Cover_2007_March This month’s issue is about Helping Others! Network marketing is all about helping others. This is one industry that has a direct link between the help you give and the success you enjoy. We have a wide variety of contributors on this subject. We would be interested in hearing your stories of how you have been helped or any unique way you help others. Email me at

This issue represents our 18th monthly issue (we’re a year and a half old!) We are working on bringing you more multimedia experiences this year and we are starting this month with many of our articles being presented in audio format. Some of the articles are read by the author and some are recorded professionally. Let us know how you like this feature!


Serve to Succeed by Rod Nichols

You can stop seeking the holy grail of network marketing – it’s been found. Get your eyes off the money, start serving the people who are looking at your business and will eventually join. I fell in love with network marketing in 1979. Some friends were over for dinner and the...Read More »

Do unto others before they can do unto you? by Ted Henry

“Try on” what I have to share and see if it fits. If not throw it away. If it does fit, wear it, and if it blesses your life like it has mine, you will want to share it with everyone you meet. The cry of the business world goes out,...Read More »

The Best Gift to Give Yourself and Others by Jim Rohn

The best gift you can give others really is your ongoing personal development. I’m often asked the question, “How can I best help my children, spouse, family member, staff member, friend etc. improve/change?” In fact that might be the most frequently asked question I receive, “How can I help change someone...Read More »

True Success is Generous by Chris Widener

Be a Success! Be Generous!  “Write checks on a regular basis to those who you want to bless, not those who you owe. Be generous. If you are thinking of one amount, raise it a bit. They’ll be glad now. You’ll be glad now and later.” Chris Widener in...Read More »

One Company - Leveraging Love by Lisa Johnson

A LOT of people coming together, each doing a little bit- that’s network marketing. Find out how Lisa’s company is taking ‘helping others’ worldwide… from the heart! People who can turn on a tap and have clean water to drink, to cook with and to bathe in, often take it for...Read More »

Celebrating Network Marketing - The Business of Uplifting People by Lim Eng Hai

One of the most fulfilling or heart-warming aspects of the business, if done right, is how it uplifts people, helps people to feel better about themselves, and eventually become more and better than they were. [Excerpt from It’s Time… for Network Marketing. See Reviews & Recommend March 2007] In a world...Read More »

Helping Distributors Help Themselves by Cheryl Gonzalez

The Distributor Rights Association (DRA) is powered by its members to meet the overwhelming need for network marketers to have a powerful voice backing their rights as independent business owners The Distributor Rights Association was formed 3 years ago FOR distributors and BY distributors because there is an overwhelming need to...Read More »

Beware the Dream Stealers by Denis Waitley

Rather than have others steal your dreams by raining on them, ask questions and find out about their dreams before you launch into your sermon. Although your own internal measurements are the most important, you will occasionally need to seek external feedback on your progress toward your goals. When you do, be...Read More »


The Truth About Believing by Richard Brooke

How do we grow belief? Here Mr. Brooke shares two commonly accepted ways people learn to believe… along with a third, nearly lost art of ‘believing’. One of the biggest challenges we face in teaching people the Art of Self Motivation is leading them to understand how you and I learn...Read More »

The Leader's Leader by Jack Lannom

The Second Logos Leadership Strategy – EXAMPLE Act as an ambassador who provides your organization with a living example of truth, wisdom, and excellence. I have presented the ten core competencies of the Leader’s Leader according to the LEADERSHIP acrostic: Logos Example Authority Destiny Education Relationships Systems Happiness Ideation Passing on...Read More »

Present from reality... not delusion by Steve Siebold

To attract champions use reality-based language. One champion sponsored into your network is worth a thousand chumps. I further define a chump as nice person who doesn’t believe in him/herself and has not experienced above average success. Very few leaders would argue with this, yet many of these same people are teaching...Read More »

The Pursuit of Happyness - Part 2 by Elizabeth Harrington

We continue the journey to the BEST years in life… NOW! We live in a world of instant everything. How often have you found yourself tapping a foot or squirming and dancing around while waiting for water to boil? I cook my Irish steel cut oats the slow way for 30...Read More »

If Getting Partners Feels Painful, There Is Still Hope! (Part 1) by Laura Johnson

Here are ways to attract customers and business partners so you enjoy your business again and make money too! How many of you are planning on going out of business this year? No one? That is great. So what do you feel is the most important thing that is keeping you...Read More »

What's wrong with these stories? Is the opportunity bad? The tools? Or is it just bad luck? by Art Jonak

It is easy to succeed in Network Marketing if you are willing to pay the price. When you’re unwilling the results will reflect it. Joe needs brain surgery. The tumor is getting bigger so Joe decides, “Hey, I’ll do the brain surgery myself. I’ll save money and I know my brain...Read More »


It's Time... for Network Marketing The most remarkable form of free enterprise ever created by TNMM Editor

It really is TIME that the most remarkable form of free enterprise got the respect and recognition it deserves. This is the book that makes that case – and then some! Paperback, edited by John Milton Fogg “Unless you are networking, soon, you may be “not working.” Network marketing is not...Read More »

Technology & Things

The Network Marketers Guide to the Internet Galaxy Part 2 by Tammy Dickinson

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Are you starting to feel that way about your Network Marketing business as you used to know it? What happened to the good ‘ol days of inviting friends and neighbors over...Read More »

MillerWade National Overview - A Healthcare Leader by Scott Miller

A healthcare solution that gives direct sales distributors the ability to control their healthcare destiny MillerWade National provides healthcare solutions for direct sales representatives and independent home-based business owners throughout the United States. Their approach to solving the healthcare needs of individuals and families is two-fold: MillerWade’s Consumer-Directed approach to healthcare...Read More »

The people who truly make huge amounts of money in the real estate business are better at marketing by Rob Kenneth

Note from the editor: Rob Kenneth is a friend of mine from South Florida. In network marketing we are always talking about multiple streams of income and this is what has drawn me to Rob. As a successful real estate investor, concentrating on foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, Rob grabbed my attention....Read More »

Making your email marketing work by Mark Davis

The following tips are designed to help you use your emails to get your marketing message across Your Name I like to use my name in my email addresses, as it adds a personal touch. Emailing is pretty impersonal. You’re not sure if it’s going to a real human being,...Read More »


Susan Walsh by TNMM Editor

What becomes of an 11 year-old ultimate entrepreneur? Naturally, she grows up to become a Diamond Executive with a team of associates more than 50,000 strong! Susan, I come across many entrepreneurs in this industry but you have really got a unique story around this. Would you tell us about that?...Read More »

Jim Bellacera by TNMM Editor

Jim knows first hand that by merely making a decision in your life you can change your outcome. An example is when an individual is serious about being successful in life. Jim is an example of that! Jim Bellacera, it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with you. Our...Read More »


It's All Good by Maran Banta

Is it a matter of luck? Is it a matter of luck to be a person who has enough vision to stick out the process long enough to see a good or great result? It’s all luck, its just luck. Get a little lucky And you make a little money Here,...Read More »

The Business of the Business by George Madiou

3 ways of helping others to success. Showing up, following up and following through, 3 ways to help others on their road to success. Helping others is such an integral part of network marketing. Without helping others it is impossible to succeed in this business. What applies to helping others starts...Read More »