What business are we in? To a large part, we are in the Leadership Development business. When you examine the financially successful people in our industry, you find that they are extraordinary leaders.

Explore what the experts have to say about Leadership.

Announcing a New Addition to The Network Marketing Magazine

This issue of The Network Marketing Magazine introduces a new feature column by my friend, Russ McNeil. Russ is an expert in the art and science of “human connection.” While the principles he teaches apply to virtually any human interaction, he tends to focus on how they apply to the networking profession (with a particular emphasis on prospecting).

Russ presents his content in a way that’s never been done before: He uses traits and behaviors of animals to illustrate a full spectrum of prospecting-related topics. Each of his “Critter Lessons,” as he calls them, explains a fascinating aspect of an animal, and then uses this information as a parable or metaphor for a specific human connection skill. Philosophies, mindsets, specific words, rapid rapport, unconscious signaling, super-empathy, and everything in between—if it matters to prospecting, Russ has a critter for it.

Russ has authored eight books on the subject of prospecting, the most recent five of which are dedicated to critter lessons. He has four more critter-based titles nearing publication and plans for a dozen more beyond those. Clearly, he has a wealth of know-how to share.

We are thrilled that Russ has agreed to share some special critter lessons with TNMM. Starting with this issue of the magazine, “Critter Corner,” is a recurring column. Each month we’ll publish a fresh, new lesson written exclusively for the magazine.

May the safari begin!

Welcome aboard, Russ.

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How You Become a Positive, Powerful Leader By Randy Gage

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7 Steps to Become The Irresistible Leader By Dorina Lanza

Having invested a couple of decades successfully building network marketing teams, I can tell you that there is one key that stands out. That key is that if you want to build a big, strong, stable organization, that will pay you for many years, you must either recruit or build...Read More »

Breakthrough Leadership: Building Others Through Poise & Confidence By Brian Biro

Two Sides of a Priceless Coin  If Poise is being yourself, confidence is the inner knowing that when you are yourself and others are free to be themselves, everything will work out as it should.  So, to be truly confident, you must have belief in others as well as yourself.  This...Read More »

Leadership vs Pushership By Jack M. Zufelt

My definition of leadership is different than most. A leader is someone who will do what they are asked to do when the person who asked them is not there. Leadership is not hard to cultivate if certain, crucial elements are there. If they are not there management finds themselves pushing...Read More »

Leadership: Confidence and Competence By Bonnie Ross-Parker

I found the Netflix series, The Crown, engaging.  Briefly stated, it’s a fascinating history of the British Monarchy.  It starts with Elizabeth inheriting the position of Queen after her father, the King died.  When she was crowned in 1953, Elizabeth was only 25.  You and I – we could never...Read More »

The Secret to Your Success is Choosing to Develop as a Leader; Debunk Five Myths and Learn to L.E.A.D. to be an Authentic Leader By John Hackett Ed.D.

Anyone in networking marketing, or direct sales, or any other organization has attended a seminar, probably now a  webinar that promised to teach the “secret” to success in our field. Many well-intentioned people speak and train on tactics, strategies, and approaches to being successful. The reality is that the #1 ...Read More »

Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith (Dr.K) on Leadership

Dr. K is the President and founder of the network marketing company, Anovite, Inc. with an incredible experience as a leader in business. Dr. K brings a lot of wisdom and leadership skills to our industry. ...Read More »

Leadership Tips by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

“We don’t GET referrals, we RECEIVE referrals“ We shouldn’t think of referrals as things we need to go out and push for. They are things that people are generous enough to give us, and we are grateful to receive them. If we start from this mindset, it gets easier. Prospects can read...Read More »


Network Marketing Home Business – Why You Cannot Let Your Business Be Paralyzed by This Negative Sinister Trait…By David Feinstein

There is a disease out there that may be affecting your network marketing home business. It’s a disease, that according to comedian Adam Carolla’s rant on his podcast recently… which even got the attention of broadcast giant Glenn Beck…is ruining our country. The thing is that it may be ruining and affecting...Read More »

(Shake, Shake, Shake) Don’t Shake Your Booty by Russ McNeil

Critter Corner 01 Deep within the rainforest of Central America there’s a whole lot o’ shakin’ going on. It isn’t earthquakes rocking the neotropical jungle. Nor is it the rumbling of volcanoes disturbing the lush green canopy. The vibrations to which I refer are caused by a much less imposing culprit. _________________________________________________________________...Read More »


Leadership Development Conversation with George Madiou and Dale Calvert by George Madiou

George-Madiou This program was recorded on the MLM Success Podcast between Dale Calvert and George Madiou. In this MLM Success podcast episode, Dale has a revealing discussion with George Madiou,  publisher of “The Network Marketing Magazine.”  George graduated from NYU with a degree in business and marketing and owned traditional businesses for eighteen years before discovering...Read More »