As networkers, one of the most powerful keys to our success is listening.  Our customers, potential business partners, and also mentors and teachers will all be the key to our success. The more that we become great listeners, the more successful we become.

Explore what the experts have to say within this special issue and let us know what has helped you the most. 

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Listening by Coach Steve Dailey

Listening is more than just hearing. Speaking is part of listening. Asking open-ended questions that invite conversation. Learn to listen from your heart. ...Read More »

The Art of Listening By Jim Britt

I heard it said that “Communication is easy.” I disagree. Talking is easy. Communication on the other hand, which is an exchange or communion with another, requires greater skill. A conversation exchanged with another, demands that we listen and speak skillfully not just talk mindlessly. And interacting with fear, anxiety,...Read More »

5 Levels of Listening by Nicki Keohohou

5 Levels of Listening Ignoring Pretend ListeningSelective ListeningAttentive ListeningDSWA Heart-Centered Listening ...Read More »

Tuning In By Terri Levine

Listening from the heart You must be a studentListening intentlyBecoming PresentWhat is their passionWhat are they great atListen for the critical gapQuiet your mind ...Read More »

The #1 Leadership Skill and Best Gift You Can Give to Those You Serve and Lead and Yourself and Now More Than Ever: Present Listening By John Hackett.Ed.D

 Alvin Toffler, in his 1970 book Future Shock, unknowingly described our world today in 2020. He defined future shock as “dizzying disorientation brought on by the premature arrival of the future.” this is an apt description of how many feel today.we all feel anxiety, stress, burnout, and uncertainty and isolation....Read More »

The Gift of Listening by Richard Brooke

Ever been chatting with someone, and before you can even finish your sentence, they interrupt to share their own thoughts or finish yours for you? Or perhaps you’re in the middle of making an important point and their attention is pulled away as they check their ringing cell phone, send an email, or reply to...Read More »

Presence: The Root of True Listening By Steve Taubman

Having interviewed many top network marketing leaders, both in the field and at the corporate level, I’ve noticed consistent qualities among them, which create energy that permeates the culture of their entire organization. If there’s truth to the assertion that your leadership has a direct and indirect effect on every individual...Read More »

Just Because You Hear Doesn’t Mean You Are Listening By David J Dunworth

Listening is an activity – an action. Hearing, on the other hand, requires no action whatsoever. So, just because you hear doesn’t mean you are listening. And, listening is not as well-known a skill as one would expect. “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with...Read More »


How to Stop Being Boring and Start “Peacocking” for More Home Business Success By David Feinstein

I’m someone who likes to give you MLM advice that you’re not going to get from anywhere else. Because of that, very often I’m proud to say, my advice usually pays off in droves for those who heed it. Today I’m going to show you something that you may not have ever...Read More »

The Coming Explosion By George Campbell

Network Marketing is on the cusp of the biggest explosion in growth that it has ever seen. What will it take for YOU to participate? ...Read More »

More Tips of Wisdom: Listening, From Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Listening is hard. Why? Because our minds think 10 times faster than other people can talk.Biting our tongues will work for a while, but eventually, the scar tissue and pain is too much. So what can we do to become better listeners?One easy fix is to change how we think about...Read More »

Why Walking Matters—Now More Than Ever By Dr. Shane O’Mara

Dr. Shane O’Mara Our upright gait is not just a defining feature of what it means to be human. It also makes our bodies and brains work better.Why does walking make us feel good? We all know that a satisfying stroll changes our outlook. Perhaps we realize it all the more...Read More »

How to be a Hotshot Small Business Owner with a Bold Content offer that spins heads? By David Feinstein

To become successful, there must be a strong willingness to take bold steps forward. All risks have some danger to them. Even the smallest risks can delay success or prevent it. To grow steadily is wise and takes much more than just knowledge, it also takes wisdom and experience. While...Read More »

How to Maximize Your UniLevel PayPlan By Timothy Hunter

Todays’s Topic … How to Maximize Your Uni-Level Compensation Plan! The Uni-Level Pay Plan is one of the most common and time tested of all MLM or Network Marketing Compensation Plans ‘Comp Plan’ or Pay Plan. It has paid out (collectively) many many Billions of Dollars, Yen, Euros for many...Read More »

Social Media & Technology

6 Trends For 2020 By Ben Dixon

As we kicked-off 2020, the Naxum Executive Team has witnessed a Strategic Inflection Point arising with 6 Key Trends that every Direct Sales and Networking Marketing Company must be aware of and give strategic ACTionable attention to.  Our world, and specifically our Referral Marketing Space, is changing rapidly. There are regulatory,...Read More »

Social Media Tips - Influence By Jim Lupkin

Social Media and influence. A big reason why people will do business with you! ...Read More »


MLM Potential in 2020 and The Economy An Interview by George Madiou & Peter Mingils

George Madiou and Peter Mingils talk MLM Potential in 2020 and The Economy as only The Network Marketing Magazine Owner and PM Marketing NetworkLeads owner can as Board Members of MLMIA and Social Networking Association Click on the image above to listen to the radio show. ...Read More »