Cover_2009_March Value, what does that mean. Is there anything unique in giving value in your network marketing business vs traditional business? You will find that there is a difference and that difference is YOU. Marketing expert, Jay Conrad Levinson teaches us that we can make a big difference as a small business owner because we can react swiftly compared to our big business counterparts.


Make Every Connection Count! by Bonnie Ross-Parker

We simply never know in what way that impact will affect someone else!  I love this month’s topic: The Best Networkers Offer Value! As networkers, daily, each of us has the ability to impact the people we meet , our friends and family members and the individuals in our organization....Read More »

The TEAM Approach by Rod Nichols

There is great power in a network built using a team approach.  When I joined my first network marketing company in 1979, I was a hot shot young corporate guy who knew everything. I didn’t listen to my upline and did everything my own way. This continued for the first...Read More »

Little Things Make a Big Difference by Gary Eby

This is so powerful!  Bruce Barton once said… “Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things… I am tempted to think… there are no little things.” There was once a ship that would never sink. It could never sink! We all know that ship as the Titanic!...Read More »

The Value of Value by Randy Gage

You offer prospects two avenues to experience value: Your business opportunity and your product line.  So we’re talking a lot in this issue about providing value. Certainly an important topic in our profession, as it is in all professions. So what does that mean in Network Marketing? Well I have...Read More »

If the VALUE is high enough, the cost does NOT count! by Paul Morris

Find out how you build value in your product or service.  Do you ever notice how some people just go out and sign up all of their friends at the highest entry level or get them to purchase the most expensive enrollment package their company offers? How are they able...Read More »

Servant Salesperson by Carol Briney

When your attitude of generosity and helpfulness shines through you are selling from the servant point of view  Most people see sales as a necessary evil, something that they don’t want to do and would most likely avoid at all costs. Some people even believe that a sales job is...Read More »

You Keep That Which You Give Away by Dale Calvert

Marketers have basically one of three dominant marketing mentalities… one will serve you very well  When I first started my network marketing career I had a large framed poster that hung in my office from Dr. Forrest Shaklee which said: “You keep that which you give away” Granted this poster...Read More »

You're FIRED! by Sean Murphy

Two words every sponsor hates to hear!  Value – If you ain’t got it, you can’t give it! So YOU’RE FIRED! Tough words, but this is a volunteer business. Although we really never hire someone, we do ask them to spend their time being part of a team. There are many...Read More »

Million Dollar Contact by Linda Yates

By making small changes to how you interact with others, you can bring million dollar returns today and tomorrow.  You never know who will be your next million dollar contact – so the trick to being prepared is to treat everyone whom you associate with as if they already were...Read More »

I Am Not Just Another Credit Card Commercial... by Ariana Reed

Your personal growth should be your eye opener. Your growth will produce good fruit. And it’s your fruit, that will produce your legacy.  $100? $2000? Priceless? Let’s not go there. But here’s what I can tell you about my value and the value of other networkers who are successful. “Don’t try...Read More »

AFFORMATIONS: Better than Affirmations? (Pt. 1 of 2) by Noah St. John

What if changing our self-talk really IS the key to success?  If you’ve ever read a self-help book, you know that an “affirmation” is a statement of something that you’d like to be true in your life. For example, one of the most popular “affirmations” is: “I am rich.” ...Read More »

What's the Difference Between RICH SUCCESS and STALE SAMENESS? by Michael York

What should you and I be FOCUSED on today?  What’s the difference between the masses and the true MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS in the marketplace? Between the exceptional individuals navigating these uncharted waters of a shifting economy and those crashing on the rocks of the same old ways of doing things?...Read More »

Three Steps to Adding Value by John Hollner

You CAN approach new contacts with something they’ll want.  Think you’re good at adding value to the people you’re talking to about your opportunity? Prove it! Take this quick test to determine how skilled you are at representing the value of being involved in the network marketing (NM) industry. After...Read More »

The Rewards of Caring by Michael Oliver

The most powerful and effective way to remove cost barriers  “Would you like your shoes cleaned sir?” I was asked out the blue while walking down a street in Seoul, Korea this week. My instant reaction was to say “No, thank you!” (Still some old conditioning in there, I thought...Read More »

Providing the Music and Song by Jim Britt

The key to successful network building is about how many people you empower, how many lives you change and how many you help to live more fully  Here’s the classic version of the American dream. The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and...Read More »

How powerful offers give better value and can make your network marketing business grow by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Tom’s article about giving values gives so much value you won’t want to miss it. Apply today!  Offer #1: Give me ten dollars. Offer #2: Give me ten dollars or I will break both your knees, blow up your car, kidnap your spouse, scratch your CD’s, and steal your dog!...Read More »

How to gain more customers through building strategic referral partnerships by Adam Urbanski

Let’s explore how most professionals approach building a strategic referral partnership.  Recently I was working with a client that owns an orthodontic practice to develop improved strategies to generate more referrals from local business. The ideas I gave him will work equally well in your business. Before I go over...Read More »

Creating the REAL Value in Network Marketing by David Nelson

The REAL “product” or REAL value to the distributor is the opportunity to make money.  “General Motors is not in the business of making cars, General Motors is in the business of making money.” ~~Thomas Murphy, Past Chairman of General Motors Network marketing has awesome products. For decades, the legitimate...Read More »


Y.O.U. Set a High Standard for Being Human by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Chapter 3: Verbalize a compliment or encouragement  Verbalize A Compliment or Encouragement | 3 “I offer compliments freely” How many times have you felt unsure or uncertain about something? Suddenly you go somewhere and someone gives you a compliment or a word of encouragement and immediately you feel better. A...Read More »

Loving the Road to Success by Omar Periu

When you think about it, it isn’t the goal itself which brings sustained happiness. It is the happiness that sustains continued accomplishments.  When you think about it, it isn’t the goal itself which brings sustained happiness. It is the happiness that sustains continued accomplishments. So, if you are not happy...Read More »

Discover How to Identify Your Core Desire by Jack Zufelt

When you become aware of the root of achievement, every door you wish to go through will open wide.  When you become aware of the root of achievement, every door you wish to go through will open wide. It truly is the key to success. Whether you use it to...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings Everybody that I know Has potential for success Arthur Tugman ~ Work nine to five in rigor Or teach and you’ll six figure Arthur Tugman ~ In a true verse You’ll find advice Arthur Tugman ~ Roadmap To Success One could easily duplicate success If they’d just quit...Read More »

Bring on the Boosters! by Chris Widener

Make a list of your boosters and then decide for yourself that you will be someone else’s booster!  Nobody becomes a success alone, period. There is no such person who is “self made.” I know this because I have regularly involved myself with some of America’s most successful people and...Read More »

The Most Important Meetings You'll Ever Attend are the Meetings You Have With Yourself by Denis Waitley

You are your most important critic.  You are your most important critic. There is no opinion so vitally important to your well being as the opinion you have of yourself. As you read this you’re talking to yourself right now. “Let’s see if I understand what he means by that…...Read More »

Leadership by Maran Banta

A Leader recognizes the mistake as soon as possible. Owns the mistake. And makes repair. And moves on.  A friend called me. We’ve known each other for ten years, and have been face-to-face only twice, at Art Jonak events as a matter of fact. ( I Love this industry!) We...Read More »

10 Creative Lead Generation Strategies to Grow Your Business by Terri Levine

New people to talk with is vitally important to your business success!  As a direct marketer, it’s vitally important to continually generate high quality leads for your business. This two part report focuses on 10 low cost, highly effective lead generation strategies. 1) A-Z List In order to begin the...Read More »

Nine Things More Important Than Capital by Jim Rohn

There are some things more valuable to your success than capital!  When starting any enterprise or business, whether it is full-time or part-time, we all know the value of having plenty of capital (money). But I bet we both know or at least have heard of people who started with...Read More »


Three ways of adding value by George Madiou

There are many ways of adding value to others in your network marketing business but there are three that stand out the most.  There are many ways of adding value to others in your network marketing business but there are three that stand out the most. The first way of...Read More »

Who is in YOUR Garage? by Mary K Weinhagen

Leaders in network marketing are certainly willing to blaze a trail… but they are NOT looking for ‘blind’ followers.  Have you heard the story of a motorist driving through a dense fog following the taillights ahead of her? The driver in front did all the squinting, worrying and navigating. Suddenly...Read More »