Cover_2011_June When someone says the word Value what comes to your mind?

Perhaps something like Value City, Value Village, a special, a good deal, perhaps what something is worth. If we add an S to the end of the word and make it VALUES, that one letter addition, that one small change, refocuses us on a whole meaning.

Values are generally seen as what’s important to us. Perhaps in our relationships, in our work, in our business, or our everyday lives. Sometimes they are referred as Core Values. I prefer to call them “Heart Values”.

What are the values that are deep in your heart and how do you apply them in everything you do.

This Month’s issue is all about Values. I believe you will find some every interesting thoughts and ideas shared by our contributors this month, perhaps inspiring you to really look and find out what your Values really are!

See you at the top!

Ted Henry


You Are Your Values by RS Mallory

It is our VALUES & ETHICS that will help us create a life’s plan around the goals and desires that emerge from our personal philosophy. Be true to your Values and you will ALWAYS meet your Needs AND Goals! We are fortunate in Network Marketing to have myriad Personal Growth Mentors...Read More »

An Expression of Your Core Values by Carolynn Wain

I believe that if a person will put his or her mind to it, any of us may find a way to turn what it is we’re doing into a passionate pursuit You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job, and not be paid...Read More »

The Direct Selling Women's Alliance Values – Service, Trust, Authenticity, Integrity, Respect by Direct Selling Women's Alliance

Have you ever wanted to belong to a group of like-minded individuals from all different organizations and backgrounds with the same values? Have you ever wanted to belong to a group of like-minded individuals who support each other in the direct selling industry? To belong to a group made up of...Read More »

Success is Matching the Right Goal to Your Needs by Terri Levine

How much easier it becomes to set goals to achieve specific things that matter to you! Picture this: You are looking at yourself ten year’s from now. What do you see? How is your life? Where are you living? What are you doing? You don’t know? That’s too far away? Why...Read More »

VALUES are Where It Is At! by Barbara Pellegrino

When you can link your daily activities, your business mission and your personal mission to your highest values, you will find you will sleep well at night and wake up refreshed excited and ready to “seize the day.” I have heard many direct sellers and network marketers say that they decided...Read More »

Values – The ABC's of Business Values by Deb Bixler

Our values, those things which are important to us, change and evolve over time. Our values, those things which are important to us, change and evolve over time. (Thank goodness for that!!) Every company has business values whether they are aware of them or not. There are literally hundreds of values...Read More »

Maximizing Your Productivity By Honoring Your Values and Life Rules by Dr. Joe Rubino

When your core values and life rules are honored you step into your power to function at your highest level. When you are not fully aware of your life rules, you may put yourself in situations where they can be easily violated. We all have a set of rules we follow...Read More »

Values? Who Needs 'Em? by Russ McNeil

So tell me, are values important to prospecting? Do values belong in your prospecting efforts? Russ shares a few thoughts with a bit of humor. You don’t have to be in the industry long before you hear or read something about values. Whether your opportunity has its roots in Network Marketing,...Read More »

Zig On... Success – What it is and What it Isn't by Zig Ziglar

Take the time to examine your life and take small steps to gain balance. What is success? It is many things to many people. Here are a few signs of success: Success is closing the door to your office at the end of the day with a smile of satisfied contentment...Read More »

Values – Defining Your Needs So You Can Determine Your Goals by Julie Ziglar Norman

Values, whether we recognize it or not, strongly determine the direction our lives take. Values, whether we recognize it or not, strongly determine the direction our lives take. Values are in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding what is required for an idea to mature into a goal. Last January I...Read More »


Crafting a Vision by Margie Aliprandi

A visionary person has the ability to see things that aren’t here yet with such clarity and intensity, that they can bring them into existence and won’t rest until they have. I can think of few things more important than crafting a clear and compelling vision as you build your network...Read More »

What Is Success? by Chris Widener

So what is success? It is wholeness in every area of your life. It isn’t the achievement of one area to the detriment of one or more of the others. A company entitled “Made for Success” begs the question: Just what is success? So, join me as I wax philosophical and...Read More »

Look Up To Those Beneath You by Denis Waitley

The most successful business leaders today are like great coaches who manage by inspiration, instead of intimidation. The most successful business leaders today are like great coaches who manage by inspiration, instead of intimidation. The ‘command and control’ management style is obsolete. In this fast forward global marketplace, there is no...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings If you dread facing a foe because it’s in your head instead, take immediate action and get it out of your mind. Arthur Tugman ~ Individual success requires self-direction. Arthur Tugman ~ Group failure is usually the result of other’s defection. Arthur Tugman ~ When work is satisfying...Read More »

Evaluating Your Associations by Jim Rohn

It is called association on purpose – getting around the right people by expanding your circle of influence. And when you do that, you will naturally limit the relationships that are holding you back. Take a look at the power of influence in our lives and how it is possible to...Read More »


My Ben Franklin by George Madiou

Thirteen virtues – important guides for living. I spent a short time recently with my family in Philadelphia. I had a wonderful time exploring one of our greatest founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. Ron Kurtus recently wrote about Benjamin Franklin’s thirteen virtues, reprinted below. When I was in Philadelphia, I was there...Read More »