Cover_2008_March In this month’s issue we discuss Getting Started… Finishing First. Getting started is so important. So many people just think about it. We’ll show you what it takes to get beyond the thinking stage and getting into the doing stage. The finishing first part, is about you. It’s not about any competition; it’s about reaching your goals.

This month’s theme is appropriate since we are getting started with our new platform. Rather than emailing me about your opinion about this issue or a particular article, you’ll be able to give it to us or the contributors right in the issue. Make sure you read the article from our web developer Chris Blomquist. He will share with you all of the new features of There is a totally new community aspect to the magazine that is aimed to help you grow your business. Here at the magazine, 2008 is going to be a fun place for you to learn, interact and grow your business.



Getting Started to Finish First by David Nelson

Get started and keep started so you can “finish first” in the wonderful business of NWM. Getting started right is so important to virtually any task, trip, class, venture, project, business – yes, just about anything that you might do. Certainly, anything that you want to do well or that you...Read More »

What Generation Y can teach us about MLM by Jackie Ulmer

This is one trend you don’t want to miss. Generation Y. They have lots of labels. And many of them are anti-label, so be careful how you use them. The Millennials. The Echo Boom. The Mega Generation. Whatever name you choose to call them, get ready because they are sharp. They are...Read More »

Ready, Set... Zip it! by Chad Bumgarner

System, System, System “If You Do What We Did… You Can Have What We Got!” That’s something that I’ve heard several Top Earners in my business say. Why in the world did it take so long to figure that one out? The importance of “Getting Started Right” is so critical in any...Read More »

A Map to the Fast Track by Kat McCarthy

Setting goals gives you a map. Get started and follow your map to success! There have been hundreds of books written about the power and value of writing goals, but is that really enough? Goals are a wonderful way to begin drafting your map to success; however, having a goal ‘out...Read More »

Get Started N.O.W. (New Opportunities Within)™! by Laura Johnson

5 Steps to help you get started now and finish first in your business!  Hand over your heart, stand up straight, repeat loudly, “This is the year I am really going to get started and finish first in my business”. It is time for the success of all the people...Read More »

Network Marketing Secret - How to Become a Leader in Only 90 Days by John Milton Fogg

And yes, this is probably too simple and easy to really work. Why? Because the secret isyou have to do it. How’s that for an offer you can’t refuse? Become a leader in only 90 days. Yes, you can. What’s more, it’s much easier (and obviously faster) than you probably imagined...Read More »

Get'r Done by Rod Nichols

Commit to working this system every day for the next year and you will enjoy financial success in your business. We’ve heard it from the NASCAR circuit, in movies, on television, and even out of the mouth of President Bush. Well now it’s time to get’r done in network marketing. This...Read More »

Delivering the Promise You Just Made to Your Newest Distributor by Steve Dailey

The 7 Triggers to YOUR business makeover and what you need to master them When you started your network marketing business, you were bold, optimistic, totally convinced of your future success. Then you started “doing it”. You made a list of people that you knew were “going to be great at...Read More »

What your downline should be duplicating - and how to get them to do it by Tim Sales

Great Questions & Answers about being a Network Marketing Leader. Several months ago I conducted a survey to find out what network marketers really wanted to learn, and what topics would be helpful to them. I discovered an overwhelming number wanted to learn more about successful duplication within their organization. Some...Read More »


The Leader's Leader - SERVANT LEADERSHIP by Jack Lannom

Leaders earn trust and respect from the staff – and the power that is bestowed by that respect – because of their knowledge and their living example of the logos.  In our discussion of the Authority success strategy, I spoke of the deleterious effects of a leader who abuses his...Read More »

Paul's 3rd "BE" Attitudes for Daily Living by Paul Morris

Be an Encourager   Be Attitude #3. Be an Encourager You are either an Encourager or a Discourager, the choice is yours. When you have spent time with your friends how do they feel after you leave them? Are they all pumped up? Did you leave them feeling 10 feet...Read More »

Change begins with choice by Jim Rohn

Any day we wish; we can start the process of life change. Any day we wish; we can discipline ourselves to change it all. Any day we wish; we can open the book that will open our mind to new knowledge. Any day we wish; we can start a new activity. Any...Read More »

The Source of All Success by Jack Zufelt

These steps make the DNA strands of our success. You are never too young or too old to begin moving closer to what your heart most desires. There is a better way to achieve the success you want – a way that is simple and easy to understand because it is...Read More »

The most important meetings you'll ever attend by Denis Waitley

Are the meetings you have with yourself! You are your most important critic. There is no opinion so vitally important to your well being as the opinion you have of yourself. As you read this you’re talking to yourself right now. “Let’s see if I understand what he means by that… How does...Read More »

How to use the poor economy to YOUR advantage by Max Steingart

Walk through an online conversation with Max and a potential prospect… great stuff! Max Steingart’s Recruiting Tip: “How to use the poor economy to YOUR advantage!” One thing on everyone’s mind at the moment is the “bad economy” and the “recession”. And to be sure, things are looking pretty bad for...Read More »

Ability, Motivation, and Attitude by Chris Widener

The wisdom of Widener will get you started well if you are happily motivated to start now! “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz There are three primary aspects of your life that will determine whether or...Read More »


How Come THAT Idiot's Rich and I'm NOT? by TNMM Editor

Richard Shemin, the author of this newly released book claims he is the idiot who can show you how to get rich! “If you take to heart the lessons in this book, you will find the abundance you’re searching for.” Anthony Robbins, New York Times bestselling author of AWAKEN THE GIANT...Read More »

Direct Selling Festival by TNMM Editor

We invite all networkers and industry experts to the official launch of the industry at Direct Selling Festival Expo & Conference   DIRECT SELLING FESTIVAL OUR COMPANY PHILOSOPHY It all started with a dream…… The dream of a couple who are people of integrity coupled with a passion for the...Read More »


One Very Classy Lady... Melodee Rosen by George Madiou bids a fond farewell to a caring and beloved leader in our industry. Godspeed, Melodee. I was informed last week that one of my favorite people had passed away. Melodee Rosen wasn’t only one of my favorite people in the network marketing industry, but she was one of my favorite...Read More »


Getting Started... Finishing First; How? by George Madiou

So many of us fall in love with the idea of our own successful business but we stop there. How do we get started and finish first in our own business? Do you really know the reason WHY you want to be in business? To finish first, you MUST know your WHY Many...Read More »

Expect Miracles - Get Started... HOW? Now! by Mary K Weinhagen

Getting started with CLARITY and SPECIFICITY has to happen each day that you are working your business… I remember my very first experience with network marketing many years ago. The excitement and wonder of the concept along with the beauty and effectiveness of the product fueled an enthusiasm in me that...Read More »