons do you have waiting to challenging and provoke you into change for the better?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be motivated to achievement by such a lofty goal as benevolence? I must confess, however, that in the early years of my struggle to succeed, my motivation was...Read More »

"What Have You Done For Me Lately?" by John David Mann

Keeping Leadership in Perspective It’s easy to forget that without the magnetizing effect of the leadership, the team effort likely would never have coalesced in the first place.  If we were to elect a patron saint of network marketing from the annals of history, Archimedes would get my vote. Archimedes,...Read More »

FAQ by Jeffrey Babener

Frequently Asked Questions – About MLM and Network Marketing  Thought You’d Never Ask Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the network marketing industry. Q: Can I belong to more than one company? A: Most network marketing companies will allow you to belong to more...Read More »

The Day Your Life Will Change for Good by Chris Widener

Decide, Act, Follow-through. The day you do will be the day you change your life – for good!  Many people long for a better life. In fact, I think it is innate to humans to desire a better life. Wherever we are at we look beyond and dream of a...Read More »

The Power of a Word by Michael Bernoff

I am setting out to teach you and every other network marketer interested in doing what easily works… the most powerful words in the English language. Have you ever wondered how many words are in the dictionary? Do you know how many of them we use regularly? Have you ever noticed...Read More »

Fearless Business Growth: by Denise Corcoran

Making 2009 your Biggest, Boldest, Most Audacious and Profitable Year Ever… Even in a Recession Are you or your company becoming a “shrinking violet” in this economic downturn? Do you find yourself controlled by a “wait and see” attitude, hoping the future will magically get better? Do you realize that, if...Read More »

The Power to Succeed by Dr. Joe Rubino

One of the most prominent reasons why people fail in network marketing is that they, too often, act out of what is convenient in the moment.  Acting Out Of Your Commitments Instead Of What Is Convenient HAVING THE COURAGE TO ACT OUT OF YOUR COMMITMENTS One of the most prominent...Read More »

Relationship Marketing by Roger Boger

What is it?  In our haste to gain market target visibility, we sometimes overlook our most important resource – our relationship with people! This is ironic because success in any business has it’s foundation rooted in interpersonal relationships. Relationship marketing is the process of attracting, maintaining and enhancing relationships with key...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings Influencing Your Mission Driven Business Power will drive you to an early grave your mission is what keeps you alive Arthur Tugman NULL ~ Wanting what others have is universal but to actually go and get it, our choice becomes singular Arthur Tugman ~ All of our dreams could materialize...Read More »

Your Past, Your Present or Your Future by Richard Brooke

Without mastering the Art of Vision and Self-Motivation, you and I will tend to believe those things that we have actually experienced.  The beginning of the question is: “what is your vision created of… your past, your present or your future?” Maybe we need to back up a little to...Read More »


A Mission Driven Business by George Madiou

A mission driven business is one of the first places you should start to give yourself an advantage for a very successful business.  Can my business be a mission driven business? Your business can not only be a mission driven business but I believe it must be driven by what your...Read More »

On a Mission? by Mary K Weinhagen

It’s one thing to HAVE a mission… it’s another to be 101% clear and committed to that mission.  It’s one thing to HAVE a mission… it’s another to be 101% clear and committed to that mission. While exploring this month’s theme, Mission-Driven Business, I found myself wondering if the difference...Read More »