Cover_2012_March The 21st century has brought many new changes. Some of these changes are the continuation and the creation of technological development. Network marketing is no exception to this movement. This month you will see how technology is moving in network marketing. Technology = Leverage. You will see how technology is used in growing your network marketing business. You will also see, as Paul Morris says, technology doesn’t replace the personal touch, it’s all about high tech and high touch.

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Enjoy this month’s issue.

Aim high!

George Madiou


5 Most Common Questions About Blogging by Jackie Ulmer

Are you struggling with the concept of blogging? Jackie helps get you started by answering the five most common questions new business owners have Are you struggling with the concept of blogging? When to blog? What to blog about? Etc? Here are the answers to the 5 most common questions that...Read More »

High-Tech Tip of the Month - Taxbot by Sandy Botkin

Throw away your tax diary and mileage logs, they are now obsolete! Throw away your tax diary and mileage logs, they are now obsolete! Remember the dream of the computer making life easier and more productive instead of more tedious and complicated? Thanks to a giant leap in technology applied to smart...Read More »

How to Crush in Online with Your MLM Home Business Marketing! by David Feinstein

If you want to crush it on the internet with your MLM business, then just follow the outline of the Attract – Capture – Convert Method. It’s very hard not to succeed if you follow the simple 3 step plan Over the past decade, the MLM industry has changed profoundly. In...Read More »

Is There a Technological Magic Wand or Silver Bullet? by Paul Morris

Technology or “high tech” when merged with the ability to develop relationships (high touch) have become a great tool to “leverage” your time. Much like Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth, every Network Marketer has been on a search for the elusive silver bullet or magic wand that...Read More »

Online Communications – Networking in Forums & Social Media Facebook Etiquette by Sue Seward

Find online communities that fit your passion with people who are like minded. Find online communities that fit your passion with people who are like minded. Let people know about your business in subtle ways, without pouncing on them before you’ve had a chance to build a relationship and know what...Read More »

Audios, Videos, Apps, no lies by Kim Klaver

It’s not “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my” as Kim is fearlessly on the leading edge using technology to send and share her truth on how to build a network marketing business that works for you. (and Swag from Kim today!) I made you a little video and want you...Read More »

Slipped by me like a “Vaseline-coated ninja” by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Hint: It’s about the HEADLINE! I’m bouncing up and down on a cruise ship near Antarctica. I’m bored. So I surf the Internet to pass the time. I stop by the forum at and decide to contribute some tips and an article on goal-setting. I post the following headline: Slipped by...Read More »

Technology – A Powerful Way to Leverage Ourselves by Dana Gore

Technology contributes a better way to leverage time, a higher means of communicating product benefits, greater opportunities to reconnect with people we have lost touch with and the easy availability of education. It’s amazing to think how far we have come. Not to date myself here, but I can remember a...Read More »


PERSUASION and the PROCESS of “BECOMING” by Michael York

What does it mean to become a PERSON OF PERSUASION? What does it mean to become a PERSON OF PERSUASION?   Do you realize that many people today are PERSUADING others to follow the wide path that leads to a LACK in most every area of life? They have become so...Read More »

Who puts out your flame? by Sean Murphy

What can you do to get it back to a roaring flame. If you are reading this, its because you are someone that is looking for stories of success. Bits of information that help to keep you focused or get you focused on a future goal. Well if that’s you than...Read More »

SpeedWealth Principle #4: Systemize by T. Harv Eker

The business equivalent to building a solid foundation is called “CREATING A SYSTEM.” T. Harv Eker’s SpeedWealth – How to Make a Million Dollars in Your Own Business in 3 Years or Less. Part 4 Each month, will be bringing you a complimentary article from the newly updated edition of...Read More »

Making the Right Choices by Jim Bellacera

Good or great things don’t always happen to the other guy, they can happen to you. As we go through life and develop our relationships, we are influenced by neighbors, friends, church, teachers and of course our parents. Other major influences are the things we read, the music we listen to,...Read More »

The “Best” Test by Chris Widener

Want to be the best at what you do? Take inventory on these 12 characteristics and then start moving to bring your life in line with the characteristics of the “best.” I spoke to a group of salespeople in Kansas City as they kicked off their new team. It was exciting...Read More »

Arthur's Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings Success is patient failure is penitent. Arthur Tugman ~ When you experience less as good you’ll enjoy what you have much better. Arthur Tugman ~ Experiencing less is good it causes you to enjoy what you have much better. Arthur Tugman ~ Success is a live beginning failure...Read More »

Three Key Words to Remember: Weigh, Count and Measure by Jim Rohn

Why weigh, count and measure? To see what your results are from your activity, your attitude and your philosophy. Three key words to remember: weigh, count and measure. Now why weigh, count and measure? To see what your results are from your activity, your attitude and your philosophy. If you find that...Read More »

Zig on... The Talent You Already Possess by Zig Ziglar

I’m convinced that you have a song to sing, and here’s hoping you will take a different view of what you can do with the talent you already possess. Many people do not realize that Nat “King” Cole started his musical career as a piano player. It was while he was...Read More »

A Child's Bedtime Song by Denis Waitley

Live TODAY. If I had two wishes, I know what they would be I’d wish for roots to cling to, and wings to set me free; Roots of inner values, like rings within a tree, And wings of independence to seek my destiny. Roots to hold forever, to keep me safe...Read More »

Be On Time by Steve Dailey

There really is not a single thing wrong with punctuality. And likewise, there is so much to lose when the value of time is not honored. I have a friend that is always late. I don’t mean “always” like some of the time or most of the time. I mean always....Read More »

On Leadership – Don't Kill the Cow by Bob Goshen

Leadership does not set up division but rather collaboration within organizations, and great leaders do not finger-point or blame others; they work with others to accomplish the overall goal. I have had the opportunity to do a tremendous amount of business in India, specifically Mumbai. My friend and business associate there...Read More »


Eddy Chai – I Am Network Marketing by John Milton Fogg

“I thoroughly enjoy it.”  Eddy Chai was born in Kuching, East Malaysia, known to Westerners as Boreno. Kuching is tropical rain forest, the wettest populated area in Malaysia with an average of 247 rainy days per year. I come from a very, very good family,” Eddy said. “My father was...Read More »



What do you love most about today’s technology? I love technology because it provides us with better, faster and constantly more unique tools. The fact is there are companies, like mine, offering a combination product/service that is only possible because of today’s technology. Building a business depends on our ability to...Read More »

Technology – Embrace It! by George Madiou

Technology opens you to a world of leverage. Leverage is that thing that makes you an equation that goes from 1 + 1= 2 to 1 + 1 = 5! It makes you more effective. It takes one week’s worth of work and turns it into one day! Years ago I...Read More »