Cover_2014_June Advertising takes many forms and it revolves around promoting you and your business. How would you best advertise and promote you and your business? What has produced the best results for you , the people in your group and those you have coached? See what our experts have to say. Email us and share your experiences.

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Gateways to Advertising without breaking your budget by David Feinstein

Are we maximizing our MLM advertising business? Some people may not realize that they are only using a tenth of the available mediums to highlight their businesses to new clients and to possible networking chains. In any MLM business structure, budgets define our movements in everything we do. This includes marketing,...Read More »

Habits for Tripling Your Income by Robert Shemin

If you and your team all performed this habit consistently for 6 months or 1 year you’re on your way to consistent profits!  Have you ever noticed what you do everyday and every hour? Perhaps a good idea would be to track each hour and all of the HABITS that...Read More »

It's NOT About Leads by Steve Dailey

Right people, right approach and at the right time. That’s the secret. It’s not about leads because leads are everywhere. I bet you want more leads. Most every network marketer I know thinks they need more leads. They’ve run through their friends and family, they’ve tried grabbing cards out of fish...Read More »

Facebook – 3 Tasks, 15 Minutes Daily by Bill Ganz

If communications got better; if communications got fast; if communications got cheaper; would you do it?  Network Marketers have always been Social Networkers even before there was an internet. Social Media and Social Networking is very much a new tool for Network Marketers to add to their arsenal for communications....Read More »

How to Stand Out in an Overcrowded Environment by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

You don’t have to fight on a crowded playing field. Create your own exclusive playing field. A Chicago restaurant gave away 1,000 coffee mugs with its name imprinted on them. The cost? Less than $1,500. Great advertising… and it was cheap advertising. Every day up to 1,000 potential customers would see...Read More »

Attracting Network Marketing Prospects with Classified Advertising by Dr. Joe Rubino

The most effective ads create rich value-laden benefits for their readers. Check out a few examples… Advertising can take many different forms and utilize a variety of media ranging from print media (newspapers, magazines, newsletters, bulletins, flyers, bill boards, posters and mailers) to radio, television and of course, the internet. Print...Read More »

Facebook Stats All Marketers Should Know and Profit From by Dale Calvert

How to effectively create leads on Facebook For the last few years I have been encouraging our newsletter and blog readers to become “Facebook marketing educated”  and learn how to effectively create leads on Facebook. A couple of months ago I attended a webinar that was awesome and well worth my...Read More »

The Track Record by Julie Ziglar Norman

Get Published – Be Known Before people do business with you they want to know something about you. They are naturally curious about your track record. Are you a success? Can you teach them what they want and need to know? Do you have credibility? If they Google you, will they...Read More »

Prospecting Principles by David Nelson

Prospecting requires planning. It takes time to do it. It requires an intense desire inside your chest that causes you to do what most others will not do. Really! The Essence of Prospecting What Prospecting Is — Prospecting is contacting “suspects” and identifying potential business partners and/or product purchasers. One networker...Read More »

How to Use Direct Response Magazine Advertising to Generate All the HOT Leads You Want! by Bob Schwartz

It’s absolutely thrilling to help a fellow small business owner create an advertisement that generated them more business. My name is Bob Schwartz, publisher of Home Business Advertiser. I must tell you that I am absolutely thrilled that you are, or want to be your own boss. Home Business Advertiser (HBA)...Read More »


Books are My Favorite Mentors by Charlie Jones

“You are the same today that you will be five years from now except for two things— the people you meet and the books you read” Everyone who knows me knows my mentors are books. As a salesman it was books; as a manager it was books; in my home it’s...Read More »

Multiple skills for the 21st century by Jim Rohn

Multiple skills give you something to fall back on and having a business you gain multiple skills while creating an income. I find it’s important to not walk into the 21st Century without multiple skills. But what I also find is that if you are already in sales, network marketing or...Read More »

Rich Networker Poor Networker by Robert Kiyosaki

Is network marketing the best system for the average person? Kiyosaki says “yes” and explains, “in the corporate world if you don’t sell, you’re fired. In network marketing they’ll work with you to achieve. What a deal that is! That’s revolutionary.” Robert this quote has been attributed to you: “If I had...Read More »

Taking Action... As Soon As I Know Everything by Ted Henry

I wanted to look professional and have ALL of the answers… so, I never got started! Some 17 years ago I got my start in Network Marketing. Someone drew some circles, told me I could make $100K a year and off to the races I went. How could this be so...Read More »


Expect Miracles - Quantum network marketing by Mary K Weinhagen

Is it possible that commitment collapses potential on the side of success? I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between commitment… and success… in any endeavor. As articles started to arrive for this month’s issue, with the theme of Committing to your business, I realized that we all understand that...Read More »

What Kind of Advertising Will be Best to Shout From the Roof Top? by George Madiou

Let your passion for your business SHINE! Out of all the ways to promote your business, what is one of the best?   How much do you love your business? How much do you love the company you represent? How much do you love the products or services your company has...Read More »