Cover_2006_March Introduction by George Madiou

This month’s theme is; Network Marketing ….. is it more than just luck?— As you will see, Network Marketing is much more than luck. It’s the “you” factor. It’s all about the decision you make and the actions that you take. I often quote Nike’s slogan Just Do It. That one act of just doing it will contribute to your success more than anything else, including luck. Check out our contributor’s input this month and apply the advice. The more you learn about yourself, your company, your products and your industry of Network Marketing and apply the principles that you learn, the luckier you’ll become! Just Do It! Enjoy March’s issue. Aim High! George Madiou


Breakthrough Leadership- WOO Yes! (Lesson 1) by Brian Biro

What you look for in others and yourself, you will find. And what you find, you will unleash. It is an extraordinary WOO that is possible in every precious moment!  Is it possible that your life, relationships, energy, health, business, and balance can flourish as never before, despite even the...Read More »

Luck Changes When You Face the Three Largest Network Marketing Challenges by Lou Abbott

How would you like a way to attract high-quality prospects who pay you to find them? Would that make a difference as to how large you could build your business? And in how fun and exciting it would be? Sound impossible? Many have asked why I have written, spoken and trained...Read More »

The single most important skill in network marketing (That you probably haven't been taught!) by Steve Dailey

The single most important skill in Network Marketing – and the skill that you likely weren’t taught— is how to coach and be coached. If you are like most network marketing professionals you where drafted into your current organization with a flurry, finding yourself being dispensed an avalanche of “starter materials”:...Read More »

"The Better I Feel, The Luckier I Get!" by Julie Coombs

Wanna’ get luckier? Here’s a couple of simple steps based on a Universal law that states how we think and feel is more important than going through the numbers and hard work! Sponsor more of the “perfect partners” in your business by attracting them intentionally and manifesting them deliber In the...Read More »

What You Say Is Who You Are by Sid Zagri

TRY— I see this seemingly harmless little three letter word as much more harmful than the four letter words we are told not to use. Did you know that all four billion brain cells are listening to every word you say to yourself, and every word you say to others about...Read More »

The Biggest Mistake since 1941…and Mental Toughness Lesson for Networkers by Steve Siebold

Do you have mental clarity and commitment in your networking business? If not, decide what you want, why you want it and what you’re willing to do to get it. There lies the foundation of mental toughness On December 7, 1941, Japan made a grave mistake that would haunt them forever....Read More »


Self-Knowledge: the Key to Preparing for Competition by Denis Waitley

Chase your passion, not your pension! Two of life’s greatest tragedies are: Never to have had a great mission in life and to have fully reached it so there is no challenge remaining. Are you going where you want to go, doing what you want to do, and becoming who you want...Read More »

Make Your Castle into a Tax Deductible Gold Mine by Sandy Botkin

The home office deduction can be worth thousands each year in your pocket. It is one of many reasons why everyone should have a home-based business. With the right knowledge, you can make tax day- payday! Beginning in 1999, Congress liberalized the home office rules to such an extent that many...Read More »

An introduction to The Leader's Leader by Jack Lannom

The study of leadership must begin with the study of leadership theory. Theory precedes practice, and only the best leadership theory will elicit peak performance. What follows is the beginning of a series of articles that will help you elicit peak performance for you and your organization. I have been privileged...Read More »

The New Millennium and You by Jim Rohn

What should be our philosophy as we approach not only a new year or decade, but also a new millennium? To help answer that question read this classic article As I travel around the country lecturing, one of the most frequently asked questions is what do I expect to happen over...Read More »

Secrets of Successful Teams by Chris Widener

Nine areas to consider and eight questions to answer that could re-define the success of your team. To be a success is not always to be a success individually. In fact, most of the time we achieve our successes as part of a team. We are all part of teams. Our family...Read More »


Elizabeth Harrington by Elizabeth Harrington

After initially working her way up through the corporate executive ranks with Xerox, on to a senior government post in Toronto, Canada, then spending the past decade exploring the rollercoaster ride as an entrepreneur with Unicity International, she’s uniquely prepared to understand the demands  Elizabeth, you are one of those...Read More »

Technology & Things

Improve Your Personal and Professional Performance by Richard Sutz

THIS ARTICLE IS A MUST-READ! If you’ve ever felt over-whelmed by information over-load you’ll want to take the time to check this out. Although improving your personal and professional performance may seem a bit general, you’ll have to admit it makes sense, doesn’t it? Any improvement in your performance will make...Read More »

What is your warm market and how can the Internet replace it? by Max Steingart

It’s time you learned the secrets of online relationship building through the use of Instant Messaging Two weeks after I started a new business, Frank, the person that introduced the business to me, came to my home to explain how the business worked. Frank asked me to make a list of...Read More »


Women in Network Marketing by Kim Klaver

One thing to know when you’re recruiting a woman… It’s not about what you wish she’d do. It’s about what will work for her.  Over the years, most sales people approach men and women the same way— whether they’re marketing a product, service or a business. But research has shown...Read More »

Expect Miracles by Mary K Weinhagen

Rehearsing for success The ten ‘BE’ attitudes I have learned from leaders  I am the “luckiest” network marketer in the world! Looking in from the outside you may beg to differ… and that’s just fine with me. Oh, sure, it’s true I’m not even close to earning those ‘six figures’...Read More »

Network Marketing… is it more than just luck? by George Madiou

You really have more control over your destiny than you might think. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if my dreams, desires and dares were attainable and more than just luck? The answer is, it much more than just luck! That’s the good news. The bad news is that network marketing is more...Read More »