Cover_2013_June The subject of Multiple Streams of Income comes up often. Can a distributor “work” more than one network marketing opportunity successfully? Some say no, some say yes. What do you think about this? Other people say you can’t work a network marketing opportunity and a non MLM opportunity. Again, what do you think?

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George Madiou


Islands In The Streams by Gail Reynolds

Remember your islands are why you are doing this in the first place! Islands in the streams Having multiple streams of income sounds like the Dream Life we all wish for. However, if you are going to work towards having this idyllic life you will have to look at exactly what...Read More »

Working Multiple MLM's by Rod Nichols

My 3 concerns about trying to build two or more businesses simultaneously Through my 34 years of network marketing, I’ve had many people approach me with the idea of working multiple MLM’s. Some were asking if I thought it was possible and some were just trying to get me in their...Read More »

Working Multiple MLM Programs: A Gross Fallacy of Logic by Len Clements

Let¡¯s be clear on what prospects are really looking for ¡ª the opportunity to make money! Of over 6,000 active network marketers who were surveyed from 1990 to 1999, 55% said they were focusing on building one, and just one, network marketing company. Nineteen percent said they were an active distributor...Read More »

Multiple Streams of Income are An Inside Job by Jackie Lee

There’s no need for me to go outside of my business to look for another income stream. I have all I need within my business. Every new person becomes a new income stream. You hear it all the time. The words are thrown around like they are a given, and you’re...Read More »

Before you go looking for another stream of income, “bottle” the stream in your own backyard by Teresa Romain

An Alternative Approach to Having More Money and Multiple Streams of Income When I first heard that the theme of this issue would be multiple streams of income, I knew I wanted to contribute an article – an article that approaches this topic from a completely different angle. I’m not going...Read More »

Creating Multiple Streams of MLM Income, What They Don't Tell You by Dale Calvert

There is a reason the concept of “definite of purpose” was discussed in Think and Grow Rich. In my 30+ years in Network Marketing I have never met a mlm leader who was working two or more network marketing companies at the same time and earning at least $10,000.00 a month,...Read More »

STOP WORKING "FULL TIME" and Ask Yourself: How many ways do I get paid? by Michael York

THINK LIKE A CONSULTANT or CEO. These are individuals who are typically highly-paid in more ways than one. MULTIPLE STREAMS of income is the result of their THINKING and their PROJECTS. Some of the greatest business advice I was ever given came from CHANGE AGENT/CONTRARIAN/CONSULTING GURU/AUTHOR Tom Peters. In the late...Read More »

Open up new multiple streams of income by David Feinstein

Take the time and explore your options Creating new streams of income may sound like a daunting task. For some folks this task is challenging but as with experience, it will get easier to do. You can make different levels of income that is not just based on your company’s sales,...Read More »


Don't Blame the Prospects! by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Success in network marketing isn’t luck, good weather, etc. – success is simply saying and doing the right things. Distributor #1 goes to lunch. The waiter comes by and says: “What would you like to order?” Distributor #1 replies: “A hamburger, French fries and a Coke.” Distributor #1 then goes home,...Read More »

Become Your Own Superhero by Jim Britt

You will be amazed when you learn about the supernatural powers “YOU” already possess! Are you focused on what will produce you the greatest results? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? “Why does this always happen to me?” “Why do I “almost” make it then fail?” “Why does money and...Read More »

Hypnosis and Network Marketing Success by Steve Taubman

Hypnosis is a tool for impressing new information at a deep level.  “The key to wisdom is this constant and frequent questioning … for by doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth.” -Peter Abelard Picture this… You’re sitting in the audience at a...Read More »

Confidence: You only sell You! by Denis Waitley

You must recognize—with pleasure—that nobody else is just like you. This article’s focus is on self-confidence and self-esteem. In my opinion, there is nothing more important than your belief in your own potential for success and happiness, regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, looks, education or background. The truth is, every...Read More »

How to Talk To Anybody, Anytime by Chris Widener

Having something in common with someone is the start to a long and mutually beneficial relationship – one of the foundations of success! You know the situation: There you are at a business or social function and you end up with someone who you have never met before. Some people get...Read More »

Abundance by Steve Dailey

There is more wealth, more power and more influence available to more people than can ever be claimed in history. There has never been a time in history so prolifically abundant as the world we live in today. We live in the world’s most productive society and have access to more...Read More »

Finishing Well by Zig Ziglar

The good guys and the good gals really do win. Editor’s Note: This is a reprint of an article Mr. Ziglar wrote and was featured in a January 2011 newsletter. It speaks to living your life in such a way that you “finish well.” In honor of Zig’s extraordinary life, we...Read More »

The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” At that time I stated that I believe there are overriding principles that we should follow and be led by. That life is about constant, predictable patterns of change. And that as we approach the future; for all of us, the only...Read More »

Social Media & Facebook Etiquette by Sue Seward

Be the person people want to connect with We’d all like to attract, influence, and build more relationships on Facebook and other social media community’s, right? We want more friends and connections that lead to long term relationships, yes? We certainly don’t want to be accused of harassing or turning people off do we?   Lesson #1 –...Read More »


Warren Nelson – Exciting Adventure by John Milton Fogg

Every day I wake up and feel like clicking my heels. I just love this business. Warren Nelson grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. He was the oldest of five children born to “very young, struggling, selfless, enduringly good parents who were pretty far below the poverty line,” he says. The...Read More »


Multiple Streams of Income... Good or Bad? by George Madiou

First let’s define ‘multiple streams of income’ In my years in the Network Marketing industry, the subject of multiple streams of income has come up often. This subject has come up successfully and as a disaster for distributors. As we examine the subject, as far as a distributor developing 2 or...Read More »